May 6, 2021

Kamala Harris left speechless after interviewer says she’s the furthest-left Senator

Because of her documented, past support for ultra-progressive plans like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) was rated by the nonpartisan GovTrack website as being the most liberal legislator in the U.S. Senate.

On Sunday, during CBS’ 60 Minutes, Harris — the Democratic vice presidential nominee — was pushed on the “most liberal” designation by host Norah O’Donnell. Harris appeared to be unable to refute the claim and issued a nonsensical response in what many reported as a truly head-scratching moment.

As The Daily Wire reported, O’Donnell cornered Harris on the question concerning her radically progressive stances, asking the candidate what she thought of GovTrack’s designation. Harris, who looked like she was taken aback by the question from otherwise friendly mainstream media, first blamed Vice President Mike Pence while laughing awkwardly.

“I—somebody said that and it actually was Mike Pence on the debate stage,” Harris shot back before being immediately corrected by O’Donnell.

“Yeah. Well, actually, the non-partisan GovTrack has rated you as the most liberal senator,” the CBS host said, before pointing out the senator’s track record of support for some of the most radically progressive legislative ideas that have ever been proposed in America, almost none of which former Vice President Joe Biden has supported.

At that moment, Harris told O’Donnell that, with regard to her running mate, “I will always share with him my lived experience as it relates to any issue that we confront. And I promised Joe that I will give him that perspective and always be honest with him.”

O’Donnell doubled down, asking if her perspective was from a “socialist or progressive” standpoint, to which Harris replied with an utterly bizarre response that wasn’t even close to relevant.

“No. No. It is the perspective of a woman who grew up a black child in America, who was also a prosecutor, who also has a mother who arrived here at the age of 19 from India. Who also, you know, likes hip hop. Like, what do you want to know? ” Harris replied, while again laughing throughout.

It was at that moment that Harris proved to the entire country that she’s in over her head and likely has no plans, whatsoever, to go along with Biden’s proposed policies, given the fact that she’s spent her entire congressional career incubating a number of radically progressive ideas.

Harris’ radical liberal allies in both chambers of Congress are licking their proverbial chops at thoughts of the California senator’s rise to power in the White House, which should be enough to scare every American who values and loves this country into making sure they get to the voting booth on November 3.

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25 Responses

    1. Asking myself this question. She tried her best to avoid the questions asked very clever sleezy woman
      not trusted at all .

  1. I don’t know or understand why anyone in their right mind would vote for those two idiots. Do people really think that if sleepy Jos and his side kick get elected that the next day the virus would be gone ? People better think again because if he was a miracle worker he wouldn’t be in the shape he is in. The only thing that they are running on is the virus. Wake up people if they win you can kiss this country good-bye.

    1. You got that right.
      This is a very dangerous woman n Biden don’t remember anything. God bless Trump n America.

  2. Neither Kamala Harris or Joe Biden can give a straight answer. They are always either evasive, lying or talking about what President Trump is or is not doing.
    It will be the same, higher taxes, more restrictions on small businesses, taking jobs away from Americans and shipping them to other countries, even less freedom of speech and religion, etc.
    A Biden Harris administration is bad for America.

  3. Quite frankly she never answered one question really in that interview or in the debate with Pence!

  4. It should be obvious to everyone that Kamala Harris is a Communist. If they are elected, she will be the President very shortly by whatever means it takes. America cannot afford President Kamala. Even property will be confiscated.

  5. Joe “Lie”den and his little Harris will not win!!!!! Listen… the Trump 2020 Avalanche is coming down the hill!!!!!

  6. Well Kamala says she would legalize prostitutions , she thinks that will get people to vote for her?
    She is a real good roll model for children and married couples.
    Maybe its being focus on the job market.
    Little girls will say when I grow up I can be a whore like Kamala.

    1. She has been on the table, the couch, the rug,the bed, the car seat, the hammock, the lounge chair and other horizontal and some vertical surfaces..very talented.

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