July 25, 2021

Kobach: Congress may be in for a fight over electoral vote cerification

President Donald Trump and his team of experienced lawyers have, so far, come up short in their efforts to convince state or federal courts that the election results should be invalidated based on allegations of widespread voter and ballot fraud.

However, according to Breitbart, former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach indicated that there’s one last move that Trump’s Republican allies can make, which will happen on January 6 when U.S. Congress formally accepts the Electoral College’s votes for Joe Biden. Kobach said America could see a “big fight” in Congress that day because some congresspeople are planning to object to the results. 

“It is possible for members of Congress to raise objections, and that appears to be what some states are planning,” Kobach told Breitbart News Daily host Alex Marlow.

Kobach went on to talk about some Republican legislatures “submitting the names of a Republican set of electors,” pointing out that challenges would be made especially for the states that changed their 2020 election rules without using the proper legislative actions.

The former secretary of state added that if Republicans manage to pull off an event in which they’re able to dispute the official outcomes of various states, that the ordeal will “start to look like the Hayes-Tilden election of 1876, which is the last time that a disputed election went to Congress.”

He added that it’s time for people to relax, grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy the show while expressing confidence that the fight to overturn the election could very well still be in play.

Kobach’s prediction could come to fruition, as The Hill reported that Republican Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) is attempting to lead an effort within Congress to garner support for objecting to Congress’ counting of the Electoral Vote certificates come January 6.

“This is not unusual, the law is very clear, the House of Representatives in combination with the United States Senate has the lawful authority to accept or reject Electoral College submissions from states with such flawed election systems that they are not worthy of our trust,” Brooks said.

Only time will tell how it all pans out, but needless to say — this thing appears to be far from over.

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115 Responses

    1. The Hayes-Tilden election Congressional clash in 1876 was a doozy. Check out the History Stories on the topic: “At the time, key decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court had struck at the protections afforded by Reconstruction-era constitutional amendments and legislation. The Court’s decision in the Slaughterhouse Cases (1873), established that the 14th Amendment applied only to former slaves, and protected only rights granted by the federal government, not by the states.” States lost that one. Take that, Georgia Chicoms. I just wish we knew whose side the high court will be favoring this go-round — unless that is already clear from recent left-feinting decisions.

      1. I believe that this court will look at any constitutional way to support this president in this election. If they can ‘t then it will not be heard. The conservatives on this court will abide by the constitution as written and that is why Trump put them there. What we want is an honest and fair election and so far that is not what we have seen. Should our national security agencies find any outside influence on the election from a foreign country, Trump can and will effect the Insurrection Act and have a new election overseen by the U.S. Military! That would put an end to this fiasco!

      2. It’s not that SCOTUS turned their backs on us, it’s that fact that they couldn’t rule on Giuliani’s “fact-finding” case. They can only rule on what the US Constitution says.

        1. Sum Rhi-N0’s (via [email protected] sources) have chink-ery ties thru [email protected], bu$ine$$, or their de-mon-rat fiends (yes I meant that). Mucho moola tied-up @cro$$ the big blue pond. Certain other’s probably have $eedy [email protected] high on the [email protected]$t. Gives the Dimmos [email protected] Hidin’ the [email protected], they [email protected] the [email protected], and [email protected] uncle [email protected] in the process – the [email protected]@rd$. People if you want action we all must IN [email protected] write, call, email our Dee Cee Reps [email protected] Point it straight across their bow. That’s how the process works – [email protected] wheel gets the [email protected]!!! In code cuz this supposedly conservative site uses algorithms that censor free speech, some opinions, and even proven facts!!!!! Annoying as #%!*.

        2. Yes, I think that they are being intimidated or paid off or both. I know that sounds so dramatic, but, hey, this whole thing is dramatic, right?! Maybe the leftists, or, let’s call ’em what they are–terrorists–are threatening to kill the Supreme Court judges’ families or something. What else could possibly cause them to not even hear the cases on election fraud? Let’s face it, if our votes are not properly counted, our America is through. When it’s so obvious what is going on, and they just refuse to do anything about it, then we’re all pickled (I’ll use that word instead of another one that might get me in trouble). The America that I grew up in is gone, gone, gone.

      1. You have to stop and realize that for the last four years we have had the chance for our churches to get back to what the Bible says and for the most part they have not. God let Israel go into bondage for 400 years because they ignored him. God will not be ignored by his so called children and I am not sure that is the reason we are where we are.

        1. Amen! The churches have been Judaized beginning from the Revolutionary War. Cornwallis warned Washington that that would happen within two hundred years. And, to make sure American churches were Judaized, they gave us the Scofield Bible. It was all downhill from there.

          1. Ginny,I’m not sure what you mean by Judaized,but let me remind all of you,that the bible was written by Hebrews in a Hebrew or Aramaic prospective,it was not written in Greek nor understood from a greek prospective nor did christianity write or author any of it,as a matter of fact their is no mention of a church in the Hebew scripture nor is christianity spoken of at all,the word christian is found only three times in entire bible,and yet christians still think that Jews must convert to christianity in order to be save,the keeping of the commandments is a very jewish thing to do,something that christians think they are free from doing,but they are in for a giant surprise,the law has not pasted away,and you still must keep them in order to be justified and inherit eternal life Matthew 19:16-19,revelations 22:14.

          2. You’ve heard of Judeo-Christian? It’s an oxymoron. Judaism is of Satan. The evil books called Talmud teaches Jews everything that opposes the God of the Bible. It’s what those who created communism believe. They say things that they don’t believe to deceive you.

            The Israelites are God’s chosen people, not the Caanites!


      3. God knows what he is doing. He will handle things in his own way and in his time. The Democrats that think that God is just a joke will reap what they are sowing. Wait and see God’s power.

      4. That is a basic misunderstanding of this entity you refer to as GOD. are you talking about YOUR God? or the God that gave his only begotten son for salvation of all who believe in him? The one spoken of in the BIBLE,, and the one that this constitutional Republic called the USA. was ordained and established UNDER? My God? I would like to testify for him,, he is not sleeping,,, anybody that thinks so,,, DOES NOT know him..

      5. We serve an on- time GOD. He will not do it too soon nor will he do it too late. When the time is right for him it will be done! Amen.

    2. The Democrats have cheated on so many levels in this election it’s NOT even funny. It’s appalling. China interference, DOMINION VOTING system, ballots unchecked and harvesting. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD. Rigged election and people should be prosecuted and imprisoned. POLITICIAN’S should be tried for treason along with Hillary OVOMIT and Soros

        1. No way no how, as long as BIDEN is president is immune to criminal prosecution!!!!!! This was brought up during Trump’s attempted Impeachment. As long as Biden is President nothing will happen to him or his family. (this leave me very sad!!)

      1. To Patrick T Healy,
        Does this mean that We, The People, can now IMPEACH the Demonrats for COLLUSION with CHINA?

    3. Yes they are, very bad! Some call this a steal back. But it is the right and law.
      They threatened, they bought off, they changed laws, they cheated, they stole, they bured down citys, they hurt people, and in instances, people have died!!!! Its time to end this legally at any cost LEGALLY.

    4. Amen to that, friend. God IS good. Democrats are bad (based on their acceptance and support for abortion on demand, if nothing else. One wonders how Biden can claim to be a believer in Jesus Christ when he so openly supports abortion on demand. Abortion is nothing less than pre-meditated murder, in my opinion.

  1. No use to post any comments on your site, you
    will be censoring it anyway !!!
    That’s “ freedom of speech” in today’s America, thanks to the marxists around !!!!

    1. Do not believe that President Trump is laying down a smoke screen unless he can get the job done. It is not in his nature to walk away a loser if he sees a way to win that is the path or paths he will take. He knows when to hold em and knows when to fold em as the song goes.

  2. Hopefully , the Republicans can grow some wevos and keep FIGHTING BACK . The RADICAL , LIBERAL , dems fought President Trump all out for four years , now they have the chance to stick it back to them biggly !!!!

      1. Yes they better stand with the President or we’ll be in Trouble America FIRST. thank you Merry Christmas to all thank you

    1. McConnell is the problem in the senate. He has asked the gop senators not to take part in not accepting this results of this rigged election.! Wonder who side McConnell is on? Wonder no longer!

      1. Just heard that monotone Mi+chy has serious chin ties via the [email protected] ship’n business. Tread lightly or lose yer shirt boyo. Looks like he might be screwed no matter which way it goes. Way to paint yourself in a box and take (or nearly take) the rest of us ‘chumps and deplorables’ down with ya Mi+chy-baby! Talk about yer conflict of interest. All problem roads lead to (and from) the chinny-chin-chins; who’s very @ggressive fingers are in every pie!!! If you want action my fellow westerners; write, call, email your state/fed reps.

  3. Joe and Jill went to the Hill
    To do Red China’s biding
    Joe sold out without a doubt
    “Doc” Jill’s pride’s now high-riding

    (Sung to the tune of “Yankee Doodle”)


    1. She probably doesn’t know the words to that tune. Remember, the day her husband was inaugurated was the “first time she felt proud to be an American.” Notice how Barack is out speaking and being interviewed. You would think he is in office again…hmmmm…who is really running the show for the Biden administration?

  4. If states ratify election for this commander in thief then they may as well put the big D by their affiliation. Rhinos don’t always live at the zoo.

    1. Rhinos are not Rinos. “RINO” is republican in name only, while the rhino is a large horned animal from Africa.

  5. Our country’s Future’s in Trumbo’s. President Trump and Mr. pence Greatest Leadership team has ability to get done with this problem in America. With Respect to president president Trump’s campaign to do Right.

    1. NO Truer Statement has EVER been posted! President Trump & VP Mike Pence have done More for America, than last 5 presidents put together!! Had to Fight ALL Democrats, & Congress, while taking on fights with forgien countries! Undo LAST 8 Year President messes. While having to RUN Our Country! NO other had ever had to do any of this!

      1. You didn’t mention that Obama may or may not be a legal American citizen as he has NEVER shown legitimate, legal proof that he was eligible for ANY government office and was Illegally vetted to be on all states ballots. The NWO puppet was the biggest HOAX foisted on the gullible American public and his two tenures of office should have the footnote of “illegitimate holder of office”.


  7. I’m not sure about that. Isn’t it against the law to read, much less trash, other people’s mail? It’s just another form of stealing. In truth, the only thing any media site can do legally is mark out foul language. They are breaking the law by deleting any of our posts. Censorship is one thing, deleting posts (by using the term ‘other readers found your comments offensive’) is, first of all, a lie. Second, how would ‘the other people’ even know? The comments are deleted immediately, and by other people, do they meant the left? If they aren’t going to let us have our say, shut the site down. But they won’t do that. They make millions in advertising money.

    1. Don’t know if you’ve noticed lately,,but not much law left in this country. That’s why this country is in ruins.. What ever law there is left,,is being used against the law abiding citizens..

      1. A shameful pity.
        So terribly sad for the people of America and of the entire group of nations!
        God help us all!

  8. I feel that the Election was stolen from Trump and they need to fight tooth and nail for him to have 4 more years of being President because he has done wonders for the USA.

  9. If the demoscum fraud sticks, there will never be another honest election. Biden has already promised over 20 million illegals citizenship and voting rights in his first 100 days and 125 thousand every year after. Hey BLM, you morons, this means you will no longer be the favored minority. Did you fools really think the demoscum would keep their election promises? They never have before. The only promises they keep are ones that benefit them and their party.

  10. Whether you believe the evidence so far for election fraud is really a moot point now. The people’s confidence in Election 2020 is eroded past the point of acceptance. Depending upon the poll, anywhere from 50 to 75% of the people believe it’s a tainted election. Just accepting tainted result isn’t acceptable at this point, no matter which side you’re on. The courts have failed to recognize this important Fact, regardless of the reasons for dismissing the suits! This isn’t some fringe conspiracy group pushing this on. It’s at least half of the voters that believes the results are wrong. It’s also not a small movement that grew. It’s a large movement from the beginning (46 -48%), that’s grown even more.

  11. Here’s what so astounding to me. I am not the brightest star in any sky. But even I knew that it was a physical improbability that any vote of over a 500,000 vote difference could have been met when there was no counting supposed to be taken place, in just over 6 hrs at best. No to mention the same type of event was taken place in almost all of the states that could sway the election outcome one way or the other. Yet that is exactly what happened. the only answer to that much of a swing could possibly happen is someone was still counting votes without any oversight in place. For such an event to take place in the six main states over three different time zones to give the exact same result, it not coincidental. It was a planned event. That means Fraud of some sort was in the works. That translates into a rigged election for whomever was given the new lead. With the same principles involved that has been in the forefront in attacking President Trump and this government since 2015 it had to have been planned some time ago. All the dots lined up and stealing the election is not beneath any of the principles who are starting to show up as being involved in this election Fraud. When one Candidate decides to hide away during the prime Campaigning period and the other goes out and sets record Crowd attendance at their Campaign speeches, while the one hiding away couldn’t get 500 people to attend any of their five campaign attempts. But I am to believe that same candidate convinced 80+ million Americans to cast their life’s future with him. Really?? I’m not buying that stinking mess, not at all!! Especially when the setting President , who went out and campaigned like he should have, and collected 75 Million votes even with literally thousands of his votes cast to the way side, and thousands more flipped to his opponent. No! I’m not buying that garbage either. And neither should anyone who wants to keep their Bill Of Rights in tack.

  12. Pray for all the leaders voters placed into state and city offices.
    Ask Our Eternal God to have mercy and to allow His Spirit to open their reasoning and that they cannot help but see how to save themselves from their wicked, selfish and evil decisions to stand with the unrighteousness that has plagued our White House and the United States of America. When we pray in this manner without hatred but only with understanding for people’s ignorance to fear God and to do His commandments then God will deliver His people.
    God’s Righteousness WILL prevail! 😘

  13. How can anyone think this election was legal? Gosh even joe Biden says on tv that his election committee put together the best fraud election so he would win and that no 9ne could figure how it was done that is why he stayed in his basement he knew he had won before the voting he must bow out now and stop all the lying about his son and his involvement

  14. If this does play out and is our last shot, I can only hope that the Republican Party does not sell out our President. For if they do, that will be their last vote ever. They will finish their term and never be elected again. We will start our own Party.

  15. Everyone admits this was a fraud election if not in all states in at least the states of GA, AZ, PA, NV, WI, & MI. These states should be allowed to REVOTE manually for President only. Have one box for Biden and one for Trump. Show your voter ID, along with a Photo ID. After voting, dip your pinkie into indelible ink to show you voted. Biden boxes would be counted by two dems and two repubs. Trump boxes would be counted by two repubs and two dems. Keep it simple but honest.

    1. jjofaz. You’re absolutely right! That would solve the problem , simply & honestly! Unfortunately, I see a very slim chance of it happening UNLESS enough people band together & demand it happens.

  16. As a small pea in the pot, I pray a lot! My prayers are for our country to regain peace and tranquility as a respected world leader. President Trump needs all the support of honest people. In spite of all the hatred and vicious lies and personal attacks, he fulfilled his promises. The United States of America benefits from all that he has accomplished. Hopefully, he will win his hard-earned battle with the respect he deserves.
    P.S. All of you that oppose “our” President, I stand with your right to do so. When it is done with a vengeance of hatred remember “what goes around comes around”. God Bless America!

  17. Republicans Have To Step Up For Our President Donald John Trump The Demacrats Want Civil War To Remove Or American Constitution Liberty And Justice To Replace It With Government Rule And Remove The Republican Party From The White House Forever .

  18. I just hope that DNI John Ratcliffe can release the report ASAP so the Supreme court will justify the outcome of this fraud election. and bye bye to Joe Biden along with his family, and Harris and their supposedly Cabinet members including Cuomo (supposedly the attorney general) and Obama (supposedly one of the Supreme Court Justice.)

  19. I pray for God’s mercy on us all so we are able to know, especially in this case, what is the genuine truth. Love to all seeking souls.

  20. If 75,000,000 million would stand up in the country for President Trump , I really think he would win hands down.

  21. I agree with all. Take Hilary Clinton who claims as a young girl dreamed of being President, now this little rich kid brat, wants to destroy the USA. For her own selfish needs. And to hell with everybody else!

  22. What needs to be done immediately is to have a coalition of voters in the challenged States to be the front (such as the jane roe in the abortion challenge, Roe v Wade ) to reinstitute the challenge from Texas et al as a citizen’s case. The SCOTUS could not issue a non-standing result if this were done!

  23. Fraud Fraud everywhere and not a man/woman can stop it. When you have such fraud in all agencies of our government, it will be a big uphill climb to overcome it. Donald Trump and a few of his faithful cannot do it by themselves. The rest of those that love America have to help. That means all the people that have been elected Republicans should be standing up and helping our President. If they can’t do that, they should be put out of office.

  24. I agree with it being overturned, despite what Peloci, and yes I called her by her last name, wants.
    And she can’t do anything to me!

  25. Has Anyone else Heard that Dominion has illegally changed their Name to “Pinochio Pelosi” to hide all Democrap lies??

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