August 18, 2022

Kamala Harris publicly recieves 2nd dose of COVID-19 vaccine

Not only is it trendy for high-profile politicians to be administered a COVID-19 vaccine on live television but, for some reason, it’s also popular to repeat the process for the second vaccination.

According to The Hill, Vice President Kamala Harris soaked up a little extra TV time on Tuesday as she happily accepted her second dose of the Moderna version of the COVID-19 vaccine in an attempt to reassure Americans that getting vaccinated is the safe and proper thing to do. 

Harris, who took the vaccine at the Bethesda, Maryland-based National Institutes of Health (NIH), wanted to send a clear message that Americans should take the vaccine when it becomes available to them, which came on the heels of President Joe Biden indicating that his administration will soon be ramping up a national vaccination rollout.

“These scientists, these medical professionals … created something that will save your life, and the life of your family and the community,”  Harris said. “It was really pretty painless, and it will save your life.”

The vice president, who was donning two face masks, repeated the administration’s goal of vaccinating 100 million Americans in 100 days, though according to NBC News, Biden pledged on Tuesday that 150 million Americans would be vaccinated in the same amount of time. He later backed away from the lofty new number and returned to the 100 million mark.

According to WGNTV, the president revealed this week that most Americans should hopefully be able to get a vaccination shot by this spring, though he warned that the logistics behind the herculean effort are unlike anything America has ever experienced.

The president also indicated that America could be well on its way to achieving herd immunity by summer, assuming the current plan stays on track and doesn’t run into any major hiccups along the way, saying “we’ll be on our way toward heading toward herd immunity and increasing access for people who aren’t first on the list, all the way going down to children.”

Biden has also reminded Americans to continue to wear masks and wash hands, as according to the Johns Hopkins tracker, some 425,000 Americans have died from the virus as of this writing.

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Paul Otts (@guest_1116326)
1 year ago

You people really had me scared. I was afraid that both Biden and Kamalala would be unable to handle the Presidency and Nancy would have to step in! Now I’ll have nightmares for a month!

Judith Black (@guest_1116365)
1 year ago

If you are skydiving and the chute doesn’t open, they list you as a covid victim. All those aborted babys and not a tear shed. If you make it out of the womb the demofascists can tell you what to do womb to grave.
Hell they’ll manage all your money for you.

Norman Caudle (@guest_1116456)
1 year ago

She received a placebo!!

Joseph Jennings (@guest_1116763)
1 year ago

Just like the troops in DC. It’s just a show and a pretty bad one at that. It is obvious that these pretenders think everyone else is stupid. The election may have proven them right!

KATHY MYATTE-FUGERE (@guest_1128040)
1 year ago

DO not believe for a second she got a vaccine, I think she got a vitamin boost .will never believe what comes out of their mouth



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