May 23, 2022

LA Mayor Eric Garcetti facing accusations that he lied about knowledge of advisors sexual assault allegations

President Joe Biden has tapped Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to be the U.S. ambassador to India. However, getting him confirmed might be a problem if new accusations against him are true.

Garcetti’s former communications director contradicted his claim that he had no knowledge of alleged sexual assault allegations against his longtime advisor Rick Jacobs, TheBlaze reported. If true, it means the California Democrat committed perjury during his nomination hearing and allegedly covered for Jacobs.

The former spokesperson, Naomi Seligman, claims Jacobs had sexually assaulted her in April 2016, KABC-TV reported. However, a complaint filed by the non-profit law firm Whistleblower Aid on her behalf asserts that Garcetti knew about Jacob’s pattern of behavior but did nothing to stop it.

Seligman contends in the complaint that Jacobs allegedly “forcefully grabbed her lower back, pinned her arms down, pressed himself against her, and held and kissed her for an extended amount of time.” This incident allegedly occurred at Los Angeles City Hall.

“Eric Garcetti knowingly allowed his top lieutenant to harass, assault and bully people in his orbit, not just once but repeatedly and flagrantly,” the law firm’s founder and chief disclosure officer John Tye said. “Then he lied about it, under oath, repeatedly. We call on law enforcement to prosecute these crimes and for Senators to block this nomination.”

The complaint also included an incriminating photo taken of Jacobs as he placed his hand placed in front of another man’s genitals. In that photo, Garcetti is smiling and holding two thumbs up as this happens next to him.

“There is nothing new here — and these false claims about the mayor are just as ridiculous now as they were when they were first made,” a statement from Garcetti’s office claimed. “The mayor stands by his testimony unequivocally, and more than a dozen witnesses have testified under oath that he was never made aware of any improper behavior.”

Democrats are supposed to be the party that has no tolerance for abuse against women even as their side repeatedly becomes embroiled in these types of scandals and cover-ups. If these allegations are true, he not only committed perjury but further proves that their grandstanding about protecting women is a political sham.

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