June 25, 2021

Kayleigh McEnany fires BACK at Chicago Mayor

If you’ve been following the news, you’ll know that incompetent Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot just attacked press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

After McEnany rightly pointed out that Lightfoot is presiding over a slow-motion disaster in Chicago, Lightfoot came back with a nasty attack on McEnany:

It was a nasty, ad hominem attempt to intimidate the press secretary, but it didn’t work. Mayor Lightfoot shouldn’t have even gotten near Kayleigh – she’s out of her league.


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20 Responses

      1. The Democrats have been charge of Chicago since I was a child and it never gets better. The death count increases with each new administration.

    1. Very damned true. Cowards should never hold any office and she has shown her cowardice. Kayleigh is totally correct. Thank you,

    1. I believe you are referring to the Demo/Communist party. If so, I would totally agree. If not, I still totally agree!

  1. The Burros are exactly that. Burros. and the lightfoot woman is ok with black on black crime! To her, black lives dont matter. such hypocrites no?

  2. The he’ll with pelosi she is Looney just like biden. They are corrupt and Biden has dementia. Doesn’t sound like a winning team to me because they are all losers. Why do people vote for idiots like this

  3. She merely, and eloquently, puts each member of the press in their place and points out just how lacks they are in news, America, and just plain trash and not doing the job they went to school for. In short, just POS they are !

  4. Mayor Lightfoot and the sorry Democrats of Chicago are putting politics ahead of black lives and the fake faith leaders are a sad bunch of phoney self appointed black leaders

  5. I can tell you why democrats vote democrat. the older generation remembers all to well a republican laid them
    into the depression. no matter what they vote democrat. we need to change their way of thinking. once they
    get it they will never vote again for a democrat. my husband and I are democrats but will not vote for a democrat.
    we would vote for who we thought was the best candidate no matter the party. that has changed. we will not vote for a democrat no matter what. we are going to stay democrat, that way it really looks bad for them. we vote in the primary the worst of the candidates then in the general vote republican. these democrats are not the democrats of old, or they had the wool pulled over our eyes. which I believe was the case. if nothing else President Trump has opened our eyes to the truth.

    1. Yep trump ripped off the wool that had been pulled over so many eyes for decades that’s another reason they are upset they have been like this forever but thanks to our great president they can no longer hide or pull wool over our eyes but they seem to think we the people are idiots and they are superior to us so let’s show them who really is superior in 2020

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