October 3, 2022

Oddsmakers say Kanye campaign will steal votes from Biden

Rap superstar Kanye West just announced his intention to run for president in 2020, and some experts say it’s very bad news for Democrat nominee Joe Biden.

The Daily Caller reported that after West’s announcement, “the oddsmaker US-Bookies gave West 60/1 odds to win the White House, while increasing Trump’s odds to keep the presidency.”

US-Bookies analyst Alex Donohue said in a press release:

When Kanye West revealed his intentions to run in the 2020 presidential election, Biden’s odds briefly went from 4/6  to 8/11, while Trump’s went from 13/10 to 5/4, as oddsmakers believed that Kanye would take more votes away from Biden.

West made waves in the 2016 election cycle when he endorsed President Trump. More recently, West has avoided the topic of Trump and was even seen marching with Black Lives Matter activists in his hometown of Chicago in June.

West has not released details about what his plans are for the 2020 election beyond his initial announcement on Saturday, but if he does proceed with a serious third-party run, Democrat voters that are disenchanted with Biden’s far-left bent could pull the handle for West instead.

West’s chances of actually winning in November are almost zero, but if he does launch a serious campaign, it could wreak havoc on Biden’s tenuous hold on some of his less-devoted supporters.

Democrats and the Biden campaign have touted recent polls showing Biden’s lead over Trump growing, but the Democrat party can’t afford to lose any votes with less than four months to go until election day.


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