May 14, 2021

Kamala Harris steps in to break tie to approve controversial Pentagon nominee

Vice President Kamala Harris stepped in to cast the tie-breaking vote in the Senate on Wednesday to advance President Joe Biden’s nominee for undersecretary of defense for policy.

The vote was the fourth senate tie breaker for the vice president in the evenly-split Senate. The occasion marked the first time Harris has served as the the tie-breaking vote for a nominee.

Nominee Colin Kahl recently faced scrutiny by Republican senators who asked FBI Directory Christopher Wray to investigate whether he had disclosed classified information on social media.

Kahl served as national security adviser during the Obama administration. He has disputed the accusations of sharing classified information.

“I have never publicly shared information I knew to be classified and take my obligations to protect classified information seriously,” Kahl wrote to the committee.

“I was not present for the interagency meetings mentioned in the letter or in the referenced tweets. I had no direct access to any information in those meetings that may or may not have been classified.”

“The national security problems we face are wicked and complex; we wrestle with them constantly on this committee,” Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK) reported to Defense News. “What I cannot support are nominees who reduce complex national security conversations to partisan soundbites.”

Harris may not be finished in casting tie-breaking votes in the senate. She is expected to serve as the tie-breaking vote for at least two additional Biden nominees if votes continue along party lines.

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23 Responses

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    1. Exactly! She has no experience in foreign affairs period. That’s what Pelosi wanted a tie breaker! Why go to the boarders ? She’s for open boarders! As is Biden and Pelosi and the rest of the Democratic’s! So sad!

    2. No, this administration will just let all of our adversaries migrate as illegal aliens so as never to commit to the American rules, laws, or values to let them vote. But wait, we’ll pay them money to be here and live amongst us to VOTE Democrat.

    3. and DEMENTIA JOE will SEnd AID in the Form of SUN TAN LOTIONS and WWll C rations.. for the Ukrainian troops under fire… But Kamala shows her true Ability >> Besides her LYING on her Back for FUN she is sTUOID neither really showing any ABILITY to Govern

  2. Maybe she should do something worthwhile like get her CLUELESS BUTT DOWN TO THE BORDER & take her INCOMPETENT MAN WITH JER WHO STOLE THE ELECTION!!!!


    1. If the republicans are just going to say NO to working for the American People it is her job to break a tie.

    2. June: it;s nothing to do with the Dems being fair or not being fair; it’s the rules of the Senate and has been for a long time – if the vote is 50-50 the V.P. gets the deciding vote. The problem is that NOT ONE DEMOCRAT SENATOR will vote for what’s right instead of just voting along Party Lines. This is one of the main reasons why we ABSOLUTELY NEED to oust some Dems and replace with Republicans come next year’s elections.

  3. Democrat’s will have their way even is wrong. Just look at the Southern Border , Joe sure caused a problem they have no way to stop. send them home Quit paying room and board for Illegals. Spend the money on our homeless

    1. One day they won’t have there day and it they will not be happy about it and I can’t wait.””””

  4. I have to believe one thing about the current administration- it was born via a stolen election- nurtured by vile lies spread via the mainstream media- matured via a corrupt judicial system to become the most corrupt administration in American history—I, for one, will not be goaded into a civil war by the spreading of racial baiting hatred…. no, I will continue to believe in the Constitution and pray that there are still some political leaders in this country who do as well. I also believe that there is enough raw evidence of a Democratic Party orchestrated coup de tat to administer the patriot act against Biden, Harris, Pilosi and Schumer to imprison them in Gitmo for high treason.

  5. Wow she worked so hard today. She broke a tied vote! I can’t tell you how impressed I am. The reason I can’t is because she hasn’t done anything significant yet! What a waste of skin! Go home. You are useless Harris. You couldn’t keep in the game because no one wanted you to run for President and now we are stuck with another useless piece of unelected flotsam!

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