June 19, 2021

Kamala Harris offers ‘help’ to Florida after Governor DeSantis exposed Biden administration’s approach

The late former President Ronald Reagan once said, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help.” Vice President Kamala Harris proved him right.

Harris touched down in Florida Monday and tweeted that “Help is here,” the Daily Wire reported. However, Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis has lamented that his state is being “penalized by about $2 billion” by the U.S. government because they’ve reopened and slashed their unemployment rate.

As part of the bloated $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill, states that locked down and overspent were given “aide” that essentially gets taken from those states that behaved responsibly. It makes Harris’ visit seem completely unnecessary and her message embarrassingly tone deaf.

“We are getting penalized by about $2 billion because we have low unemployment; because we saved the economy; because also we have lower COVID mortality than a lot of these lockdown states,” DeSantis told Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro. “So what this bill does is say, ‘If you locked down, if you destroyed your state; if you destroyed your economy, and you failed to stop COVID as well, you’re going to get a windfall,” he added.

“Some of these lockdown states are getting an extra billion, two billion, three billion dollars, so it’s effectively a transfer of money from states like Florida and Georgia to states like New York, Illinois, and California,” DeSantis pointed out. “It stinks to high heaven.”

During her visit, Harris at least had the good sense to steer clear of criticizing DeSantis. Breitbart reported that a Florida Times-Union interview set up three opportunities to bash DeSantis, but she dodged the reporter’s attempts to implicate DeSantis about his mask policies and anti-lockdown stance each time.

Florida has done well with its COVID-19 response despite hysterical predictions of doom. “Florida has lower per capita COVID mortality than the national average and lower than 27 other states,” DeSantis said at the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference last month in Orlando. “Our unemployment rate is lower than the national average, even though tourism isn’t fully back. And our budget is in great shape — we have not touched one red cent from our rainy day fund throughout this whole time. Florida got it right, and the locked-down states got it wrong.”

The Sunshine State has succeeded because the local government there allowed for freedom and prosperity. The last thing the people of Florida want is for the vice president to pretend to be there help while her fellow Democrats are picking the state’s pocket.

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129 Responses

  1. Biden Harris and Pelosi should ALL be taken out to the nearest tree and HUNG BY THE NECK UNTIL DEAD.

      1. Is a grammar lesson really necessary? Who cares – it is the message that counts and the message is clear and on point!

        1. BUT Miss Barbara, Be careful of what you portray. You along with the vast majority of TRULY EDUCATED ARE CONFUSING THE MORONS WITH THE TRUTH. A simple word not being taught in school now days

          1. none of the sheeople that commented above know what secession is all about. Clueless to how much freedom and money they could enjoy. I bet they are scared of the sissies & perverts in government. Willing to bet, that when the gov’t. said GOD was not essential, they believed the liars and stayed home

    1. Bidens entire administration is as incompetent as Biden and lacks the basic knowledge about American and how our government works. Most of them, if not all of his administration are so far left they don’t even consider our way of government. They all have to go. That election was stolen by the crooked democrats and they have put the most corrupt people in the administration.

        1. the pre-amble of the Declaration says for the state to alter, abolish or separate from abusive government. You should read it, it is only 202 words long

          1. And the people running this government have abused their power. They are criminals of the worst kind. The states need to take back their power to diminish the feds power. I’m right there with you!

    2. The time is near, God has had enough of the criminal activity in his country. 80% of signers of the Constitution were Christians and that was shown in the Constitution, Bill of Rights. Gods prophets have made it clear, that time is short. If anyone has paid attention,earthquakes, fires, drought, disasters of all kinds are occurring in unusual place. Christ died for us, accept him as your savior and you will be saved. But he doesn’t force anyone. It’s always your choice.

  2. May God help us – this is the worst executive team we have had in my lifetime and that’s a long time. Never seen so many people in high places with so little common sense. Where do they come form and how can we stop it?

  3. How many times have we been threatened as Trumpers for electing Donald Trump to be President? I for one am tired of turning the other cheek. It is time to call out all the ignorant godless people that voted Biden-Harris into office. You Biden socialites are guilty as sin for your asinine stupidity. You deserve all the guilt that goes with every Biden decision.

    1. when the evil empire falls into more chaos, the stupid will die. Men will be free again, the republic restored

    2. The problem is that even though we have a brain and knowledge and did not put Chin joe in office still have to suffer. The way the House is going there will be no Republicans in the future. They have stealing and cheating down to a science. We can only hope that sneaky pepsi will kick the bucket real soon.

    1. DeSantis should have told her NOT to come to Florida, we don’t need any garbage here in Florida.

  4. Heels up must never have heard Ronald Reagan’s quote about government interference. We’re here to do what?

  5. I agree with all of the above. The only way to get out of this mess is to put Trump back in charge. The Democrats stole the presidential election. We were fortunate to have someone like Trump willing to take on the job with such extraordinary management skills and it is unbelieveable that he could have lost after all of the things he accomplished.

    1. Not only did PRESIDENT TRUMP accomplish so much he had to fight the libs every step of the way. Trying to impeach him three times is just a little example. MSM is also a bunch of commies and have the politicians in their pocket.

  6. Take the Biden Harris administration have them dig a hole then you know what and have the dogs cover the hole

  7. If Harris touched down in California again, I think she would have a plane waiting one foot away from the plane she flew in on. California had enough of her as a Senator. She would be out of San Francisco in one minute.

  8. I totally agree with Gary Hull. I’m tired of the jabs and the bull. We wear our Trump won hat to the grocery store and anywhere else we go . To bad, BUT….GUESS WHAT? I’m in California and we did vote for President Trump.So now many wear the Trump Won hat anywhere we go🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. California may be stupid, but not this time, we are pissed.

  9. Free country, we see a lot of Trump socks on men and women wearing shorts in California. I think there is a certain look that the Thumpers have that keep people at arms length.

  10. Vice President Biden is home resting while president Kamala is traveling to Flood to see if they can destroy that state too

  11. We must have term limits, both parties are corrupt and in the process of taking our freedoms, the very freedoms that made our country so great. It is time for us to push back and say enough. We can protest is a peaceful manner, make our voices heard.
    I view the Republicans as the party willing to stand for our rights, buy they too are corrupt. It is a sad day when we, as voters have to choose a party that is “Lesser than the two evils.”

  12. We have to have term limits. That is the only way to stop the insanity in DC.
    We have to protest peacefully so our voices can be heard. It will be a long battle, but it can be done.

  13. Please just don’t send her back to Hellifornia. She helped ruin it along with Gruesom Newsom and the rest of the Damocrats in this state.

  14. After tonight’s hilarious speech by the fake President I think he should go to the home, he’s really lame and did you notice how nervous Pelosi was. Odd she’s never nervous.

  15. ALL of America agree hang until gone or a firing squad..Everyone would want a bullet…..The ILLEGAL administration is a demented racist Evil team

  16. Watching Ron DeSantis talking like a real American. My guess he was secretly not really thrilled to see Kamala. And she couldn’t talk him into anything. So 10 minutes later she was back on the plane.

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