March 5, 2021

Kayleigh McEnany puts Mitt Romney on blast

Mitt Romney has been desperately trying to get attention since he was passed over for Secretary of State by President Trump. But his latest attempt at virtue signaling left him open to an embarrassing takedown from Trump’s new press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany.

Romney decided to participate in a protest march on the White House, a rare move for a sitting Republican senator. And of course, he talked to the media while doing so.

But while Romney talks a good game, he has an abysmal record of winning black support – a sign that his sincerity is questionable in the eyes of some voters.

McEnany rarely misses an opportunity to go for the kill, and Romney made it too easy for her.


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129 Responses

  1. I think Romney is afraid his corruption along with the rest of the Democrats is going to be exposed and they are fighting for their lives!!! He has turned into a Republican in name only!!!J

    1. He is an ENVIOUS MEDIOCRE RINO whose midget stones shrank even more when he didnt get the post in the Trump administration! a WOOS!

      1. Romney is jealous idiotic moron. He is what we call a closet democrat. More likely a demonrat.

    2. Not turning into a RINO. He has ALWAYS been a RINO and now is also a NEVER-TRUMPER besides being a LIAR.

    3. He is a total embarrassment to our State. He is a traitor in my book so mad at myself for voting for him! He succored the State of Utah!

  2. He is part of the Washington swamp elitist who are out to maintain their power at any cost.

    These people don’t hate Donald J. Trump. They would have done the same thing to any outsider who beat Hillary Clinton. President Trump threw a cog in the wheel of the giant Democrat machine that has run things in Washington for years, with the nod of a weak Republican party who helped in the selling out of America.

    And they were having none of his interference in their continuation of power. Their motto was Hell with the Constitution and full speed ahead to socialism and the destruction of capitalism and and western democracy.

    The silent majority must be silent no longer. Republican or Democrat must realize we are in a fight for our very way of life. Love him or hate him, Donald J. Trump is our only to win back our country.

  3. Romney is a BIG DISGRACE to the GREAT UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, HIS SELF, REPUBLICAN PARTY. Go home, shut up and see if your family wants you.

  4. You are a back stabber, as with the people you are appeasing!!! GOD HAVE MERCY ON YOU!!!

    1. Carol he is a Mormon and doesn’t know GOD — my husband always said the Mormons are a cult and he refused to vote for him when he ran for President, I think I am starting to think my husband was right.

    2. Carol, mitt can’t have Gods Peace. Mormons do not believe in Jesus Christ as Saviour. To Mormons Jesus is just like joe smith, just a prophet ( spelled profit )!!!

      1. Curt: If I may be so bold, and I will be: There is no organization known as Mormons That was a nick-name given to members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints because of OUR belief in a sacred book, that does not take the place of the Holy Bible: the ‘Book of Mormon, Another Testament of Jesus Christ’. As you can now see, the name of OUR SAVIOR, Jesus Christ is first and foremost in the title of the Church. Jesus Christ IS the SAVIOR of the world. Jesus Christ IS recognized by this Church and its members, as the SON of the Living GOD, our Heavenly Father, the second member of the GODHEAD.You can say what you want about being a cult, however, If we of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are not Christians, then there is no other church that is Christian. I hope the clears up some of your misconceptions; this is out of the love I have for you MY brother

  5. He lost to Obummer and now all he wants to do is put Trump down. Romney and Hillery is one and same. whats in it for me. Both losers….. TRUMP 2020 thats why they r doing what ever they can cause they r upset come November they gonna b crying again… 2020 Trump 2020 Trump 2020 Trump

  6. Mitt,
    You are nasty, evil and a stained man. Your a disappointment to the American People and even more so, the people of Utah. You are a faithful democrat and Obama’s little puppet. LOL. Full grown man on nose leash.😝.
    You are fake, before you even open your mouth, it’s a lie.
    You have a dark soul, dark eyes, and most, a dark heart.
    Go eat some ice cream with Pig🐷 Losi.
    You 2 would be so good together. Your as evil and ugly as her and the rest of the Democratic Party. You belong in hell 👇 with the rest of the democrats.
    Hypocrite, lie face, 2 faced, nasty dirty, an embarrassment to America and Utah.
    Fake, fake, fake.
    You need to leave Utah and not represent us at all.
    You are EVIL.

  7. Mitt Romney not are you a disgrace to the United States but you are also a disgrace in the eyes of Utah. You need to sit back I think about retiring from politics altogether and think about what America is really truly about.

  8. Romney, McCain, and all the Bushes are so jealous of Trump they can’t stand it because he’s a winner and they were losers.

  9. Once upon a time I respected Romney and actually voted for him. I guess we are lucky he lost the election.

  10. Mitt won’t have to retire from politic , he’s done , fired , dead in his tracks . Democrats are using this moron as a joke . Their laughing at him . Sucker !

    1. The thing about Romney is that he thinks he is loved by the American people. Little does he know he has been known as a wimp without any class and he thinks this is only the Republicans he needs to ask again. He us a loser and that’s the truth.

  11. I think we need to get rid of Benedict Romney… Put on that same shortlist like Lisa Murkowski… I knew her father he was a good man all she got from him was the last name…

  12. Kayleigh hit the ball out of the park on this one. Romney {MITT}???? what the hell kind of parent would name a kid MITT??? Just another P.O.S. in D.C. Set term limits and after voted out after one term or tow, not allowed back in. Just provides more turn coats….
    TRUMP 2020


  13. I totall;y agree. he is such a traiter and slimy person and talks when he should be listening and doing, and is so false and two faced he needs to be out of usa and in venszuela or some other country america is so sick of his two faced actions. go away romney.

  14. Mitt Romney is the biggest back stabber in the Republican party! He is one man in our party you can never trust!!!

  15. I watched and loved it, McEnany is FANTASTIC, she has a way to get The Rhinos, Media and does it with GUSTO, Poise and still remains pretty and sweet. LOL

  16. What a fool he can’t see how the democates are using him this fool has always been RED and now he wants to act like a no he is not acting he is stupid he is another one we need out

  17. Mitt is so like the dems. A sniveling sore loser. He says he is a Christian but I heard so many un Christian like things come put of his mouth. Mitt just change your party affiliation. You are a disgrace to the Republican Party.

    1. He is not a Christian-he is a Mormon-they are not Christian. They do not believe in Jesus Christ as the Savior God. They believe He was a prophet, and so you will never see a Mormon bow his head in prayer. They bow to no one-they think that they can earn a place and have their own kingdom on a par with God-that is what the Mormon Church teaches. Whether all Mormons believe all that the church teaches, I have no way of knowing. It is a fascinating cult, but it is certainly not Christian, though they want you to believe they are……why, I have no idea.

      1. Joan- you are so wrong with your concept of the Mormon church BUT Romney himself is a traitor and a loser.

        1. Faithful, are you a Mormon??? If so please check your facts!!!! If not a Mormon, please check the facts!!

      2. No fan of Romney and completely behind the criticisms of him as a politician (he’s a joke) , but your complete ignorance about the LDS faith (called The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) is unfortunate.

  18. Mitt Romney is not worth worrying about as a politician..he has never supported the party he was supposed to
    be a member of…..a weak man

  19. Mitt Romney is a moron a user and a traitor think only for his own personal gain and not for the good of
    his party and the American people!!!

  20. Mitt Romney is an opportunist like most Liberals. Whatever the flavor of the day is, he runs to it. When you have no testosterone, you tend to take the easy way out instead of fighting for what’s right.

  21. Romney never had the balls to stand up to Obama, he laid down and let OBIMY run over him in the
    2nd and 3rd debates He could have been the president. I have NO respect for this man and don’t think he deserves any

    1. You’re absolutely 100%correct all he does is lie about what he’s going to do for the people at election time, once and if he gets the votes he’ll do nothing.

  22. Romney is a traitor to our country and must be VOTED out because he does not do anything for the people he’s supposed help. All he does is make promises he never keeps just to get votes.

  23. Please… MIT go back to your 3 to 6 wives and make sure they are happy. Smell what your shoveling and keep your RINO mouth shut.

  24. Mr. Romney has lost any credibility he might have had in the past. He keeps digging a deeper hole for burying any good aspects he might have possessed. He should do himself and his family a favor and remove himself from situations where he constantly puts his “foot in his mouth”. Go away Mr, Romney!

  25. Romney is sorry excuse of a man! He’s a trader to his party. He’s being spiteful and trying to get even with President Trump.

  26. What a self centered disappointing so called Republican.
    You are the most disgusting member of the Republican Party!!
    You are not representing the people that elected you!
    Resign you phony.

  27. He’s a two faced traitor and doesn’t deserve to be called a republican when he uses any excuse to oppose the president and respect his position as the leader of this country.

  28. Romney is a typical traitor to our country. A disgrace to our country. Typical multi millionaire who has no clue how real people you know why he didn’t get the job

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