June 14, 2021

Keith Olbermann says Tucker Carlson should be arrested over election coverage

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, a ratings leader in all of mainstream media cable news, has been a huge target for a number of his colleagues in the news business in the lead up to — and even after — Tuesday’s presidential election.

That was especially made apparent on Friday when former MSNBC anchor Keith Olbermann posted a now-deleted tweet in which he bizarrely called for Carlson’s arrest, after erroneously accusing the Fox News star of calling for supporters of President Donald Trump to engage in street-level violence, according to Breitbart.

Olbermann, who spent 20 years as a sports anchor for ESPN, demanded Carlson be arrested after reacting to another Twitter post in which Carlson ran a clip of a Democrat operative who at one point claimed that given the percentage of gun ownership on the right, that Trump supporters could theoretically take to the streets.

“Again, this is an overt and unmistakable call for widespread violence and requires the arrest of Tucker Carlson,” Olbermann tweeted, before eventually deleting the message, presumably once he realized that the statement in question was not endorsed by Carlson, rather, it was simply a clip that he ran on his nightly show.

The clip that Carlson ran was that of former U.S. Army Colonel and Democrat operative Lawrence Wilkerson, who made the statement about Trump supporters taking to the streets on Bill Maher’s HBO show earlier this year.

“If Trump calls his base to the streets with their guns — his base owns something like 60 to 70% of the 300, 400 million guns in America. If they answer that call and come to the streets with guns, then we probably are going to have a need for the military. And then all bets are off as to how much blood might flow,” Wilkerson said at the time, according to The Wrap.

Carlson showed the clip of Wilkerson making the bombastic statement after he raised questions about a statement made by former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign this week that they wouldn’t hesitate to “escort” Trump from the White House if need be.

This is a clear-cut case of Olbermann — who has a history of making bizarre statements — not doing five minutes of homework before tweeting something outrageously false.

According to Fox News, Olbermann’s ridiculous call for Carlson’s arrest comes just a day after he called for Trump to be removed and arrested, while claiming that the president is a national security threat.

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35 Responses

    1. HAAAA! That is like the pot calling the kettle black. L.O.L. What about what all the communist news’ outlets did telling everyone Joe Rob in ett Biden won the election. The Demon rats always point the finger away from what have done.

      1. What would be the difference in the right taking to the streets than the left taking to the streets! It was encouraged for all the protest, rioting and killing by the left. Have you seen any on the right doing that?

    1. I second that. Not only fire him but he has called for Pres. Trumps arrest and a natl security threat and other unbelievable attacks, He should be tried for }TREASOn! Tucker should sue the hell out of him! Disgusting of this idiot.

    2. Surely you refer to Lawrence Wilkerson!!!! Another pos running around. My post below its intended for Wilkerson! I LOVE TUCKER°!

  1. Has anyone read the book The Hammer is the Key to the Coup by Anne & Allen Jones? This crisis is MUCH worse than we the people know!

  2. Another has-been trying to make himself relevant by spewing leftist garbage. Doe he have a specific charge or charges? I guess being a conservative is reason enough to be considered a criminal. Rioting, arson, looting are not criminal to these leftists, but disagree with their sick views and you need to be arrested.

  3. wm, fire your own a##. The left like you don’t like the truth to be told. All lefties do is spread propaganda. And yet, they attack people who don’t share in their beliefs. Therefore, eat crap.

    1. Not only do they attack people with different views, but KILL them if you happen to be a Trump supporter.! Im sick of these traitors, DEATH penalty!!!!

    1. Youre too nice James Fleming I would flatten his stones and cut the rest off.! (sorry, i am a lady really, but they have filled my plate!!)

    1. IT HAPPENED AGAIN ! two of my posts to you NOT SHOWING ! THIS IS THE THIRD ONE but will not repeat what I said on the first two, except that I agree with you on this guy’s possession ……

  4. Thank God for Tucker Carlson. He has been truthful thru this whole process. In fact sad he is on Fox who really stab the President in the back.

  5. Poor OBERMANN he used to be a quick witted humorous sports reporter now he’s flipped his wig. He’s either on crack or demon possessed or both! Does any have any exorcist recommendations!

  6. Keith Olbermann needs to be arrested and put in prison just for being a stupid ignorant idiot and a disgrace to the human race

  7. Every decent person in this country should watch the movie “Mr. Smith goes to Washington”. This shows exactly what the dems have been up to for decades! We the people need to fight back against all the evil deals the dems have set in motion!!! And don’t forget to pray. Get God involved in this!!!!!

  8. Keith Olbermann is the one that needs to be arrested. He must be on drugs. We love Tucker Carlson and he is good at telling the truth.

  9. Olbermann has always been a hysterical bigoted fool–just like many of the CNN squad. Olbermann wouldm’t know the truth if it came up and bit him on the b**ls.

  10. olberman is a joke! Can’t even hold a democratic press job! Yes, ALL of the press carries the CRAP for the dems! Some people don’t like that statement, but I DON’T CARE!!! What happened to antifa? Oh yeah, they got “droolin in the oatmeal” joe in there. Oh, not the subject, woops!!!

  11. This guy is so stupid he shouldn’t be allowed on tv. You can’t make up most of the stuff I hear these stupid Dems dream up. It’s no wonder our whole society is going to hell…but let’s just blame Trump for all that. There isn’t one
    Dem news show…which is nearly all of them..that has one wise respectable person that speaks with any knowledge whatsoever.

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