July 31, 2021

Kamala Harris touts ‘Harris administration’ in call with Arizona business owners

Vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris has kept a curiously low profile since joining the Democrat ticket in early August. She may have just accidentally revealed the real reason why.

In a roundtable with a group of Latino small business owners from Arizona on Saturday, Harris promised that a “Harris administration with Joe Biden” would be beneficial to attendees. Though it appeared to be a slip of the tongue, Harris did not acknowledge the mistake.

“A Harris administration together with Joe Biden as the president of the United States, the Biden-Haris administration will provide access to 100 billion dollars in low-interest loans and investments for minority-business owners,” Harris blithely told the group.

Harris’s statement only adds fuel to the speculation that Joe Biden is a trojan horse for leftists to get their own candidate into the Oval Office.

Biden has said on multiple occasions that he chose Harris as his running mate because she’s ready to lead on “day one.” Democrats dismissed GOP alarm over the statement as ridiculous, but as Biden appears to continue to experience mental decline, the likelihood of that scenario coming to fruition becomes even greater.

Kamala Harris was notably unable to garner enough support from Democrat voters to keep her presidential campaign viable into 2020 and suspended the foundering campaign in December of 2019.

Harris is one of the furthest-left candidates for VP in history and was likely chosen to appease radical leftists displeased with Biden’s more moderate positions. She isn’t popular with voters, but she is beloved by the authoritarian left.

The Trump campaign immediately seized on Harris’s slip as proof that Biden is a “placeholder” that only serves to get Harris into the White House.

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61 Responses

  1. America is in trouble with either Hidin Biden or Caramalla Harris. I’m looking to get out if they get in. I don’t want to be here when the country falls.

    1. The country will not fall if we get out there and help spread the resistance to the marxists dems. Encourage everyone to VOTE RED up and down the ticket. This is the most important election of our lives, folks – do not stay home and not vote!

      1. I agree totally. God help as all if the democrats get in. I got little kids here. If it wasn’t for that I would leave too

      2. JUST REMEMBER in rat run states we HAVE to vote by mail! Got a card from the US Post office, called the county so called office, and they said it was a lie! TRUST no one the fraud for voting by mail is ON BIG TIME! Have found truck loads of mail dumped in lots, not postal trucks they say! How the H is our mail being picked up and dumped? We have porch pirates in my area, just started taking mail and packages. This person said we would be notified on our ballot where to drop them off! First time since I could vote some 65 yrs ago I cannot vote in person! WE have not the virus, but newscum, pigloise, and all the rats to thank for that! It was an excuse to get all their frauds going in high gear! SOOOO I still WANT to KNOW Where and WHO will be counting the mail! It seems to be a secret!

        1. Guess you must be from California. Me too, I got one of those flyers from the PO. I plan to vote in person and hand walk in my hubby and son’s mail in ballot when I vote. We need to avoid voter harvesting. They can trade out their ballots for those that they harvest. It’s all about the envelopes. Can’t duplicate the envelopes and the legal voter has signed the back so the signature will match if they actually check.

      1. Singapore may not be the best place as you can get arrested for chewing gum there. My choice would be Belize. They speak English and take dollars. I am going to sit tight and make sure my powder dry.

    2. Get out? Have you no loyalty to our country? We must stand and fight, even when we would prefer not to fight! I never wanted to kill anyone but, if that’s what it will take to save our country, then so be it. I don’t worry so much about myself but, my children and grandchildren are precious to me and, I will fight for their futures!

  2. For some reason, I feel a Civil war is brewing if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris cheat their way into the white house. 90% of Americans do not want the garbage Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have to offer.. Banning our Guns is the first and worst mistake they Joe And Kamala are going to make because WE are noting going sale or hand over are guns none of THEM.

    1. If they try to pull confiscation my guess is that will light the fuze and then patriots will be called to action. Let’s just hope that they lose the election. We need peace in America.

    2. This was their Plan to not accept the results of a dually elected President take over the White House without a War most of the other countries That This Has Happened in. The military Marxist, corrupt, Communist have already planned this out by pushing out Generals who are not in with the scheme so All I’m saying is you have mindless morons listening to the (we are going to give everything to you) and it will be over before you know it because Most of the people I talk say oh I don’t care about stuff like that and my response is when they take your stuff, home , 💰 and everything that belongs to you! You will care but it will be to late just ask any Venezuelan who escaped The So Called Democratic Movement

  3. Anyone who didn’t already know that he was a Trojan horse hasn’t been listening at all. If by some miracle Biden wins, I sincerely doubt that he will actually occupy the office more than 90 days MAXIMUM. Truly doubt it. The dems knew they would never be able to get her elected on her own because she is further left than Sanders himself, so they put her second in charge behind a man who is mentally incompetent to hold the office so they can slide her in as soon as they can get him disqualified.

  4. This Statement alone makes the DEMONCRATS, nothing but a true fraud to the true and honest American Citizen, just how much longer are “WE THE PEOPLE” going to put up with these liars, who are going to destroy our Nation from within the borders of this once great Nation. PLEASE EVERYONE, LET US MAKE AMERICA GREAT ONCE AGAIN. Even if it means that we place Donald Trump in office for four more years. Right now, HE is the only person qualified to help “WE THE PEOPLE” survive the Pandemic, the Election, the Riots, please let us all that are true American Citizens, whether born here or Naturalized through our Immigration Process, stand up and shout to the world, I AM PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN.

  5. Harris couldn’t win the Democratic nomination but sneaked in the back door as V.P. with the radical left backing. she is a most far left phony who will take over the White House as soon as the radical left gets rid of Biden ( That’s their plan ) .

    1. Amen you are 💯percent correct I’m sure anyone with an oz of sense see it as well! There is a giant to slay but if we hold the line it can be done patriots time to save our country 🙏🇺🇸

  6. Sell your guns, gas operated vehicles and stocks now. Bury gold and silver in your back yard, get all your family and friends to vote for Trump and pray. Also read BLITZ, a great book by David Horowitz.

  7. I think our President needs to have a DEBATE with Kamala Harris if they plan on her being President?? What a joke, Her old boyfriend said she couldn’t handle the V.P. job so how in the Hell can she possibly handle being President!! She didn’t handle Senator Barbara Boxer’s good at all. Every time I called or emailed everything was full???

  8. I think our President needs to have a DEBATE with Kamala Harris if they plan on her being President?? What a joke, Her old boyfriend said she couldn’t handle the V.P. job so how in the Hell can she possibly handle being President!! She didn’t handle Senator Barbara Boxer’s good at all. Every time I called or emailed everything was full??? Today is the first I heard of this——Kamala taking over as President????

  9. Why hasn’t Biden been disqualified? If the Demoncrats rig the election and he gets put in illegally, the first thing they will do is use the 25th amendment and have him removed, putting the witch in office through a very dark back alley. The Republicans need to step up and have him removed NOW, before the sham election. I’m sure the founding fathers never intended to allow an incompetent person to run for the highest office. Harris could only “win”, if the election is rigged, she could never get there on her own.

      Especially to the radical democratic party, NO MORE!!!
      Time for PRESIDENT TRUMP

  10. Who is better for President:
    Demented Joe;
    K Harris, who could not win over Sleepy Joe with the Democrats themselves;
    Break-the-Democrat-governor’s-hair-care-directive (and then lie about it and attack a small business owner) Nancy Pelosi?
    What is the USA offered by these three?
    A totally incompetent white man,
    A non-Democrat, and
    An arrogant outlaw.

  11. It certainly looks like Bait and switch. Either way they’re both horrible for this COUNTRY!!!!! COMMUNISM is what you’re getting if you VOTE Demoçrat.
    VOTE Red in person!!! Vote RED or we’re dead.

    1. I surely hope you are correct! But, if Democrats get their way with mail in votes, there will be fraud, you can count on that! Obama has his people in significant positions and as judges. I think he was elected through fraud and now we know why. We have so many stupid American voters.

      1. Pawpaw, I really wonder just what the percentage of the people are stupid enough to vote democratic? I’m out in public a good bit & the past few years, I see more & more stupid things happening. I wonder if it’s drugs or something worse.

  12. That kinda sounded like a pay off … you vote for us and it will be beneficial.. well what happens to them if they vote Trump?
    Biden/Harris ticket is scary so get out and Vote in person and don’t forget your mask 😷

  13. To all my Americans out there listen none of them are in charge the only person in charge is are Lord and savior.
    To every American please Pray for are Country are President the American People.

    God tell us come to him and pray turn from your wicked ways, Ask and we shell receive seek and we will fine.
    This month the day of Atonement September 28th 2020. All Americans must Pray for God to give us Grace if you don’t know are Lord this is his Holiest Day. Pray for God to Bless are Country and are President.

    He is a loving God he just wants us to come to him.
    God Bless every American it doesn’t matter the color of your skin he made all of us in his image.
    Remember evil never wins. God Bless America


  15. Since when has an administration ever been called by the name of the president hyphen the vice president’s name? Since NEVER. She can’t be that stupid as not to know this. Her puppeteers are already grooming her with their Marxist takeover plans and feeding her with delusions of grandeur.

  16. Pardon me…but the DEMS during the primary did NOT want Harris… She dropped out. So now it is the Harris /Biden ADM… 2 losers.

  17. Joe won’t last long if he gets in. Don’t see that happening though. There will be a tsunami of Trump votes November 3rd. At the ballot box and on target!
    MAGA TRUMP 2020

  18. The Demorat goal is to try and get BiteMe elected POTUS and shortly after inauguration have him “medically resign” and have VP Harris installed as POTUS and probably Bernie Sanders as VP.

  19. Democrats want to destroy America and the Constitution. They support riots, they tell you free, free , but you know you will pay, Biden already said he will raise taxes. The U.S. will go bankrupt , and so will you.

  20. How could anyone in their right mind vote for Biden who is for sure losing his mind especially with his backup Harris, and admitted Marxist. If that is what the democrats have sunk to then we are doomed as a free nation. I hear that Pelosi has basements and garages filled with phony mail in ballots that they will throw into the mail a few days before the election. It will take months to count them and Biden will win. Get out and vote red!

  21. What did you expect the Democratics have no plan except to keep lieing to the American people. Vote them all out of office November three to make our nation great again

  22. Yeah i believe the demorats are going to push Biden out of the way so ruthless Kamala can be President . I agree with a provisos post go and vote No excuse. We don’t need dictators running our country and then run us.
    People like Kamala need to be exiled

  23. WE, you and I, are Americans and we will most likely be tested in our resolve to save our country in the upcoming days, weeks and months! I, for one, am going to stand firm to protect the lives and futures of my children and grandchildren. I will not cower against the onslaught of the treasonous Democrats and their terrorist allies ANTIFA and BLM! This is MY country and what’s happening to her is disgusting. We can vote but, in the end I believe that blood will have to be shed to remove the Democrat cancer from our nation!

  24. No the thing we want to don’t to do is get rid of our guns if anything buy more we’re in a silent civil war mark my words its going to erupt if Biden becomes president America and Americans first and foremost take your ballots in don’t mail them

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