July 23, 2021

Kamala Harris tries to quash concerns about Joe Biden’s health and fitness

Since his announcement that he would make a run for the White House, former Vice President Joe Biden’s multiple gaffes and seeming inability to string together more than a few coherent sentences has raised a number of questions about his overall health by a number of pundits and concerned citizens.

According to Breitbart, his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), attempted to put any concerns over Biden’s health to rest during an interview this week with Nebraska’s KETV, confirming to the outlet that Biden is strong and will live a long life.

“Let me tell you something: Joe Biden is going to live a long life. He is strong of spirit — strong in body. And we have a lot to do,” Harris said of the 77-year-old presidential candidate.

Her remarks came in the wake of another string of puzzling gaffes Biden made on the campaign trail. In one of them, Biden stumbled several times in an attempt to remember President Donald Trump’s name, instead referring to him as “George.”

On Tuesday, Biden stirred up a firestorm of conspiracy on social media among those who believe the Democrat party will do everything in its power to eventually make sure Harris becomes president, or have accused Biden of merely playing the part of the puppet on the ticket, with Harris and her progressive allies using his name to pull the strings on future policy.

“My name is Joe Biden, I’m Jill Biden’s husband, and I’m Kamala’s running mate,” Biden said. “Y’all, think I’m kidding, don’t you?”

According to NBC News, Biden’s physician seems to agree with Harris’ assessment of the former vice president’s health, saying in a report that he’s not only healthy, but also not on the verge of slowing down anytime soon.

It should be noted that while Biden is healthy right now — at least on paper — he has a medical history that includes two instances of brain aneurysms that he suffered in the 1980s. Complicating that matter was the addition of a case of deep vein thrombosis and a pulmonary embolism.

That aside, if we’re all being completely and brutally honest, while Biden was whip-smart during a majority of his nearly five-decades in political office, even his most loyal supporters have to admit that over the course of the past year, his mental sharpness is nowhere near what it once was.

In a normal election, Biden’s repeated slips and gaffes would probably be taken into consideration on a much higher level, but given that the left so desperately wants to oust Trump from office, it seems as if they’re perfectly fine with a president who appears to be on a steep mental decline.

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65 Responses

    1. I hope so. That is where they belong. I can’t believe Biden is aloud to run for the office of the president of the USA. The justice dept. needs to step up and investigate this man and his son. These people have committed treason on the USA.

      1. I can’t believe the people are dumb enough to elect Biden. And not know that Kamala would be President. Talk about destroying a country in one election and 4 years of hatred!

    2. can you imagine if Biden gets elected and dies and who becomes president. Kamel Harris ! We the people of the USA are in big trouble. So electing Biden can really be a big problem in the future that people don’t think about.

    3. We all know that Biden has serious mental issues. It is glaringly obvious to everyone. He has no business running for president. Not to mention the fact that he and his family are extremely corrupt.

  1. LMAO…he’s frail, slow, and now, just plain Dementia joe. Harris is Willie browns whore. Her word doesn’t mean much.

  2. Well Khlamydia, that’s one of the sad things about Dementia. You can be physically healthy overall, but the mental changes and decline manifest in his speech and thought processes. It’s not until the later stages that a physical decline typically presents itself.

  3. I guess Kamala or whatever her name is..is a psychic now…just one more thing to add to her credentials of how corrupt she really is!

  4. Old Joe’s Doc says he shows no sign of slowing down, that is because he never got started.
    They wont tell you the Doc is paid to lie about his health.

    1. It took three days for him to get from the basement to his car. A week later he is still looking for the door handle.

  5. I’ve never seen such a bunch of low life idiots as the Democrats are today anyone who would vote for them are totally stupid and uninformed how they will totally ruin this country, they better wake up fast.

    1. The damn fools are not voting for him but they are voting against Trump, not thinking about the consequences to this country.

      1. Now you know why they are called Demonicrats. They are to dumb to think that far ahead. They can’t get it through their heads that a vote for Biden is a vote for [email protected] [email protected] is [email protected], Communism is [email protected], Marxism is [email protected], Maoism is [email protected], Bidenism is [email protected], Harrisism is [email protected] What does it take to make you understand that the DNC is a communist organization, dedicated to [email protected] everyone. Except the politicians and the oligarchs, your new masters.

    2. I agree. Frankly, you cannot call yourself a Christian if you vote for a Democrat. Democrats support abortion and supporting abortion is an abomination in the Bible. It would be like saying I believe in God, but follow the Devil and his evil ways. Can’t serve 2 masters.

  6. Now Kamala knows how to create jobs for women to give them a leg up that sets them apart from a man. Kamala is going to legalize prostitution and every little girl will see her as a roll model saying when I grow up I am going to be a whore like Kamala dancing in the rain.
    Kamala will legalize prostitution that’s a man-date just to get a vote.
    The Subarian home owner will have whores moving in soon…
    This man is my man this man is your man , dancing in the rain ?
    Little girls will have Kamala as a roll-model , when I grow up I am going to be a whore.

    1. The bordellos’ now have drive thru-pickup.
      Call ahead on @Harris-Headboard with the Whats-Up app.
      Get the download from Googles Appstore.

  7. So there you have it; an addled old crook and a gold digging whore,
    running for the highest position in the land. How far we have fallen.

  8. He may strong in body but his mind is not. It would be a disaster if he was to be the president unless Harris takes over then it will be a bigger disaster.

  9. This is just WRONG!!! How can the CITIZENS of our GREAT COUNTRY even think of allowing Mr. Joe Biden for President, this message is not out hatred for Mr. Biden this message is more of a plead that Mr.Biden is not fit Mentally, How or better yet WHY would anyone in our Government even consider letting Mr.Biden taking the HIGHEST office in our country. We the people can’t sit by and allow this unjustified individual along with Kamala Harris to easily take office of the presidency, this just STINKS. Our political officials need to think more clearly, what’s at stake for the united states of America, clearly the Democrats do not want to be part of a greater movement they’re all afraid they’ve been put on notice regarding a lot of their wrongful dealings. We the people deserve better, A LOT BETTER!!!

    1. The career criminal politicians in DC and the deep state swamp want Biden in so Trump wont discovered all the corruption that’s been going on there since Bill Clinton was elected and multiplied under Obama Biden. They all came into office as public servant living on a public SERVANT salary, but left office Millionaires. They are using our taxes to enrich themselves while we the people stayed poor. Hillary sold our uranium to Russia and the Clinton foundation got a kickback from that. Hillary started the pay to play scheme Biden improved it by using family members to funnel the money through. And all the alphabet agencies in DC had to know this was going on and just looked the other way, for a price no doubt. They all have dirt on each other and no one would tell the truth. But then along came Trump and screwed up their criminal organization. Trump has to clean house in all the alphabet agencies. Bring in outsiders so they dont have any ties to anyone in the swamp. It is imperative Trump gets re elected. This is a cancer in our constitutional REPUBLIC and needs to be removed. They have committed treason against American and need to hang.

  10. They are not idiots!!!!!! They would sell their mothers to win the election. We are not doing enough to inform the rest of the country. How come we are allowing Facebook and Twiter to control our political life. Everyone needs to stop using them.

    1. Get off Facebook and Twitter, go to Parler.
      If on Facebook or Twitter or Google don’t click any adds.
      Click on close and go to Parler. Then click on as many ads as you want.

    2. Agree 100% Facebook and Twitter need to
      Be broken up and sold off to other people they are corrupt and biased !!!

  11. Thought Hillary and Bill would be in jail by now. However, it becomes more apparent that there’s two systems of justice. One for the elite and one for us

  12. God Bless America Always, We need a strong biz man, to get us thru this mess ; not a weak minded former VP, whose criminal background has just opened up. Thx to a broken computer.

  13. Same old crap, different day. If anyone is gullible enough to believe what the left is spewing, then we are all in big trouble. They tell you what you want to hear….nothing like whitewashing the lies, forget the truth.


  15. Sleepy, creepy Joe Biden and his son Hunter are both guilty of money laundering. There is serious evidence of inappropriate contact with children or minors. The FBI and DOJ MUST investigate and get to the bottom of this for the American people. Joe Biden is comprimised and a major National Security Risk. If he wins this election our Republic is doomed. Everyone voting for President Donald Trump get out and vote. Remember he needs the House and Senate in Republican control to advance the MAGA and KAG agendas.

    1. Agree. And the quote was “I’m Jill Bidens wife…not husband! Never ever in the news…that is a huge problem now…the media and press are unconstitutionally trying to elect the next President….scary…its what Germany did during beginning of the Nazi regime…propagandize the press, so no one knows what’s going on, and get rid of the local police….scary!

  16. Old joe cant walk ,talk and these china investing morons are pushing him down America’s throat.msm is running their campaign..Harris will end up running the country and will put this country back up for sale like Obama’s did and dictate our lives like communists.u got radical islam Aoc,Russian Sanders, bunch of anti-Christians running the country catering to islam..

  17. Our problem other than the election is that all dems are corrupt and on the take and most of the republicans. Trump is the only prayer we have to stop the corruption. I would like to see him declare martial law and arrest and indite all the guilty. Those guilty of treason executed on the White House lawn for all to see. Ever since slick Wileey in the White House Washington has been corrupted especially under obama.Now all agencies have been weaponized against people who don’t agree with them.

  18. Biden says that Trump supporters are chumps, because they make a lot of noise.
    He doesn’t say that Biden’s (Bums), @ssault [email protected] people, and kill little children, l00t stores, burn down stores homes and government buildings. All so he can have four more years, of peddling influence, to get richer.

    1. You said it all Gary. That’s the facts n they aren’t getting in. Biden even said they have built the biggest mail in ballot fraud ever. That’s exactly why it’s extremely important to go to the polls n cast your vote to Trump. Trump needs to put his executive order on these corrupt government officials that aren’t working for the Americans. He knows exactly who they are. Get it done asap.

  19. You know what I find totally, absolutely, 100% BS is the notion that Burn Loot and Murder little children squad and Antifuka support black lives, they use the excuse to destroy black communities. Like Planned Parenthood their goal is to kill as many blacks as possible. If you notice 99% of their members are white privileged spoiled demobrats, from rich homes, the Dems are using this as an excuse to destroy black communities. They are pissed off that many blacks are no longer woke, they are a wake, and owe nothing to the Demonicrats. They are FREE at last.

  20. I agree with everything said….

    or we are doomed…it won’t be from Biden or Harris, it will be the GLOBALISTS that kill this country and the world, Soros, Gates etc…Biden/Harris are just puppets for the GLOBALISTS.

    The European Union was the start of the experiment toward controlling large sections of populations from one office, the so called PANDEMIC (which is no more) is the second experiment. They now know how easy it is to control hundreds of millions of people. The sheep keep moving to their command.

    Biden/Harris are idiots but this is much bigger than them…..

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