June 29, 2022

Kamala Harris says US must ‘do more’ for Haiti

Vice President Kamala Harris responded to the thousands of Haitian migrants along the Texas border with a call that more must be done for Haiti.

“The whole point is that we have to understand Haiti,” Harris said.

“We really have to do a lot more to recognize that as a member of the Western Hemisphere, we gotta support some very basic needs that the people of Haiti have,” she added.

The news somewhat contrasted the message of the Biden administration. On Monday, some of the migrants were sent back to Haiti on flights out of Texas.

Many Haitians have struggled since the 2010 earthquake that killed more than 200,000 people across the nation. In addition, hurricanes and the recent assassination of the nation’s president have left the country in a difficult situation.

The Haitian migrants largely traveled from Central America, through Mexico and to the American border after reports that they would be allowed to remain. Now, some of the migrants are concerned about ended up where they began.

The Haitian situation is unique, yet continues to highlight the border crisis along the southern border. The nation needs clear leadership, yet continues to receive conflicting messages from the Biden administration.

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