May 13, 2021

Lawmakers pressure Cuomo to resign in wake of renewed nursing home scandal

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2021 just got significantly worse this week, as one of his aides dropped a total bombshell in a recent phone call with state Democrats with regard to their purposeful underreporting of COVID-19 deaths in local nursing homes.

According to Fox News, the fallout from the scandal is growing, as freshman New York Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) is already ordering Cuomo to submit his resignation over the controversy that was already brewing prior to the latest developments. 

Not only did Tenney — who was just sworn-in to her position this week after a razor-thin victory over her opponent — call for Cuomo to step down, but she also suggested that his actions rose to a “criminal” level.

“I’ve called for Governor Cuomo’s resignation, I think this is probably going to look like criminal behavior,” Tenney said during an interview on “Fox & Friends.”

“I think actually the governor, you know, just to do a service to New York State should resign. If we had a recall statute like they do in California, I think he would probably face recall. He really needs to be replaced,” Tenney said, doubling down on her call for his resignation.

Tenney didn’t simply come out of nowhere in issuing the demand that the governor resign. Long before she was close to becoming New York’s latest Republican lawmaker, Tenney was calling for former U.S. Attorney General William Barr to investigate the situation concerning COVID-19 nursing home deaths as early as April of last year.

Even as far back as March 2020, Tenney warned of the developing controversy but claims she was “ignored” by most.

The issue is so serious that it has already crossed partisan lines, as a number of high-profile Democrats in the state have already issued calls for an investigation as to why the Cuomo administration grossly underreported nursing home deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic. During that period, Cuomo cashed in on a book deal and was even the winner of an International Emmy for his daily briefings, according to NPR.

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71 Responses

      1. Just shoot them until non are left. Include the 125.000 ILLEGAL wetbacks Biden is bringing into our country.

    1. Yeah but NY voters still go back for more. They have to be less smart than Cuomo and the Mayor to put up with it.

      1. Ed:
        If you look at New York, demographics, NYC is the biggest factor in determining elections. That is a Democratic stronghold, although, that may change, now that the truth coming out about Cuomos deception on COVID. This also includes DeBlasios selective dictatorial edicts aimed at shutting down NYC residents freedom.

        1. Everything you say is true, but the fact remains that democrats are stupid and will replace him with another big mouth dud.

          1. You must remember, New Yorkers will vote for who PROMISES the most, not who actually delivers.

    2. So he goes and cashes in on a book deal and such. He should be tried for manslaughter per New York State Law and be ordered to pay reparations to the families who he was found guilty of killing.

    3. He is a criminal covering his own butt. That video of the masked men loading the caskets into trucks in the middle of the night at his direction was heartbreaking. His. Punishment can never be severe enough to fit the crime.

  1. What Gov.Cuomo did was not only politically and medically ignorant, it should also be considered criminal.
    He placed people into nursing homes that needed medical attention due to COVID and risked spreading it to the other residents. That is the same as biological warfare. He should be brought up on criminal charges

  2. The sad thing is most people in NY will vote Democrat no matter who is on the ballot. A doorknob will win electon over a well-spoken Republican. And that proves the statement by Winston Churchill “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with a voter.

  3. Cuomo is a typical Leftist Marxist menace. He has ruined new York’s budget by overly spending 49 billion dollars and he’s wanting the federal government to bail his nuts out. This goes against the article 10 of the Bill of Rights. Typical Leftist Moron. Throw him out

  4. He always looks freaked out, because he is a freak. It’s demoncrates like him, well all of them, does not know how to manage ANYTHING❗He needs to go to prison for murder.

    1. No he can’t. You do not want Cuomo in front of a camera and the public every day. That’s how you get crooks in office.

      1. It is up to the public (if they are smart)not to watch the vermis….Americans are smart arent we.Do we swallow everything they tell us??????IMPEACH CUOMO and then send him to prison where he belongs!!!!!!

  5. The democrats like Cuomo have gotten power by stealing it and lying to gullible snowflakes. We cannot do anything until the elections of 2022 except calling, emailing and otherwise notifying our elected officials that we are not satisfied with the way things are in this administration.
    However in 2022 we must use our power to get out and keep them out. VOTE IN ANY CANDIDATE THAN ISN’T A DEMOCRAT. Any democrat holding office should be voted out whether its a congressman, senator, governor, legislator or dogcatcher. Take back America with your vote.

    1. You think voting is going to help?!! Look at Trump’s situation. He was voted in but the demoncraps stole his votes. He should be in the White House now, but the thieves got it!!

      1. I live in western (red) NY; not all of us like the communist regime of Cuomo and company. Most of us are still here because we have aging family members. Once they have gone to the good Lord, this state can have itself, we, the smart ones are leaving. You have so many people per square mile in NYC that want to get all their freebies, you also have multi-generational welfare that the bleeding heart liberals will never end. We can vote red until the cows come home here in upstate and western NY, makes NO DIFFERENCE, the commies win because of NYC.

    2. That’s really a great idea, on one condition. Those same machines that have been used in the past few elections must be thrown out. Voter fraud is overwhelmingly evident, and we must return to fair elections!!!!!!

    1. Actors get Emmy’s–If NY tries to impeach, watch Cuomo resign and cry–“you can’t impeach me when I’m no longer in office!”

  6. The Cuomo father and son were lousy governors and hopefully we have seen the last Cuomo governor of New York. The son had the opportunity to handle the Covid recovery with distinction, but his ridiculous decisions caused unnecessary deaths and pain to the victims of his narcism. For this he will be remembered!

    1. Shane, not if he’s on the military intelligence’s list. He’s not only crooked, but he’s evil & follows Satanic order. That’s part of the problem with those elite in our government leaders & politicians. This is no joke!

  7. I believe he removed his mother from a nursing home before he placed all those elderly in those nursing homes with the Covid virus.
    He knew what would happen & he didn’t give a DAMN. Prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law. PRISON with NO PAROLE *****He committed murder.
    Don’t forget about Whitmer—she did the same thing. HOW MANY OTHERS???????

      1. He sure gave the death penalty to many of the elderly in nursing homes. And take away his Emmy while you’re at it.

    1. Pat, I agree. Whitmer is guilty too & I’ve always thought she is evil, like Cuomo. She’s a witch; she gives me the creeps.

  8. Let’s see. Cuomo gets an Emmy for ting about his COVID crimes, and Trump doesn’t get the Nobel Peace Prize for brokering peace in the Middle East. Yep. Leftist controlled, as usual.

  9. Time for a grand jury to discuss how and why the lives were lost. Como needs to be held accountable. If como is in jail for either murder or manslaughter the state of NY won’t have to have a recall.

  10. Ok people this is a woke moment If Cuommo got caught lying How about Pelosi Shummer OAC and Omar I hope you Zombies wake up and realize that these liars keep you around for your vote otherwise you will be thrown out like trash Time will Tell !!!

  11. He should be arrested instead of resigning. If he resigns, then people start to feel like it is over and forgive him. He is responsible for a lot of people who died because of his actions. He doesn’t care either. His actions, his words, and his demeanor tell us that he doesn’t care. He continued to be the dictator and ruler of his people. He allowed his power to go to his head and was caught up in the moment. He thought he was above all things. He did not have to listen to no one or answer to no one. He was in charge.
    Now it is time for him to pay a price and bring him back to reality. Playing GOD has consequences. Time to pay up is now. Arrest this criminal.

    1. The family members of the 18,000 patients who lost their lives will not forgive him…..that’s too much mercy for evil people!

  12. There was an order issued by Cuomo on 3/25/20 which was printed for public reading in one of the NY newspapers which was brought to viewers’ attention on Fox Channel. But a few weeks later, Cuomo took it down PRONTO! Cuomo KNEW he wasn’t supposed to put non-Covid seniors back into nursing homes which had seniors who had been infected; the medical staff (MD’s and nurse’s aides) strongly advised him not to proceed because they lacked enough bed space and equipment to help them, and this would lead to the non-Covid seniors catching the disease. However, Cuomo forced them to take these seniors. And to think, Trump had supported and given all the equipment he asked for! Trump sent the comfort ship (could house 1,000 patients) to N.Y., as well as set up the Javits’ Center and filled it with 2,000 beds and other medical equipment that were needed. When Cuomo suspected that people were catching on to what happened due to his stupid decision, he began blaming Trump! He even went as far as to say, “God did it.” I hope that Cuomo: 1) needs to answer for his idiotic decision; 2) is taken to court and SHAMED in public!; and 3) GOES TO JAIL!

    1. But then the people of NYC asked the beds and rooms in the Javits Center to leave because they were making their city look trashed…I have no doubt that the citizens of NY will re-elected this crook and he will go scot free for his crimes. They will no doubt re-elect deBlasio too.

  13. Claudia Tenney is a HERO in my book I pray that she gets support from more of REPUBLICANS and constituents in her district she’ll have support from Janice DEAN (fox weather) This murderer needs to be investigated and brought to Justice just think 1000’S of innocent , helpless elderly human beings were vanished because of CUMO give him 5 years for each I think that would suffice.

  14. I think BARR should be properly addressed for allowing the current “dual justice” system to thrive during his watch. CUOMO needs to be charged with MURDER! EVERYONE KNEW THAT ELDERLY PEOPLE WERE THE TOP AT RISK GROUP OF CITIZENS! CUOMO acted with sickening arrogance to ignore this, KILLING THE INNOCENT ELDERLY, and THEN is caught trying to COVER IT UP! HE NEEDS TO GO TO JAIL!

  15. He should be arrested and accountable for every death in NY since the virus started, after all he forced the people to die in the nursing homes, all 85,000 deaths it was his order like Hitler order the deaths of million of Jews

  16. I live in upstate New York. I believe none of us voted for the ediot. We are pretty much Republican in the upstate portion. We all would greatly appreciate it he was gone.

  17. How about charging him with the murder of all these people he put in harm’s way make him accountable for his actions and crimes

  18. I support all of the above comments today! He is a murderer and be tried as such in a criminal court. We need some major changes in politics today!

  19. Wow thɑt was strange. I just wrote an reaⅼly lоng comment but after I clicked submit
    my comment didn’t show up. Grrrr… well I’m not writing
    all that over again. Anywаys, just wanted to
    say wonderful Ьlog!

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