May 20, 2022

‘That salon girl’ Erica Kious responds to Pelosi’s ‘setup’ accusation

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) went to a hair salon in San Francisco on August 31, one day before salons were allowed to provide services outdoors. Salon security video footage revealed that Pelosi was inside the salon, and without a face mask. Pelosi is being called out for her hypocrisy while she is accusing the salon owner, Erica Kious, of “setting her up.”

Kious appeared on Tucker Carlson to explain her reason for releasing the video footage:

The point of releasing this video was to show a woman in a high-risk age group who spends much of her time on TV warning about the dangers of COVID-19, feel safe and comfortable in a San Francisco salon, and can be responsible for being cautious and mindful.

If it is safe for an 80-year-old woman to be in a salon without a mask, why are salons locked down? Kious then asked what everyone is thinking:

Why can’t the rest of San Francisco and the rest of America do that too?

Pelosi, exposed and enraged, demanded an apology from Erica Kious for “setting her up.” Jonathan DeNardo, the stylist that actually provided the service for Pelosi, issued a statement affirming that Kious set Pelosi up.

DeNardo claims that Kious approved Pelosi’s visit, but Kious said that stylists are independent and book their own appointments and have access to the salon 24/7.

On Tucker Carlson, Kious affirmed that she was receiving death threats and terrible comments on her yelp listing. When asked if she would continue working in San Francisco, she said she couldn’t see how that was possible.

A GoFundMe was established to help Kious relocate her business, and at this writing has passed $154,000 in donations. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem urged Kious to move to South Dakota to enjoy the freedom to work in that state.

Pelosi is enduring criticism from the left and the right. CNN’s Don Lemon scolded her and said she should have just admitted she made a mistake. In a press conference, Kayleigh McEnany, President Trump’s press secretary, played the video of the barefaced Pelosi, while she demanded that the Speaker of the House apologize to America. A CBS reporter tweeted that Pelosi should have known that the salon was closed in her own district.

Watch this “savage” anti-Pelosi ad:

Kious, a single mother of two, released her own statement and took questions from reporters who mostly wanted to establish if Kious had been breaking lockdown rules.


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Brian (@guest_1044174)
1 year ago

She has a history of being an expert at blaming others for her mistakes or oversights. She was the one to insist everyone wear a mask when they are out. Apparently she doesn’t have to take her own advice because she is Queen Pelosi and her rules and advice don’t apply to her. Get rid of her.

alicia Cervera (@guest_1044194)
Reply to  Brian
1 year ago

Queen Pee-lose-it IS the mistaKE!

Patrick S Holland (@guest_1044178)
1 year ago

Nancy Pelosi like all democrats cannot or will not take responsibility for their own actions, it always has to be someone else’s fault when they get caught. Take responsibility for your own actions Nancy.

Papa Bear (@guest_1044182)
1 year ago

OMG I love this girl!!!

GW (@guest_1044192)
1 year ago

Pelosi is a first place liar and Idiot

Jack (@guest_1044219)
Reply to  GW
1 year ago

Pelosi is a lying sack of shyt !!!!!

Alan (@guest_1044212)
1 year ago

What can u say .pelosi got usual lies..has nerve to want an apology..she is a sick b,,ch.

George W. (@guest_1044222)
1 year ago

Who does Nazi Pollution think she is? God?

SilverRascal (@guest_1044264)
1 year ago

Pelosi, exposed and enraged, demanded an apology from Erica Kious for “setting her up.” Jonathan DeNardo, the stylist that actually provided the service for Pelosi, issued a statement affirming that Kious set Pelosi up.
Erica should #1 Fire Jonathan for lying and #2 Sue Nasty Nancy for defamation of character.
If it was a set up, (it wasn’t), then Pelosi should relinquish her office for her own stupidity as she wasn’t smart enough to follow her own self righteous instructions.
The whole thing stinks to high heaven. All in all I do hope Erica is able to move on to a better position and NP can go to the dog pound for her next cut a blow. I’m sure there’s a mobile dog groomer in her neighborhood somewhere. Be sure to put a muzzle on her.
MAGA 2020

Annette (@guest_1044321)
1 year ago

Pelosi is a disgrace and one of the worst Democrats not only did she fly there on her private jet but went to a salon that was supposed to be closed! The hairdresser who did her hair and betrayed the owner should never be allowed to work in anyone else salon! And the people of San Francisco should be ashamed for threatening the owner and are as bad as Pelosi and just as disgusting!



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