July 23, 2021

Fox’s Larry Kudlow explodes in expletives after Kamala Harris lies about Operation Warp Speed

Former White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow is already making waves as he steps into his new role as a Fox News personality.

Kudlow was caught on a hot mic angrily reacting to Vice President Kamala Harris’s false claims about Donald Trump’s vaccine program during Tuesday’s broadcast of “America Reports.”

Harris declared during an Axios appearance that the Trump administration’s vaccine development and distribution program was practically irrelevant, claiming that “in many ways, we’re starting from scratch, on something that’s been raging for almost an entire year!”

“Bulls***! Bulls***!” Kudlow erupted. “Unbelievable falsehoods,” he added before his microphone was briefly cut off.

And that is Larry Kudlow weighing in,” Fox News co-host Sandra Smith recovered.

Both Kamala Harris and President Joe Biden have been pushing the narrative that the Trump administration was unable to get a vaccination program off the ground prior to leaving office in January.

During a CNN town hall on Tuesday evening, Biden again repeated the falsehood that we “didn’t have” a vaccine when he took office in late January — a bald-faced lie that even leftist fact-checkers can’t deny.

In fact, Biden received his second and final dose of the coronavirus vaccine on camera on January 11th, over a week before taking office.

Political commentator Joe Concha commented: “Biden claims during CNN Town Hall there was no vaccine when he came into office. First shots were administered in mid-December. This isn’t a semantical thing or the president misspeaking. It’s a straight up lie on a very important point.”

Kamala Harris and Joe Biden both know they’re obviously lying about Donald Trump’s coronavirus vaccine success, but they also know that if they repeat the lie often enough, mainstream media outlets will treat it as truth, erasing one of Trump’s most incredible achievements and taking it for their own.

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108 Responses

      1. I’am an ex- democrat and a dairy farmer. What comes out of the democratic politions mouths looks the same as what come from the back end of my cows. A. Smelly big green watery pile. (DUNG)!

  1. Some people will never get it, if it is not right in their face. Biden and Harris have been lying since they were campaigning, so why would you think they would suddenly stop, that would not be in their nature. They are what you would categories as compulsive liars and they believe their lies as well, they just can’t help themself. It is a shame that the corruption of the ballot tampering didn’t get found out so Trump could take over the presidency. We will just have to watch Biden and hopeful stop him before he tries to take away our constitution rights.

      1. So, tell me, Alte: Do YOU believe there was no COVID-19 vaccine when Biden came into office? If so, then you’re the one in a dream world, and if not, maybe it’s Biden who’s the serial liar, not Trump…

        Just sayin’

        1. Oh wait a minute mcd. He was told what to believe like the rest of the Half-Wit Party. So don’t dare question anything msm wants to share.

      2. There you go deflecting the truth-Biden and Harris lied – this is a story about Biden and Harris lying. It’s a fact and no matter how hard you try you can’t ignore this fact. They lied about this, they lied about wanting unity, they lied about the capital riots and who was responsible, they took thousands of jobs away from Americans, and now they are trying to open the borders so all of the Honduran illegals can come into our country which is truly terrifying. No vetting at all! You can’t tell me that you voted for this stupidity!

    1. Although it would have been much better to have exposed all of the fraud in time to change things I’m beginning to think that this pair of imbeciles will be so terribly inept for these next 4 yrs that it will be so easy to defeat them.
      They are so corrupt in all that they touch their record will be their total downfall.

      1. It’s not them we have to defeat it’s the deep state and you seen what they did in 2020. Cheat with liberal judges on their side instead of being non-biest.

    2. Jean, if the believe their own lies as well as spout them off, that makes them grossly delusional and they need psychiatric intervention, starting with an impeachment.

  2. Biden and Harris just broke a commandment or maybe more. Pray for them, healing is so hard for sinners, they need God, God bless America.

    1. How about endorsing abortion UP TOand INCLUDING AFTER SUCCESSFUL BIRTH. I think that trump’s any other commandment they have broken. These two scumbags are so far from Godly that it is horrendous.

    2. Yes Betty, they need to ask God’s forgiveness for their lies & deception. They either don’t believe in God & are under satanic rule or they threw God to the side. Either way, they’re going down.

      1. If nothing else, they will find out what God thinks of their pronouncements when they stand at the door of Heaven and have to explain to God why they should be allowed into Heaven and with their lifestyle and philosophy, there is no reason they would be allowed to walk those streets.

  3. They want credit for something they had nothing to do with. Liberals think the American people are stupid. Top to bottom nothing but liars

  4. They should read chapter 21 in Revelations, It says there is a place in hell for all liars. But satan has probably promised them a great position in hell and they are looking forward to finding out that he also is a big liar. So you two enjoy the flames in hell while satan laughs at you.

  5. Biden & Harris do nothing BUT lie. So far have lied about all the campaign promises. unlike President Trump who fulfilled his.

  6. I waved my hand toward the television showing the long trucks pulling off with it; not to be seen again in the USA.

    1. I watched Lindell’s documentary & it’s unbelievable! Forensics & mathematics don’t lie! The election definitely was fraud!!!

  7. Everyone should remember, “For Democrats lying is their truth” and “When the main street media all say the same thing you are being lied to”.Only you can search for the truth.

  8. Every time these two imbeciles open their mouths a lie comes out. the MSM never correct them, about time someone tells the truth in this horrible administration

  9. The Obama administration’s legacy was “Astonishing Incompetence”, Biden’s disastrous legacy so far is “A bunch of fools”.

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