August 1, 2021

Kayleigh McEnany diagnosed with virus

Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

Breitbart reports:

McEnany was frequently in the room with the president before he tested positive for the coronavirus. She helped the president with debate preparations in the same room as Gov. Chris Christie, who also tested positive for the virus, and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. McEnany also traveled with the president to the debate last Tuesday.

McEnany repeated she had no previous knowledge of Hope Hicks testing positive for the virus on Thursday when she held a press briefing on Thursday morning.

The reaction from the left has been nothing short of vicious. The left-wing rag Vanity Fair gloated: “Kayleigh McEnany Can Confirm That the Virus She Claimed Wouldn’t Come to the U.S. Is Now in Her Body.”

CNN’s White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins called McEnany “reckless.” And Twitter was full of nastiness as usual.

Lost in the left’s gleeful celebration is the tragedy of it all. McEnany is a mother of a very young child, and she’s suffering from a deadly disease contracted in the line of duty.

Where is the left’s humanity? McEnany and all other victims of the virus deserve our prayers, not attacks.

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91 Responses

  1. I am completely and totally disgusted with the way humans are being so hateful. I’m never one to be hateful, but quickly learning! The DEMONRATS ARE THE MOST HATEFUL AND DECEITFUL , I’m finding it hard to say what I want to say. THEY ARE ROTTEN HORRIBLE YOU CANT EVEN CALL THEM HUMAN. ONLY THING I CAN THINK OF IS THAT THEY ARE FROM THE DEVIL HIMSELF! YOU WILL EVENTUALLY GET BACK TWICE AS MUCH HATE THAT YOU PUT OUT!

      1. That you will reap what you sow,
        is a universal law, that all peoples
        recognize. “What goes round,
        comes round.”

    1. I understand that the rate of deaths through sept 24 is less deaths than the previous two years. Let’s go forward Living with care.

    2. I simply cannot believe this is the party that wants us to vote them into the White House. After watching this type of constant hatred, I changed my party.
      Nothing positive has come from their side, and the President took a bullet for many of us!!

          1. It is VERY curious that so many came down with the virus AFTER the Tuesday debate. Only democrats touched any of the surfaces and “wiped” them down Before any of the President’s team touched them. Question is what did they wipe them down with? And mighty curious that ONLY the Trump supporters became sick afterward.

          2. Isn’t that the truth !!! They are planting the virus …. no democrats have it???? Ummm
            Something about that !!

          3. I would worry about what germs are on the swab for testing Amazing that after 8 months they are all suddenly positive. How many Democrats have been tested?

          4. Yes, my husband and I asked the same thing. Why is just republicans getting ill? Someone needs to get more involved and check it out. It does’nt seem quite right to us!

      1. Thank God your eyes have been open to their out and out evil hatred of all people. They have taken the spiteful vileness to a level I can’t believe I am seeing the United States of America, simply disgusting.

      2. I changed from Independent/Democrat to Republican too. Not sure I will ever vote for another Democrat, even though I worked on Dennis Kucinich’s presidential campaign. The Democratic Party is certainly not what it use to be…………during my lifetime.

        1. Dennis Kucinich was not evil. He had his political understandings and lived by them. The liberal/communist/Marxist/Leftist party today has NO resemblance to the the honorable party that was. It has been taken over the New Democratic Party today, by greedy, power-hungry, porcine individuals. I am not a Democrat…never have been, but I have always respected the rights of every person to make his/her own choices in this regard. However, today’s bunch of hoodlums have NO resemblance to the honorable democrats, or anyone else, of time gone by.

    3. I hate to admit it, but I used to be a democrat. When Obama was campaigning and he said that he wanted to
      fundamentally transform America, I didn’t know what he meant and I didn’t like it. So I immediaately
      transfer to the Republican Party. Obama was out to ruin this country and President Trump
      is a business man and knows how to take care of things. He has been the best President we’ve had in a very
      long time. When this virus hit, he has done is best to take care of things and has done a good job.
      The democrats and liberals have fought him very thing he tried to do and it’s very sad for our country. The riots could have been stopped by he democrats running these cities and they didn’t.
      I do pray every take that President Trump will be re-elected, but the democrats will fight this too.
      The things they have said about the President and every other Republican is very despicable and I wouldn’t vote for any democrat now if they would pay me ONE MILLION dollars. I hope the American people will understand
      what the democrats want to do to our country and vote for President Trump!!

    4. If you look real hard at those who are being RUDE,HATEFUL,UNCARING ETC. You will find they are all either LIBERALS, DEMOCRATS, or LIBERAL DEMOCRATS !!

      1. Sorry, ICE. the best you can call “Democrats” is Democrat Communist Fascists. There are no liberals or moderates & even if Biden remains President after he is inaugurated, which I highly doubt, he truly will be in name only.

        AOC & the Squad will be pushing either Harris or Biden further left. Crazy Bernie has already declared himself to be the Senate leader on health care.

    5. Demon possession is a real thing , they have exorcist just for that reason . The end times explains it all . They want the one world order . And just what country will be running it ? It’s said Russia leads the way to armageddon .

    6. The more these Demonrats open their mouths the farther I separate from the evil rotten things they do, disgusting.

    7. Your absolutely correct. They sold their souls to satan and sooner than later they will find out that satan don’t care one iota for them and they will be repayed their vile and mean spirited comments 100 fold and no one will feel sorry for them.

    8. When evil is spoken God is watching all of it, as well as words spoken in love. Hate spews from a hatred heart.,Hoping evil will follow. Soft words spoken to heal and comfort Help not harm. Why Wish harm on anyone?

    9. It is repugnant the way they act. These people are NOT humam!!!
      Savage creatures from another world.

    10. I absolutely agree with you. What has happened to caring and kindness in this country. I am appalled at the way people respond to the misfortune of others. The Democrats seem to take pleasure in seeing others in stressful situations. Makes no sense. MH

  2. Democrats are souless self serving anarchist who support any actions, including BLM and Antifa terrorist actions, to achieve their goal of overthrowing our current government. Their quest for power is ruthless and their methodology, “the end justifies the means” is simply a lie that lets them forgive themselves for the atrocious behavior they exhibit in trying to destroy our society.

  3. God is still and will always be in control. Sometimes it is hard for us to understand but just keep your eyes on God as He knows what He is doing.

    1. Right on brother !! Very recently, my wife and I went through the most stressful time in our lives. We prayed all the way through the experience. We believe in the Lord and trust Him. What I learned (again!) God works in/on His schedule not ours ! Praise God & Trust Him.

  4. I agree … God is in control. But we also need to pray that the evil is revealed sooner than later. God Bless America! 4 MORE YEARS!

  5. Karma will take care of all of them and then we will hear them crying And the old saying is you reap what you sow Democrats !

  6. Hope you get better as fast as Mr Trump . And don’t worry about what the slimey left dumocrats say they are pure evil and your pure and innocent. They have to deal with god when they are done here on earth. May your family be blessed and you as well.

    1. Yes, that is a good point. People are acting as though testing positive for COVID, is automatically a death sentence. She will likely recover rapidly, just as the president is doing, and be fine. It is sad, how the democrats are so gleeful, about not only this incident, but also seem happy the the economy took a dive – – – anything that they think they can blame or attribute to Pres. Trump, to some how make him look bad. Sad that so many can be so down right nasty and inhumane, purely for political purposes.

      1. When the Democrats first started the impeachment fiasco, before they even sent it to the Senate, One of their leadership was quoted as saying, ” If the Impeachment fails, the economy failing will be the only way to remove Trump from office and keep him from being reelected. It was in November that they knew the Impeachment would fail. In October a meeting was held in Wuhan China, in attendence was Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, George Soros, Bill and Hillary Clinton, The Obama’s , Bidens, Pelosi and other high ranking members of the Democratic Party, now we know that Gates and Fauci have ties to a lab in Wuhan as well as holds patents of a few viruses and cures. Just makes me wonder how far this group would go to defeat Trump ?

  7. Instead of following the doctors and science, they choose to follow DJT and his foolishness. The virus does not care who you are, if you do not follow basic measures and precautions you probably will become infected. Why must the left do something when the right does nothing? Educate yourselves – don’t be right or left – be smart about you. What is best for you and your family? DJT is so full of himself and his enablers are subjected to health issues due to his inability to lead. You will never be able to have the medical care DJT had, so protect yourself and family. Stop this division, left, right and inbetween. So much division – why – why – why – because a fat rich man wants to be king – wake up and be accounted for – VOTE – your country and life depends on it. Peace is needed.

      1. Could not have said that better, but God has intervened and will continue to do so with President Trumps agenda and Godly platform and Nov. 3rd 2020 will be re-elected as President and Pence as Vice President with law and order with GOP party with bright and God fearing minds for the economy

    1. Girl, you are totally confused….President Trump did his best to keep down the spread of the virus…and the fear mongering that the Democrats have done to the people of this country. I haven’t heard of any deaths caused by any other disease other than Covid…which in itself is total bull…there is a virus, but it is definitely a very political one. If you are a working person ( not a welfare case) there is no way that you could not support President Trump, he supports the people and loves our country. The left has done everything possible to take down this country…you need to wake up…

    2. AccokeekAnnie, ok, what other choices do we have? Biden wears a wire so his “handlers” can feed him the answers? Some pics show the wire. A wire is seen sticking out of his shirt cuff & there are more. Ok, he goes in for a short time, then “he has a problem”. Harris takes his place & that is the beginning of the end!! Do you honestly believe that would be better than Trump?

    3. Damned right I will be voting! I vote Trump 2020 for four more years!!! You have obviously enough hatred to not watch other sources than MSN, or you would know how much this man is sacrificing to work his behind off to save our country from being destroyed by the likes of Soros, Clinton, Obama, Pelosi, etc.

    4. The biggest problem with your rant is the fact that your statement about doctors and science is pure BS. You make it seem like people are getting the virus because of DJT. WRONG, People are getting the virus because doctors and scientists have been all over the place about prevention. The ONLY way for anybody on earth to keep from getting COVID-19 is to live in a moon suit, until a vaccine or cure is found, if ever! Scientists know that the COVID-19 is related to SARS 2, the flu that killed so many people in 1918, and kills thousands of people every year since. Where was the rush to get rid of that pandemic? You guessed it, crickets. In a hundred years, all they’ve come up with is a vaccination that the doctors say we should all get every year to prevent the flu. Yet, they also warn that the “flu shot” does not protect you from the flu, it MAY lessen the symptoms. Do research and think for yourself rather than listening to those that make arguments that you want to hear.

    5. But Trump was following the Directions of the Head if the Infectious Disease Labs ( Dr. Fauci ) Fauci is a known supporter of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. He has sent millions and millons ( Along with Bill Gates and George Soros ) to the Lab in Wuhan where the virus was supposed to be being studied. So who was the group that cause such disruption in the country? the Democrats through those who support them.

      1. You should be ashamed for saying that about the President. He is a leader of the free world and will continue to do so.

  8. My prayers go out to Miss Kayleigh and her family. May God protect them all and see them through this new tribulation in their lives. The Left is truly evil. But God will prevail. JMO

  9. Praying for Kayleigh and her family! Our battle is not with flesh and blood but the powers and principalities in heavenly places that many are serving. God is in control!!! Prayer and humble repentance.

  10. Hmm…. perhaps they should stop using the test, (about which its own creator stated emphatically and repeatedly) that it should not be used for diagnostic purposes. It doesn’t even look for a “virus”, but rather fragments of DNA, which has been stated (also repeatedly by many in the medical/ virology fields) to be in everyone who’s ever had a cold, the flu or a flu shot. Also, how is it that they’re still getting away with foisting this test on everyone while there’s STILL NEVER BEEN A PATHOGEN that’s been ISOLATED, PURIFIED AND tested in healthy subjects, and PROVEN TO CAUSE THIS “disease”? Very much not the scientific method, and certainly not the way any other pathogen or disease has been handled. Gotta start asking, what’s really behind all of this insanity?

      1. People are dying every day from the flu, car accidents, walking across the street, by gun shots, etc.. Where is all the talk about that? Is country shut down because of normal every day living, some of which is by stupidity? NO! This virus is real but more importantly it is a way for the Democrats to start forcing their own agenda on us and to take total control over the people and America. Everybody’s immune system is different and uniquely their own, some will get ill, some won’t, some will die, some won’t.

        1. A welcome voice from sanity… Thank you.

          I do not in any way make light of anyone who knows of someone who died from the China virus, lost a relative/loved one, has it now, etc.

          But we all know we’re going to die. We cannot escape but we have a responsibilty to our children & grandchildren to show them how to live during peace AND during crisis.

          The damage being done to our kids by our teachers, the media, Democrat governors & mayors is shattering our kids confidence in the future or that they will survive this pandemic. That’s who Pres. Trump was talking to: families. IMHAO.

  11. President Trump is still going to win re-election, even more-so now that he has experienced the virus and is back at the White House on duty as our President. “Be not afraid” are the words to humanity from almighty God, from the Pope, and from our great President Trump. No doubt he will win re-election as much as the disgusting liberals and antifa terrorists want for him to loose.

  12. I am completely disgusted by those lefties including mainstream media. America is founded by the Biblical attributes which is love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, long-suffering. The lefties’ behaviors showed they are inhuman and un-America.

  13. I think every one and all my Black friends should watch ” Hillary’s America” its on Netflixs right now learn who and what the Democrat party was and still is it will blow your mind ! they have never changed they are just deceiving the
    all black people and the people who buy into they lies and smoke screen ! I urge everyone to watch it and learn who the Democrats truly are and who they are is pure evil ! They will lie cheat and steal to get power and to bring down America ! take the time tell all your friends to watch it !! With that said I say to hell with them all get out and vote and help save America from these anti American evil clowns who are trying to bring down them all out every last one of them.
    Trump 2020

  14. Could the corrupt media stop with the “deadly disease ” bullcrap ? We get it! Some people die from it. Those that are older, and or, already have compromised health issues. Stop the scare tactics
    ! Stop freaking out!

    1. It’s called “ Unconventional Warfare”. They blame Trump for dealing with Russians while at the same time their using Russia propaganda tactics with help from China. They’ll stoop to anything, political re-education will not work on real patriots…Sua Sponte and God Bless America…

  15. Why wasn’t my comment published? Don’t want the people to know the truth? Could that possibly be it??????

  16. Screw china joe and all his promises and lies. Now he’s kissing up to the military which he never did anything for in eight years in office and now little hati he calls it did nothing for them. He is a fake and a liar

    1. Joe also never served in our Military, While the Democrats constantly bring up Trump being exempt from Military Duties, due to Bone spurs, Joe Biden also received numerous exemptions due to his childhood Asthma. So neither candidate was ever in the military.

  17. Kayleigh will be fine!! She’s young and healthy- I hate sensational headlines, please stop with this nonsense American Digest. Everyone I know has lived thru multiple bouts of horrible flu, including myself. Why hasn’t the media been sensationalizing the flu every single year when it kills approximately 50,000 or so elderly, in 2017-2018 it took 80,000 people? Because flu happens and we know that. The sick stay home until well and the well continue living. It has sadly always been inevitable that some will not get thru it. After subtracting the deaths where sick people, who had the virus but died WITH it, not FROM it, the actual deaths attributable to CV19 is still less than 10,000. That’s way, way below the yearly average.

  18. I will pray for this valiant young lady and her family, and for our President and his loved ones, through Christ Jesus, Phil. 4:6-9.

  19. What you read coming from the mouths of some are an indication of who and what they are, when they speak in negative terms and attitudes they reflect their own personality!

    It has become so obvious from prior statements and charges by Democrats you know instantly what and who they are! They charge what they either do or plan to do!


  20. I agree with Judith Moeller and others above about the hateful Demonrats. I pray for you and your family and that you recover as quickly as DJT. Just use some of that wonderful spunk you use daily to defend Trump in front of all those fake media “reporters”. I really admire how well you stand up to all of them and love it when you put them in their place. You are very intelligent and do a fantastic job. You are perfect for this position. Get well soon.

    1. I agree! Kaleigh is outstanding! Prayers for her and her family to recover quickly and have no spread of this virus. God bless!

  21. I will not run and hide from a flu. Every year hundreds of thousands die from it. And you don’t hear about it. Just because it’s election time the democrats are trying to keep you home and keep you from voting this year. Not going to happen! Vote Trump

  22. I am 76 and I have not let this virus affect me any more than the flu. I get my flu shot every year and I just don’t get sick, because I take all precautions, wearing a mask (now) which hasn’t always been the case. My life has not changed that much except for wearing my mask and keeping distance in effect. I eat out, I go grocery shopping and even do a little just mall shopping. Let’s not let the fear mongers keep up locked down. Go USA, TRUMP 2020!!
    He is right do not let this fear possess your life.

  23. Kayleigh and her family will be OK, they have the power of prayer with them, the American people are a caring bunch. We are praying for you and your family.
    I am sorry for everyone that has lost a family member, but it could have just as easily been the flu that took them, so let’s be thoughtful and thankful that we live in a country where we are free to pray and come back from all plagues and virus’s.

    1. I believe that it was Roosevelt who said “all we have to fear, is fear itself”.Apt words in times such as these.

  24. I do agree to all that is said (comments). Truly I do not understand why is it that the media is always addressing everything about the president and his administration – everything that he do and his administration has been downplayed why! What about the Bidens, I have not heard from the media addressing the Bidens issues (corruption), Clinton’s, and/or the Obama’s, why? But am sure again they have something to addressed about the president and his administration. People, open that thing between those ears (it’s only 6 inches apart not to far to see clear). I am very clear that I am for president Trump, he did alot of what he have said or out to do, thank you Mr. president. I pray and hope that you and your family get well soon, also to those in your administration that are infected by the virus.

    1. God bless you for all you said in your message today. We need more common sense people to come forward to support our president. He has been through a lot and is still fighting to keep going both medically and politically.

  25. The lefties just might be from another planet who want to destroy us Americans==dont let them take over unless you want to live(-) under communism with BLM enforcing it!!!

  26. Conservatives ,Republicans: Be prepared to protect yourselves, your family, and your possessions before the Election, because after it I’m certain that either way win or lose the communist / Marxist inspired liberal Demoncrats will be out in a destructive force against us.

    We must immediately meet force with overwhelming force, if the occasion calls for it!

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