May 23, 2022

Kamala Harris’s deputy press secretary resigns as Vice President’s office continues to bleed staff

Vice President Kamala Harris cannot keep staffers. The bleeding continues as another aide makes her departure.

Sabrina Singh announced in an internal e-mail that she will leave her post as deputy press secretary, the Daily Caller reported. This would make her the ninth aide to exit Harris’ administration in the short time since she took office.

“We will miss her institutional knowledge, strategic counsel and rapid-fire e-mail fingers,” Jamal Simmons, Harris’ communications director, wrote of Singh in a memo, CBS News reported. Simmons called the aide’s departure “sad news.”

This is a major blow as Singh was Harris’ longest-serving advisor but will take another role in the Defense Department. She first joined Harris’ team in March 2020 as the communications director.

Singh was instrumental during the behind-the-scenes campaign to have harris join then-candidate Joe Biden as his running mate. She stayed on through the campaign and became deputy press secretary after the inauguration.

Ernesto “Ernie” Apreza will be plucked from his current position in the White House Office of Public Engagement to serve as deputy press secretary. He has been in and out of Harris’ orbit since she was a presidential candidate for the Democratic nomination in 2019.

This latest departure does nothing quell the rumors about the abysmal working conditions in Harris’ office. Several staffers complained about Harris in a piece by Axios late last year that may go a long way toward explaining the high turnover, including low morale.

It isn’t unusual for staff to come and go, but the sheer number of people abandoning ship under Harris is a harbinger of disaster to come. The vice president is unpopular with the nation and has botched everything she was charged with handling. Perhaps those around her are getting the sense that it’s time to get out before the full extent of her incompetence takes hold and tarnishes their own reputations.

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