May 17, 2021

Kamala Harris gets her Trump nickname

President Trump has a knack for nicknaming his opponents – and defining how they’re viewed by the voters in the process.

Now, he’s turning his attention to Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris. It’s bad news for Kamala, and you can be sure she’s not happy about it.

Breitbart reports:

President Donald Trump’s re-elected campaign swiftly responded to Biden’s selection of Harris, branding the pair: “Slow Joe and Phony Kamala.”

“Kamala Harris ran for president by rushing to the radical left, embracing Bernie’s plan for socialized medicine, calling for trillions in new taxes, attacking Joe Biden for racist policies,” the Trump campaign said in a video tweeted by President Trump. “They smartly spotted a phony — but not Joe Biden. He’s not that smart,” the ad continues, before adding Biden “is handing over the reins to Kamala” if the two win in November.

“Slow Joe and Phony Kamala: Perfect together, wrong for America,” the ad concludes.

Watch the ad:

Read the full story here.

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100 Responses

      1. HAHA, they got by with it before with Obama, what makes us think that they won’t cover her’s up also’ Thief’n Bums !!

      2. She is a natural born American citizen, if she was born in this country-and I believe she was. It does not matter if her parents were citizens and legal or not. She was born, here, she is a citizen. That is why so many pregnant illegals want to get across the border to the US-their babies will be citizens, making it easier for them to stay. Hope no one wastes their time picking at that nit, when there are so many other reasons to not vote for her!

        1. Looking closely at the Constitution every President has to be “Natural Born”, based on common law. At the time this was included English common law required a person to be born of English parents, in England. Later they loosened up the location. Neither Obama, nor Rubio, nor Cruz, nor Kamala fit the description of a “Natural Born” citizen. There is a reason the Constitution exempted those alive the day the Constitution was signed. The all had dual citizenship (European countries and American).
          The fact that every President prior to Obama (Kenyan citizen) was born here did not make the first eight Presidents “natural born”.

        2. Best reason to change the law. What other country allows a child born in their borders to be a citizen?

        3. It’s not just to be born in the US. Your parents are supposed to have been living in the country for a certain period of time and be naturalized citizens. Obozo’s mother and his supposed father, neither qualified for Obozo to qualify as a natural born citizen. Obozo had to have renounced his citizenship, in order to go to the Muslim school he attended. Is there any evidence he ever got his citizenship back? He may still not be an American citizen, even now.

    1. IF we THINK WE SAW ‘Nasty kamala the sf ho at Kavanaugh hearings… ain:t seen NOTHING YET BY THE TIME TRUMP GETS HER REALLY PISSED OFF !!! she’ll be NASTY ON STEROIDS !!! yes does not fit “BLACK as a Bi racial Indian-Jamaica pre-DACA ILLEGAL

    2. If she was born in the US she is a citizen. Thanks to the misinterpretation of the 14 th amendment. Just like all the anchor babies born to illegal immigrants.

      1. Being born here or being born anywhere in the world of one parent who is a citizen makes a person a citizen at birth (dual citizenship where one parent is a citizen elsewhere or born in another country). That does not make the person a “Natural Born” citizen by the Constitution. Those who were born here prior to the signing of the Constitution were exempt as they had dual citizenship at birth.

    3. As with O it will be allowed…watch and see…all that O did while in office is and was either illegal or treasonous..T has done nothing to address that situation..all that the legislature did was illegal also because he is and was illegal; again, nothing done to wipe out the horrendous EOs and other laws that have really hurt the country and the people.
      Her own dad said she is nothing but a liar and has been since she started talking.

    4. Absolutely true. Has she ever registered her status with the advisory committee? Or anyone who could check on her legal ability to hold any office?

    1. As well as Flag in a gale when it comes to what she believes….Universal HC before she chnaged her mind…..To Biden “you are a Racist and owe me an Apology before I LUV that GROPING Demented RACIST” I’se be for STRONG POLICE DEPT before FUND THE COPS>>.OH yes the TRUTH will hit the FAN>>>>

    2. You are right. Shes a marxist and will be telling bden her demands, if they get in the WH. With all the cheating
      the donkeys will do with mail in ballots I dont know what will happen, but you can kiss the US good-bye if they are elected, cause it will be RIGGED!

      1. The air out of Biden’s failed attempts at presidency!
        Q I. WWG1WGA !!!
        🐾×8+1=We come for you!

    1. I like kamalawaladingdong. It has a certain cadence to it and is the only virtue I have discovered, as of yet. I think it’s safe to conclude she has no integrity whatsoever and thus is a perfect example of what the dingbat party is all about.

  1. GRRRREAT VIDEO ……. baddddd start for KAMMIE ! Strap it on, Sister — this is going to be a ROUGH RIDE … !

    1. Part of being a politician, so she better get used to it. Look at all the FILTH our President has had to put up with and still the donkeys repeating the russian hoax eventhough DEBUNKED!:!

  2. Only problem is Kampala ain’t black she might be 1/4 Jamaican at best so once again joe lies to the American people

    1. Not the first lie by dems won’t be last. Obozo has been called the first black president; but, he is more white than black.

    2. Bho was not the first black president, biracial, does jamaican and Indian make her black , I don’t think so. What does it take to be called black. If I were black , I would be pissed. Joe said he would pick a black woman , not woman of color.

  3. Just considering your past actions revealing your direction of thinking literally scares the hell out of me. We have 4 great grand children, under the age of 2. Are they going to grow up under your Communist rule not knowing real Freedom. Personally, I hope before this election, you and slow Joe get demolished and obliterated into your cellars and the door gets locked behind you.

    1. Our young parents are terrified of these two…some also know that T could have prevented this had he been honest and kept campaign promises…they voted for him on those…out of the UN would have solved more than just saving money; resettlement issues, anchor babies, etc…geo engineering which is tearing our lands/soils down so drastically farmers will not be able to grow a thing productively in less than six years or so. Also, DEW, HAARP and much, much more but this is all about the NWO and that is what these two are about…they are crapola.

    1. Check the background with State Senator Brown in California, quite a history there which includes her background.

      1. I will and thanks Rick…as an activist I like tips from those commenting here…why? Because they are usually spot on and open/honest and away goes a piece to about 7000 once I Reach out to those that support me.

    2. Why do you think Bidenpicked her ? He can sniff her hair , feel her up and if elected blink her on the desk in the Oval Office .

  4. Show the American people documents that prove she is a bought and paid for prosecutor. Where is George Soros theough all this? He should be an enemy if the state

  5. I just call her “cameltoe”…AND Yeah, she is NOT eligible for the presidency, just like oblahblah WASN’T…..The “FOREIGN FILTH” just wants to DESTROY America, turning America, of ALL places, into a SH*THOLE that they BOTH originally came from, or their parents, oblahblah had ONE parent from a SH*THOLE country, cameltoe BOTH….!!!!

    1. you are absolutly right about your facts, BUT, please don’t lower yourself to the low ball fowl mouth, hatred people they are, we do not live in fanasty land, we know what they are!!!!!

  6. Bidens name is on the ticket but that’s it.blm pressured joe to pick a woman of color or he wont get the black vote.first off that’s racist and joe is just a puppet for the radical left.Harris will take over and joe will resign and retire hoping that if he won he will be immuned to going to prison for his criminal past like obama.

    1. Here is what many are saying to me…she is picked to become the next president as they dethrone Biden she will lead us directly into the NWO…

    1. The only place I know where our comments do not get censored is Disqus; however, they will be if they are full of profanity.

  7. Rejected by the black community as a potential POTUS in 2016, now a potential POTUS! Nothing like slapping the black community in the mouth and telling them to shut up and deal with it! If the black community falls for this they are indeed the most ignorant of the species!



  10. Yep, It only figures, Since Mr. Biden Sr. will not take a competincy test for cognitive attention deficit disorder.

    It only stands to reason after the debate (DEMOCRATIC Only) the “DNC” separated from Biden that getting him elected so he could then be booted out for incompetence might be a sure win.

    Would “SONY” sponsor it? Probably Not.

    Are Americans paying attention to all this crap anyway? We’re getting a raw deal.

  11. Well Joe screwed the black population again Kamala is not black, she’s of Jamaican and Indian decent. Chuck one for Biden and the Democrats no black woman for vice president. Only a wanna be and sure to keep her secrets of Biden’s son when they worked together. Already trying to cover up past wrong doings very smart of Biden.

  12. I’d like to know the truth, that the PRESIDENT and VICE PRESIDENT HAVING TO BE A NATURALIZED CITIZENS. Why do all the republicans run from this; just like all the corruption that suits were filed against Trump and affiliates , the democrats filed and run with LIES. Yet, the Republicans say they have proof that all this stuff was made up of corrupt democrats, but where is all the lawsuits against the Democrats, as the Republicans said they were going to file. We, the Republicans always talk a good game but never follow through with tough action, and any lie that democrats can build from, they file suits, against republicans, It seems the Republicans are playing the election, not to lose, not trying to win! Think about it.

    1. The President can not be a “Naturalized Citizen” which means not a citizen at birth. “Natural Born” citizen means born without dual citizenship and born as a citizen of the U.S. Obama has dual citizenship (Kenya) through his father, no matter where he was born. Kamala has the same problem. Even if she was born here she would have dual citizenship unless both parents were U.S. citizens at her birth.

  13. Her Father says her family were black slave owners. She needs to pay reparations. Trump is right when she says she is a phony and I agree. She has white in her just like she has black and brown background. She has had the same opportunity as any white person and she’s had plenty of privilege.

  14. Joe lies a lot..He has had a lot of practice and is a member of the Communistic/democrat party. Does not matter what ethnic background she is–BLM must love her for her commie ways!

  15. Biden best pick a different one as this one is not black. You said you would pick a black women what happened ? Didn’t you people check her out ? Wow this is crazy.

  16. I don’t understand the thinking here. I checked the requirements for v.p. and pres. it clearly states that ONE parent has to be a citizen. neither of hers were. it takes 5 yrs to become one. her mother and father got here in 1960 and 1961. they divorced and mother took her to Canada to live, as she held Canadian citizenship. she returned here for college. there are some staunch demon rats who give a convoluted explanation referring to British law, etc etc. but no matter how they try to spin it, the wording of the Constitution is CRYSTAL CLEAR. again, as with oddunnuthin, they are choosing semantics to explain away her ineligibility. to me, I follow the written English words. SHE IS NOT ELIGIBLE TO BE V.P. OR PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. some one with cojones needs to step up and file a suit to the Supreme Court to protest this travesty. Barry sotero was rammed down our throats because we did not speak up. that guy was born in Kenya, not Hawaii. he never should have been president of anything. he is just a street organizer who won the lotto, became a multimillionaire thanks to the illegal activities of Crackhead Biden and his father, Uncle Sniffy. they too need to go to prison. Uncle Sniffy needs to be held accountable for his QUID PRO QUO that he bragged about on video. as usual, the republicans are too quiet for their own good, and the good of the country. not bashing them, as am one too. Vote Trump 2020. vote all red, and rid the world of the demon rats. MAGA, KAG

  17. Neither of them will be running the country 44 will be doing that only 2 presidents i can remember since F.D.R who never went away are 42 nd 44 still trying to get back in. Now we really will have a Nut and S–t in the White House I read Willie told her not to take the VP to go for the AG or Sec of state they have more power wonder what he wants to be. As for being an anchor baby thats the way half the illegal are legal

  18. I wish you were wrong – but you are not!
    I live close to the border and the length some women go through to make their offspring US citizens is amazing.
    Some even dye – I have read – just to have/get an “anchor” in order to bring their very large families over – gradually!
    It is sad – but still illegal!

  19. Yep, if the democrats should win Kamala Harris will be the first woman to become president of the USA. Betcha that pisses Hillary Clinton off big time. ‘course they gotta win first. But if they do she will get the job over night.

  20. I don’t know what all the hullabaloo is about… They will never be elected. Trump has been a great president and still is. he is transparent and loves this country. Not to many Lefties do. They will lose in a landslide when some of the libs realize what is going on. The silent majority will come through to negate all this communist BS and vote Trump back in. Anyone who votes for Biden and phony Harris has to hate this country and what it stands for. God Bless President Trump!

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