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 June 19, 2024

Karine Jean-Pierre Claims Videos Of Biden Exhibiting Bizarre Behavior Are "Fake" And "Edited"

Amid the circulating videos that have caused widespread concern about President Biden's health, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has taken a firm stance against what she called "cheap fakes."

Fox News reported that Jean-Pierre has condemned the "manipulated" videos of President Joe Biden as misleading narratives crafted by conservative elements.

In a recent discussion on MSNBC with host Nicolle Wallace, Jean-Pierre addressed the videos.

She specifically referred to a video from a D-Day event in France, where President Biden was shown engaging awkwardly with other dignitaries. The issue that video wasn't edited but the White House is falsely claiming that the videos are fake and that Americans should listen to what the White House is saying, not what they are seeing.

Clarification on Misrepresented D-Day Video

Jean-Pierre pointed out that the video inaccurately depicted President Biden turning away from world leaders to converse with a parachuter, a move portrayed negatively by critics.

She claimed that the President was not wandering aimlessly but was involved in a legitimate conversation. The video paints an entirely different picture considering the fact that another dignitary had to corral Biden and lead him.

Jean-Pierre went on to criticize the Republican Party's role in spreading these videos. She accused them of manipulating the footage to mislead the public about the President's actions.

The term "cheap fakes" used by Jean-Pierre refers to videos that are edited or manipulated to misrepresent factual events. Of course, there is no evidence these videos are edited and in fact the opposite appears to be the case.

During a press briefing, Jean-Pierre mistakenly referred to the misleading videos as "deepfakes" but later corrected herself, reinforcing that these were indeed "cheap fakes."

According to Merriam-Webster, a deepfake involves more sophisticated digital manipulation, which wasn't the case here.

Focusing on Presidential Achievements

Jean-Pierre lamented that these videos detract from President Biden's substantial achievements in office. "Instead of talking about the president’s performance in office, and what I mean by that is his legislative wins, what he’s been able to do for the American people across the country, we’re seeing these deepfakes, these manipulated videos. And it is, again, done in bad faith," she stated during the interview.

These videos are exposing Biden's failing health but Jean-Pierre claims that these somehow detract from Biden's "achievements." Of course, she didn't elaborate on what achievements Biden actually has in his four years of being president.

Jean-Pierre also touched upon the upcoming debate between President Biden and former President Trump, scheduled for June 27. The debate is notably early in the general election cycle, hosted by CNN.

As a federal employee, Jean-Pierre expressed her intention to remain neutral on campaign-related topics, including the debate, highlighting the delicate balance she must maintain in her communications.

In her conversation with Wallace, Jean-Pierre called it "very insulting to the folks, the viewers who are watching it" when discussing the manipulated videos. She emphasized the need to be vigilant and proactive in calling out such misinformation.


Jean-Pierre is claiming that these videos are manipulated and claims that the administration is committed to countering misinformation and ensuring that public discourse remains based on truth and factual integrity.

In reality, Jean-Pierre and the Biden administration are lying to Americans and attempting to mislead the public about Biden's declining health.

The mainstream media is going along with this narrative as usual but that is nothing new. The videos are out there and the truth can only be hidden for so long.

Written By:
Christina Davie

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