April 12, 2021

Kansas Republicans strike down governor’s mask mandate

Kansas Republicans voted to end Gov. Laura Kelly’s (D) mask mandate extension just hours after she enacted it.

Kelly extended the state’s COVID-19 mask mandate through May 28. The Kansas Legislative Coordinating Council voted 5-2 along party lines to veto it.

Republican Speaker Pro Tem Blaine Finch said the revocation of the “one-size-fits-all statewide mandate” won’t impact local orders. “The numbers don’t support a statewide mandate at this time,” he said.

“I’m disappointed that Republican leaders are more motivated by political publicity stunts than working together to protect Kansans and our economy,” Kelly said.

“I know that all of us are ready to get back to normal, but wearing a face-covering will help protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our neighbors from the new COVID-19 strains that are wreaking havoc in other states,” she added.

Kansas now joins 17 other states without a mask mandate. Several states have rolled back restrictions in recent weeks, following moves by Texas and Mississippi.
The actions contrast those signed into law by President Joe Biden. He penned executive orders requiring masks be worn while using any form of public transportation or while inside any transportation hub, as well as in federal building, on federal lands and while traveling.
The change in Kansas follows the passing of SB 40 in the state legislature last month. The law redefined executive powers to limit unilateral moves such as pandemic mask laws.
The state has now made everyone 16 years old and above eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine may take several weeks before being distributed to a large enough number of people to reach herd immunity.
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38 Responses

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  2. What part of Corona virus being 7 times smaller than the holes in masks do liberals not understand? feel good stuff like this just do not work as intended?

    1. DON’T CONFUSE FOLKS WITH FACTS !!! I pointed this out last year (I’m a retired engineer and know how to check facts !) The simple explanation is that the fabric is hundreds of thousands of times thicker than the virus is in diameter, sooooo….. there’s a good chance that the virus will get caught on the individual fibres of the fabric…….even though the fibers are at least hundreds of times thicker. Don’t try to understand, don’t try to reason, just kowtow to the ex-perts !!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  3. American people are done with the hoax! Whoever’s afraid of the flu, can just stay home if they want. The rest of us going to live our lives just like we’ve always done in the past. None of us care what the fraudulently installed, deep State puppet President says either!

      1. Masks don’t do anything. You would need a radiation suit and air supply to be completely safe that is until you take it off. They are just letting the illegals go anywhere they want . No covid tests no masks no quarantine. Meanwhile normal citizens are locked down. Time to get rid of the CDC they have out lived their usefulness along with the Liar in chief Fauci.

        1. Your statement, in its self, should be a wake up call for all the sheep out there, but there are focused only on following their leaders.

        2. Frank,
          The mask mandate is nothing more than an attempt by BIG government to have control over peoples lives.

      2. interesting how the government, msm, fauci is telling Americans they must get the shot, wear masks.. even if gotten the shot, yet biden is letting thousands of illegal trash cross our border without vetting, testing…and shipping them all over the country. if it’s good enough for illegals, wake up America, it’s good enough for us. 98.5% of all the people that died from covid, died from covid “related” meaning there was something else already compromising them, from copd, gunshot, car wreck, knife attack. only 1.5% died actually from covid alone. DON’T YOU THINK IT’S TIME TO WAKE UP & DO YOUR OWN INDEPENDENT RESEARCH?

    1. Yes I agree take off the mask cause if you really look at this picture the vaccines don’t protect you from this virus you can still get it,!! Masks cause breathing issues! Take them off!!!!!

  4. We all know wearing masks is more about control than health and safety. We all know wearing masks is unhealthy and should only be done for very limited amounts of time. We are all aware that the White House is allowing these illegals to pile in on top of each other with out testing or vaccines is not to help the illegals but for other reasons that are not for the good of anyone. They don’t care about the illegals. They don’t care about US Citizens. They care about control. And we are done with it.

    1. jae,
      The only thing those crazy people in Washington care about is POWER. They could care less about the citizens THEY tax, as evidenced by the border invasion of illegals.

  5. some of the latest info is that the vaccines are only effective for maybe six months. Everyone has dropped any inquiries into whether some one who has successfully recovered from the flu is immune. There should be more published along these two lines

    1. There are so many other Airlines in the US to fly on, but, hell with Delta and me and my family will stay away from it. We will not buying no more coca cola stuffs, etc., they are all fraud companies…

  6. People are getting tired of the democrats lies. First it was 14 days, 6 feet apart from each other, and one mask. Then they moved it to 30 day, then 60. Then just before that time was up, they added another 60 days and dropped the distance to 3 feet. Then they kept adding 60 days. We are getting fed up with it all. And if this “new strain” is not affected by the vaccination, why are they still demanding that people take it?

  7. I’ve had both Pfizer vaccine shots since Feb 6th, so a couple months ago & i’ve been careful to wear a mask when I’ve gone to the store, maybe 3 or 4 times a month & that’s it…nowhere else, & last week I came down with Covid. I am thankful it was a mild case and never affected my breathing, but the rest of it is not nice.

    1. Michael C,
      If you have had both shots and should be immune, why are you still having to wear a mask? You DO NOT have to wear a mask after a flu shot which is just as contigous , so somebody is wrong about the mask protecting you after both shots if the shots are effective as claimed.

  8. Just a reminder a genuinely deadly pandemic doesn’t require 24/7 advertising to remind you it exists.
    Real pandemics don’t need marketing campaigns and endless propaganda….. But

    Psychological Operations

  9. Democrats are just being their vindictive selves. With almost everyone eligible now for the vaccine, there is no need for masks or public closures or restrictions. Deaths are way down, cases are falling in most areas and, at some point Democrats are going to have to give up their urge to control people and let freedom reign!

  10. Good on ALL these states that are standing up for FREEDOM!!! We cannot afford to let these rat bastard power hungry morons dictate ANYTHING! When I read what Warnock the supposed preacher said about Easter, it is CLEAR he has not cracked a page of the Bible! He is working for the Satan evil! Well we know God overcomes! Praise to Him sending his Son to take on our sins and give us the gift of eternity!

  11. I agree it should be NOT mandated to wear masks, but I do hope that people who desire to be extra careful because of their age and/or health conditions, are not “cancel cultured” like the Dems are so proficient at.

  12. So damn tired of moving goalposts & never ending masking etc
    When WILL this end
    Coup, Revolt.
    What does it take
    CDC says OK
    Either follow the Science OR leave

  13. Would like a list of states not doing the burka drill dance. These are the states I would travel to (and not by air) for vacationing. More than willing to spend resources supporting these type of people and businesses.

  14. Gonna get censored.
    Simple math: the percentage of those who survived COVID or were never infected with the virus in the US is 99.84% (out of 100%). Worldwide it’s 99.97%.

  15. The Black Plague in the Middle Ages killed one in every three people. That’s a survival rate of 67%. The Spanish Flu in killed one in every 10 people worldwide: survival 90%. THOSE were pandemics. 99.84-99.97% is NOT.

  16. It is about fear and control. It worked. Skewed an election, 60 Executive Orders, huge taxation. The puppet calls it our duty, our patriotism to mask. Study after study worldwide days masks are ineffective. It’s about erasing your identity.

  17. No matter what Democrats say about masks one rule doesn’t apply to all. Kudo’s to Senate for telling her where to go.

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