September 27, 2022

Kamala Harris offers ‘help’ to Florida after Governor DeSantis exposed Biden administration’s approach

The late former President Ronald Reagan once said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help.” Vice President Kamala Harris proved him right.

Harris touched down in Florida Monday and tweeted that “Help is here,” the Daily Wire reported. However, Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis has lamented that his state is being “penalized by about $2 billion” by the U.S. government because they’ve reopened and slashed their unemployment rate.

As part of the bloated $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill, states that locked down and overspent were given “aide” that essentially gets taken from those states that behaved responsibly. It makes Harris’ visit seem completely unnecessary and her message embarrassingly tone deaf.

“We are getting penalized by about $2 billion because we have low unemployment; because we saved the economy; because also we have lower COVID mortality than a lot of these lockdown states,” DeSantis told Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro. “So what this bill does is say, ‘If you locked down, if you destroyed your state; if you destroyed your economy, and you failed to stop COVID as well, you’re going to get a windfall,” he added.

“Some of these lockdown states are getting an extra billion, two billion, three billion dollars, so it’s effectively a transfer of money from states like Florida and Georgia to states like New York, Illinois, and California,” DeSantis pointed out. “It stinks to high heaven.”

During her visit, Harris at least had the good sense to steer clear of criticizing DeSantis. Breitbart reported that a Florida Times-Union interview set up three opportunities to bash DeSantis, but she dodged the reporter’s attempts to implicate DeSantis about his mask policies and anti-lockdown stance each time.

Florida has done well with its COVID-19 response despite hysterical predictions of doom. “Florida has lower per capita COVID mortality than the national average and lower than 27 other states,” DeSantis said at the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference last month in Orlando. “Our unemployment rate is lower than the national average, even though tourism isn’t fully back. And our budget is in great shape — we have not touched one red cent from our rainy day fund throughout this whole time. Florida got it right, and the locked-down states got it wrong.”

The Sunshine State has succeeded because the local government there allowed for freedom and prosperity. The last thing the people of Florida want is for the vice president to pretend to be there help while her fellow Democrats are picking the state’s pocket.


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