September 30, 2022

Kamala Harris’s office turnover isn’t getting better, serious questions about Vice President’s political future

Employers who have the most employee turnover typically take it as a sign something is wrong with the company. However, the implications for a politician are even more telling — could it be that Vice President Kamala Harris is so unpopular?

Harris has tapped Jamal Simmons to take over as communications director, Fox News reported. The longtime communications aide is excepted to be officially named next week as a replacement to Ashley Etienne, who recently left the role in amid a spat of departures.

Besides Etienne, Harris also lost her chief spokesperson Symone Sanders last month. Former deputy director of public engagement and intergovernmental affairs Vincent Evans announced his departure and Peter Velz, director of press operations, left her employment Thursday.

Rumors have persisted about the state of disarray the vice president’s office is in as top aides leave one after the next. As Harris’ approval numbers tank among the American people, reports of a volatile and frustrating work environment continue to leak in the press.

While most have left to take prestigious positions elsewhere, many suspect it’s partly because staffers don’t want to go down with a sinking ship. According to the UK Daily Mail, Harris has a paltry 32% approval rating only a year into her and President Joe Biden’s term.

In November, leftist-friendly CNN even admitted that being part of Harris’s office was frustrating and stressful. Though it was spun in such a way that made it seem Harris simply hasn’t been given the tools to succeed, it’s telling that her people are leaving her in droves.

The truth about her time as second-in-command can be gleaned from her inability to positively affect anything she’s been charged with handling. From the border crisis to blocking voter security measures, Harris’ ineffective leadership has been politically damaging to Democrats and the American people are beginning to notice.

The people closest to Harris are abandoning her, and that’s not a good sign. If Harris has any hope for a political future, she will have to fix the things that have made her so unpopular — and that means beginning inside her office.




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