May 23, 2022

Kevin McCarthy promises Republicans will investigate Democrats if they win in 2022

Democrats spent the entirety of former President Donald Trump’s term investigating him. If Republicans take Congress in the 2022 midterm elections, the shoe may be on the other foot.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has promised justice for the abuses and overreaches that happened while Democrats have been in power, the Daily Caller reported. He has pledged to be ready on “day one” should the Republicans take back Congress in November. 

“We have already sent preservation notices and document requests and will be ready on day one to use the various tools at our disposal to get the answers Americans are demanding,” a spokesperson for McCarthy told the Daily Caller in an exclusive. On the list would be President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice and the Department of Education, as well as scrutiny of his COVID-19 response.

McCarthy’s office said it was a response to “politically motivated actions by the DOJ.” The lawmaker also called out the “collusion with the school board association to target parents as domestic terrorists” from the Department of Education in the infamous letter that sought to equate confrontations between aggrieved parents and out-of-control school boards with terrorism.

The Republican will hold other lawmakers accountable for the failures of Congress to stop any of Biden’s blunders. “Democrats in Congress have skirted real accountability for too long while shielding this Administration from answering the tough questions,” the unnamed spokesperson told the Caller.

In addition, any corporations that they “see as attacking free speech, going woke, or cozying up to China” will face the consequences as well as Biden’s accomplices in Big Tech. “Joe Biden promised to unite the country, but instead he has done everything in his power to divide Americans, go after his political opponents, and cover up for his failures – both at home with a costly economic policy that has grown deficits and inflation and abroad with the disastrous withdrawal in Afghanistan,” McCarthy told the news outlet.

The Democrats’ soft-on-crime approach will also be under scrutiny as will Biden’s obsession with keeping an open border. “A Republican majority would use every tool at our disposal for aggressive accountability of Biden’s failures because Americans need Washington to work for them, and not the other way around,” McCarthy said.

The tables are about to turn for Democrats if Republicans retake Congress, as many speculate they will. They will not like it when the shoe is on the other foot — and certainly not when the GOP actually has a valid case against them.

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