July 4, 2022

Kansas gov launch tax cuts to stop Biden damage in reelection campaign

Kansas Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly has launched a new tax cut to offset the harm caused by President Joe Biden’s inflation as she seeks reelection.

Kelly announced on Monday that the state will eliminate the state’s tax on groceries, saving the average family $500 per year.

The governor had pitched the idea long before, but wasted no time after Democrats faced widespread defeats in last week’s elections that saw Virginia elect a Republican governor for the first time in more than a decade.

Instead of delay, the “axe the food tax” announcement came less than a week after the election.

“It’s official: 2022 is the year of the family tax cut. That means more money in every Kansans’ wallet, more money on our Main Streets, and more money in our economy. It’s finally time to #AxeTheFoodTax,” Kelly wrote.

The state’s voters will certainly appreciate the change. Whether it will be enough to keep Kelly in office will become known next year as voters decided whether to keep the Democrats as its leader.

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