June 29, 2022

Kamala Harris takes the lead in the polls as Biden’s popularity plunges

Vice President Kamala Harris has improved in polling among American voters as she has remained quiet during President Joe Biden’s multiple problems across multiple areas of policy.

A new Gallup poll showed Harris at 49 percent approval. In contrast, Biden received 43 percent approval.

“It’s unclear why Harris’s numbers have risen higher than Biden’s in some surveys, though Biden in the last two months has gone through the most difficult phase of his presidency so far,” The Hill reported.

“Biden has received bipartisan criticism related to the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and has also taken some hits over the prolonged coronavirus pandemic,” it added.

With both Biden and Harris, the polling numbers are not strong and are lower than when the two leaders entered the  White House.

Biden’s numbers have especially struggled followed a failed military departure from Afghanistan, the growing border crisis and inflation and economic issues.

In an August visit to Hawaii, Harris blocked reporters from an event. Her focus on avoiding reporters seems to be a strategy to avoid fodder that would add to her interview gaffes in prior weeks.

Harris may enjoy higher ratings than Biden at the moment, but it will take more than disappearing to earn the approval of more Americans.

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