October 2, 2022

Kamala Harris touts ‘Harris administration’ in call with Arizona business owners

Vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris has kept a curiously low profile since joining the Democrat ticket in early August. She may have just accidentally revealed the real reason why.

In a roundtable with a group of Latino small business owners from Arizona on Saturday, Harris promised that a “Harris administration with Joe Biden” would be beneficial to attendees. Though it appeared to be a slip of the tongue, Harris did not acknowledge the mistake.

“A Harris administration together with Joe Biden as the president of the United States, the Biden-Haris administration will provide access to 100 billion dollars in low-interest loans and investments for minority-business owners,” Harris blithely told the group.

Harris’s statement only adds fuel to the speculation that Joe Biden is a trojan horse for leftists to get their own candidate into the Oval Office.

Biden has said on multiple occasions that he chose Harris as his running mate because she’s ready to lead on “day one.” Democrats dismissed GOP alarm over the statement as ridiculous, but as Biden appears to continue to experience mental decline, the likelihood of that scenario coming to fruition becomes even greater.

Kamala Harris was notably unable to garner enough support from Democrat voters to keep her presidential campaign viable into 2020 and suspended the foundering campaign in December of 2019.

Harris is one of the furthest-left candidates for VP in history and was likely chosen to appease radical leftists displeased with Biden’s more moderate positions. She isn’t popular with voters, but she is beloved by the authoritarian left.

The Trump campaign immediately seized on Harris’s slip as proof that Biden is a “placeholder” that only serves to get Harris into the White House.


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