April 17, 2021

Kayleigh McEnany puts Mitt Romney on blast

Mitt Romney has been desperately trying to get attention since he was passed over for Secretary of State by President Trump. But his latest attempt at virtue signaling left him open to an embarrassing takedown from Trump’s new press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany.

Romney decided to participate in a protest march on the White House, a rare move for a sitting Republican senator. And of course, he talked to the media while doing so.

But while Romney talks a good game, he has an abysmal record of winning black support – a sign that his sincerity is questionable in the eyes of some voters.

McEnany rarely misses an opportunity to go for the kill, and Romney made it too easy for her.


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129 Responses

  1. Rhino (Romney)is on his way out of politics, no one is ever going to vote for him,not even for dog catcher……why don’t he just drop out of sight, keep his big mouth shut.(Get lockjaw).

  2. Mitt Romney goes with which ever the wind blows, I’m 83 with my FULL Faculties. I’ve been around since FDR and through a lot of presidents, I remember my grandmother helping raise money for 5 Ambulances During WWII, And had them shipped to Europe for the war effort, her brother landed in Normandy but was never heard from after that day. Last letter was dated the day before. d-Day.

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