May 28, 2022

Kamala’s staffers want her out of the office more to improve her image

Staff members of Vice President Kamala Harris reportedly want her out of the office more to improve her look among the American people.

“Harris’ allies hope that the combination of more seasoned staffers and her experience will make for a smoother operation. Unlike Biden, who came to the White House surrounded by longtime loyalists, Harris’ staff was largely new to her,” The Los Angeles Times reported.

“Harris and her team are trying to put the vice president in positions to succeed. The plan involves getting her on the road — campaigning and selling policy and representing the administration abroad. Harris has also started doing more national news interviews, though such appearances have not always gone well,” it added.

The vice president has repeatedly struggled with interviews on tough questions, giving her a poor reputation even among those in mainstream media.

The new rebrand plans to send Harris out of D.C. to speak with and on behalf of Biden’s key policies to focus on the positive aspects of their party’s agenda as Democrats face key midterm election battles in November.

Most recently, Harris has been communicating on side issues that are not focused on the key concerns facing Americans.

Until she does so successfully, Harris can expect she’ll continue to receive criticisms and experience low approval ratings as she has during her first year in office.

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