October 5, 2022

Karine Jean-Pierre: Biden has still not been briefed on Mar-a-Lago raid

In a claim that certainly strains credulity for anyone who has paid any attention to partisan politics over the past several years, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre continues to maintain that President Joe Biden has not received any kind of briefing on last week’s FBI raid of his predecessor’s Florida estate, as the Daily Caller reports.

The questionable assertion was made during Jean-Pierre’s Sunday appearance on ABC’s This Week, when she told host Jon Karl that the commander in chief remains in the dark about the details of what went into launching the raid and what might ultimately come of it.

Karl reminded the press secretary that Biden “ran on not politicizing the [Justice Department]” and suggested that the timing of the sweeping search of Trump’s home undoubtedly resulted in the “appearance” of politicization, at the very least.

Initially attempting to argue that the Palm Beach operation was “right for the American people” and that there was no basis for anyone to claim that the raid had political motivations, Jean-Pierre shifted tone by instead asserting, “[w]e do not get briefed” and that it was up to Garland to “speak for himself” on a matter launched by the DOJ alone.

Karl, seemingly somewhat unconvinced, asked, “And even to this point, President Biden has not been briefed about anything?”

Jean-Pierre held firm, replying, “Not been briefed. We have not interfered. Not discussed. I’m gonna tell you Jonathan, we have learned about all of this the same way the American people have learned about this: through public reports.”

While it is certainly understandable why the White House would want to do its best to keep clean hands when it comes to a raid millions view as an egregiously politicized federal overreach, a number of prominent figures have stepped forward in recent days to cast doubts on the administration’s claims of ignorance.

Speaking to Fox News last week, Eric Trump was among those who expressed his deep skepticism of Jean-Pierre’s proclamations, saying, as Newsweek noted, “I know the White House as well as anyone, I spent a lot of time there, I know the system, this did not happen without Joe Biden’s explicit approval. The White House approved of this. Mark my words it will come out.”

When Jean-Pierre suggests that Biden was and is “not aware” of the details surrounding the Trump raid, that could arguably mean that they are among the many things he has simply forgotten in his obvious state of cognitive decline, but either way, his Justice Department has now overstepped in such egregious fashion that its legitimacy in the eyes of the American people may never recover.


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