May 14, 2021

Kamala Harris has become an anti-vaxxer

If there’s one thing that the media has drilled into us for the last few years it’s that anyone who even has a question about the safety of vaccines is a conspiracy theorist and a quack. That is, unless you’re a Democrat and a Republican president just produced a vaccine for the deadly coronavirus.

In that case, all the “right people” are anti-vaccine. That includes vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris, who stated: “if Donald Trump tells us we should take it, I’m not taking it.”

How’s that for anti-science?

Never mind that the President is working with doctors, scientists, and pharmaceutical companies that have decades of experience in the field. Never mind that the vaccine has been safely given to thousands of volunteers in clinical trials.

Never mind that thousands of vulnerable American lives could be saved by the vaccine. For the Dems, beating Trump is more important than saving lives.

That’s not a conspiracy theory, that’s the truth.

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108 Responses

    1. She sure was on her back and her knees for Willie Brown, rising for power, a climber on the ladder of suck cess

      1. I wanted to say same thing just different people, she surely has smooshed Biden. He seems to like the pretty ones even at his age.

          1. Jill Biden is just a bad as Harris as she was sleeping with joe and her x at the same time. SO PIGS are PIGS no matter what they still will do what they have to to get ahead, get it a Head? A HEAD?

    2. Add to that: despicable, condescending, arrogant, vile, and SO GOD-awful VAIN … that may just about cover it.

      1. Even during the debates for the presidential campaign, when she asked if they were ready for her to become president, there was a resounding NO. Doesn’t that tell people something?

        1. Hey! Look at it this way…..Hopefully we’ll never get to see how incompetent she would be as president…….Trump may win in NOvember! I would love to see Biden’s and Harris’ faces on Nov. 4, when that happens……Course there will probably be some democraps who are upset enough that they will dig out their firearms.

    3. I’ll drink to that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In other words, you are totally correct in what you stated about that power hungry, money hungry, fame hungry, nasty woman woman, Kamala Harris!

      1. If I were Trump when the vaccine comes out, I would tell the witch to take it, at the first sign of a spike. And all the other Dems.

    4. Immature!!!! Bouncing around in the chair at the Debate; worse than a child in school. When she told V.P. Pence, she didn’t have to sit there and be disciplined; I was hoping she would do the typical of the Dems; “Don’t like what you hear; or what you want; get up and walk out”, which so many have done at different times. They act like a bunch of “spoiled rotten brats”, who can’t accept Life for what it is. Unbelieveable how they have all have acted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shocking, really!!

    5. I see it like this she is very much a racist because she hates our President and she says if he ask people to take she had she would not so I don’t think she would be a good leader for the people of America I feel that she is very racist I for one feel that we all should matter not just one color when Jesus walked this earth he never saw color he saw souls to save why can’t we all be more like Jesus and love one another and show the other country’s in this world that Americans have what it takes to come together and move forward to keeping our country great and put all this racist stuff behind us and stop all the killing each other and love one another in Jesus name but she should stop with telling people that if the President ask people to take the shot to stop this virus stuff from spreading she not trying to help save lives to me she would be killing a lot of people by saying thing like that shame on her

    6. agreed. she sound like on the debate floor with pence a real idiot. thats all she says im speaking to pence. pence put her out on left field. she lied so many times at the debate. even about abe lincoln. the women had no respect for vp pence. her answers were all about slamming president trump. thats all she does is laugh and make faces. she will make the worst vp and joe biden will make the worst president. vote for trump for 4 more years. god bless you president trump. 2020 in a landslide

  1. that’s because they say they are going to have a vaccine…..and they can’t be first if President Trump ALREADY has one….he has pulled together so many to get this virus under control…even eliminated……but NOTHING he does will meet the DEMS approval…..BUT 4 MORE YEARS FOR DONALD TRUMP

      1. Nah! I think Rush Limbaugh would be a better choice, he has a better understanding of the Dems, and could better defeat them, and put them in their liberal hole, with no [email protected] to lick their boots. That would really hurt their liberal feelings. No [email protected] No [email protected] No [email protected] No [email protected] No [email protected] No [email protected] No [email protected] No [email protected] [email protected] No [email protected] No [email protected] [email protected] No [email protected] No [email protected] [email protected] No [email protected] No [email protected] No [email protected] [email protected] No [email protected] No [email protected] [email protected] No [email protected] [email protected] No [email protected] No.

      2. I think her whole thing with trying to get Trump out with the 25Th amendment is a smokescreen. She knows it won’t happen. It’s a dry run for if Biden wins. Get rid of Biden real quick and Harris is president & pos Pelosi vice-president. Turn the White House into a Whorehouse.

      1. Four years for Pelosi, and six for her boyfriend Schumer. They knew all about Russiagate and they still tried to railroad the president. They are guilty of conspiracy and accessory to the fact, and there for are traitors to the country.

  2. Not surprising, anything to rock the boat! But it’s ok, let them shoot themselves in the foot, they are SOOOO good at it! They are against ANYTHING President Trump and Republicans do or say! As an aside, she supports the worst abortion bill on record, supports the riots, black lies matter, antifa, saying demonstrations are necessary. Her record in California is abysmal, unfair, and under par. If Biden wins, SHE will be president! Do we want that? I say NO! A vote for a democrat is a vote for the destruction of our country! Vote RED across the ballot, keep our country out of the hands of the destroyers!

    1. Imagine that being President of The United States of America after all this country has been through to be the greatest nation in the world.

    2. You know what I find totally, absolutely, 100% bs is the notion that Burn Loot and Murder little children squad and Antifaka support black lives, they use the excuse to destroy black communities. If you notice 99% of their members are white privileged spoiled brats, from rich homes, the Dems are using this as an excuse to destroy black communities. They are pissed that blacks are no longer woke, they are a wake.
      When governors ( or mayors ) tell the police to stand down, they are telling the people that there is no law enforcement and that the people have to protect themselves. So when the people have to from a militia to protect themselves. The governor ( or mayor ) no longer has a say in the matter, as he (or she ) has abdicated his ( or her ) responsibility to the people, and are stepping down from the office, and must be replaced.

  3. Her outright HATRED is visible to even a blind person. She claims she would not take a vaccine approved by PRESIDENT TRUMP. it proves she does not know a damn thing about how drugs are approved. To be clear to her supporters the President is not in the approval cycle. What else can you expect from a lying, egoistic, self centered, power hungry least qualified person to ever has been on a Presidential ballot who got here because how well she works on her back partially clothed.

    1. Actually, I am not so troubled that Kamala Harris will refuse to take a vaccine which could prevent her from contracting COVID-19 or other life-threatening disease. What does trouble me is that she and other leftists will discourage the general public from using a potentially life-saving remedy – and only because it does not give THEIR POLITICAL PARTY the lion’s share of credit. That is the arrogant ignorance which they now so openly display, to the detriment of public health of Americans !!! They are being DESTRUCTIVE, no matter what they may claim.

      1. I look at it this way, the more Dems that don’t take the vaccine, the few Dems there will be. Hail to the commander and chief. Four more years of DJT, and a life time of TDS for the Dems.

    1. She is anything but stupid. Coniving in ways to get hat she wants, the presidency, and that is what she intends to get by hook or by crook. Her parents were not citizens when she was born, so she is NOT a citizen but an anchor baby.

      1. Unfortunately, people do not care about her parents not being citizens when she was born. Not even the Republicans brought this up. She believes in the rioting, etc. showing what an animal she really is. The pictures with her and Biden look like they are truly “in love.” Actually, they look disgusting. Not to mention the idiot wife Jill, who goes by “Dr.” She is not a medical doctor and she is an abuser of her husband.

  4. ALL decent, patriotic U.S. Citizens love and support Trump Pence!! The rest are in the swamp lying and crying with
    Pelosi, Hillary, and Biden…and Democrats!!

  5. Why is this woman even relevant? She has no qualifications to be VP. She hates this country. Do we realize that if Biden is elected, this no-account woman will be running our country? Just wait and see.

  6. Democratics are evil and it is scary that Harris is where she is. She is scary then Nancy and she is scary enough never seen such hatred

  7. The truth about cameltoe is she has so much hatred,. It’s really obvious that contradicts very time she opens her pie hole!😮

  8. Kamala is a poor loser. She needs lots of experience losing until she learns to accept a loss with at least a minimum of grace.

  9. The Democrats have been so cruel to President Trump during his current administration it is disgusting. I think Kamala showed her lack of knowledge in the debate with VP Pence. When the vaccine is approved by the CDC, scientist, that President Trump says he approved the vaccine and maybe none of the Democrats will take it. Since she was so vocal about not taking a vaccine the President approved. She was such a fraud in the debate.

    1. Personally, I think all the democrabs that voted to impeach President Trump, especially “Piglosi”,should have been arrested and charged with treason and/or sedition, then put in jail.

  10. Well unless you haven’t noticed this woman, Harris, is vicious, hate mongering and too ludicrous to really care about. If Obama had miraculously done something good to us, it would be the hit of the century with fans weeping and applauding him. No mention of doctors or scientists would be applauded to interfere with his good works; he’s a democrat, leftist, Muslim. But President Trump does so much, gives credit where it is due. He clearly says we have made several vaccines which includes a whole team. Not so Obama, his pronoun of choice is “I” always was, but no one noticed!

    1. If black people knew what Obama really did for them, the KKK wouldn’t need to hang him, black people would.

    2. Now they are earning their millions doing all these so-called eloquent speeches after earning so much already from the public money. He didn’t do much even for his own people. President Trump did more for black people than he did.

  11. Isn’t that funny? The democrats want to kill more American people than save lives. Their so called “crush the virus” that just proves they don’t care about crushing the virus. Political moves is all they care about not even for themselves.

  12. It always amazes me how the demarats can look right into the camera, not even blink a eye and lie up a storm!

    1. That’s because Dems spend the first quarter of their life in Hollowwood ( ChinaWood ) learning to be cool like Cooky, and the second quarter in law school learning how to lie with a straight face. They don’t really learn how to do things like run a country. or balance a budget, or love thy neighbor even if he is a Christian, or a Jew. or an Atheist, or a Republican. I guess that the must important thing that a Dem can before the age of ten is how to hate himself so much he stand anyone else.

  13. I do not care whether she and those like take the vaccine or not. If they do not and get the virus and die, there will be fewer of them!

    1. right on. i thought the same thing. demorats dont take the vaccine from trump or cdc.thats youropinion harris so die. amen.

  14. Do the dems,realize,that pelosi’s scheme on the 25th amendment is to remove biden!,not her comment. Communist implants at work.

  15. Well, I see my comments weren’t published. This site/google, controls our comments. That is ok, I won’t write on this site again, there are many others.

  16. The fly came from the Commie sitting next to Mr.Pence…This lady will be the demise of our country if she lands in the Oval Office.

    1. Why weren’t they saying anything about the fly that landed (and stayed around for a while) on OBAMA?

    2. This fly was smuggled in by Kamala, it is a drone from China, that was sent to infect VP Pence. Barr we need an immediate investigation. This is another coup attempt.

    1. But Fredo said it’s Trump’s fault, not his total failure at doing his job. What an Imbecilic pathetic LOSER!

      1. fredo cuomo and lemon head don are two idiots. they come from a school of hating our president trump. i want to refresh fredo brain. your brother andrew cuomo has blood on his hands not trump. killing all those seniors that had the virus. so losers give it up about slamming trump on your cnn corrupt station. only idiots watch cnn and msnbc. trump will win in a landslide in 2020.

    2. He is a very poor excuse to be Italian. He is a coward and so is his brother. I am Italian and ashamed of them both.

      1. so am i an italian and lived in new york. i just moved out of new york couldnt stand de blasio and andrew cuomo.there a disgrace to there state. when election time for them comes up vote these two losers out and put republicans in .i hear they have a petition on both these idiots people in this state had enough of them.they only had riots and defunding the police. thats why so many new yorkers like me moved out of the ny city. bring back rudy guilanni he will straighten both these two idiots how to run a city.they both need to be voted out now.

    3. Why would anybody object to telling the truth. He his a Warped Old Pig. yoiu know if anybody in NY had any sense they could get rid of him tomorrow, but who said anyone in NY had any sense. They are all Dems.

  17. 77,334 Took this random poll on Facebook. After seeing this poll I have to wonder where MSM gets their polls from?
    Would you consider voting for Joe Biden this November?
    Your answer: No
    Yes5% (3,756)
    No94% (72,979)
    Not sure1% (599

  18. I don’t believe ANY ELECTED OFFICIALS WILL BE TAKING ANY VACCINE. I won’t take it even if they come to my door armed. in that case i will shoot first.

    1. I’ll take theirs if they take mine. Mine comes in a Full Metal Jacket. Guarenteed to stop the Virus in its tracks. Wait for the flash.

      1. You will need at least 150 million rounds, you will have so many volunteers, you won’t have time for a vacation. Might not have time to reload.

  19. Hooray!! I’m so glad that Kamala is the first Democrat to said No to the vaccine. Imaging if many dems like her will say no also. It will be a blessing to eliminate as many dems and once and for all get rid of the evil dems. I only hope that the antifas, the retard liberals and the LBM will follow suit as Kamala. What a blessing it will be. God bless America!!! God bless president Trump.

  20. Democratics will stop at nothing to gain power the time has come to remove them from public office Vote Trump 2020

  21. I plan to elect Trump….but I do not want to be a guinea pig. The vaccine should never be mandatory…and I heard a CA doctor’s review which stated we do not need the vaccine. There are adequate treatments to get people well. He said he treated 2700 or so people w/Covid and used hydroxychloroquine and 100% recovered. So this tells me that our President knew all along what works. This doctor states vaccines are not needed. My kind of doctor.

  22. I was afraid her fake eye lashes were going to fall off since she batted her eyes so much. So phony from the core outward. I do wonder where she got those fake lashes, because you only see that kind that have been purchased
    cheaply, real cheaply. Now a movie star might wear those like of lashes, but not someone running for a high offrice of a country. All she has is a loud mouth and dumb answers, plus being disrespectful to the V.P. Do you think ol’ Joe will be getting a little sugar from her??? Bet he has smelled her hair many times.

  23. Had my way .the corupt Democrats would get a dime of tax dollars..haven’t done a thing in 4 year but go after the president with nothing but a witch hunt…

  24. We definitely don’t want Biden or Harris to run this country. He’s unfit and she’s evil! Vote for Trump in 2020!!!

  25. PROOF once again who the party of NON-UNITY is. Which party continues to spew hatefulness. Which party refuses to turn differences aside for the common good…. THE DEMONIC RAT PARTY!!

  26. I guess I must have said something the dem censors didn’t like, could that possibly be that I told the truth?????

  27. Kalama Harris has the right idea, as far as I’m concerned. I can’t think of a better way to get rid of the Dems. Let their hatred of President Trump take them out.

  28. PMF says:
    Please do not lower your words (being hate filled) it will make you look as bad as the Left. The truth you say will work better. Just the honest facts, not nasty words. Be polite but firm in your statements to prove what you say. Be mature, OK? We may feel angry & hurt but draw people in with the TRUTH.

  29. It is clear that Americans should be concerned about a Biden presidency for many reasons, but he should be forced to answer this question on the debate stage: “Did you directly use your position as Vice President to enrich your family?”

  30. After the 2016 election, Democrats refused to believe Donald Trump’s win was legitimate and fabricated a Russian collusion hoax to try and end his Presidency. When that failed Democrats shifted to the Ukraine impeachment hoax. Democrats already tried using the FBI and the intelli-gence community to bring down the President. Americans are worried that since the Democrats have exhausted their procedural and institutional options that if Trump wins, leftists will resort to violence in the streets.

  31. Biden and Harris are NOT FIT to run for President and Vice President of America. They are NOT smart. When they oppose everything Trump has done for America, they are telling us that they do NOT care for America. That’s not smart.

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