May 14, 2021

Kamala Harris dismisses criticisms of border role performance

Americans are growing increasingly frustrated with President Joe Biden’s handling of the migrant influx at the southern border, and remarks made this weekend by the administration’s point person on the crisis engender little confidence that any decisive actions are on the immediate horizon.

Tapped by the president earlier this year to take the lead on addressing the wave of migrants making their way to the U.S. in recent months, Vice President Kamala Harris attempted to defend the apparent lack of movement on the matter and dismissed those critical of her level of attention to the issue, saying, “it’s not going to be solved overnight,” according to Fox News.

Since being charged back in March with tackling the escalating disaster at the border with Mexico, Harris has faced an onslaught of criticism from Republicans for neither making a trip to the border itself, holding press conferences discussing the administration’s response to the crisis, or taking other concrete steps to demonstrate engagement on the topic.

After the president himself declared Harris as the to go-to person for generating solutions to the border dilemma, the White House began to issue clarifications about the true nature of Harris’ role, suggesting that she would focus not on the deteriorating situation on the ground at detention facilities, but instead work on the “root causes” of mass migration, as the New York Post reported.

Given that a long list of lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have traveled to survey conditions at the border for themselves in recent weeks, and Harris herself has traveled to places such as California, New Hampshire, and Illinois, her conspicuous absence at the border has remained a cause for concern.

During an interview with State of the Union on CNN, Harris shrugged off such criticisms and referenced an eventual trip to Central America, saying, “We’re working on the plan to get there. We have to deal with COVID issues, but I can’t get there soon enough in terms of personally getting there,” as Fox News noted.

Harris did not, however, give any indication that travel to the southern border itself was on her agenda anytime soon, pivoting instead to an assertion that it is perhaps far more important to analyze the underlying reasons why so many are migrating north in the first place, engage in diplomatic talks with Central American leaders, and “give people some sense of hope that if they stay there that help is on the way.”

Having previously pointed to climate change, food insecurity an agricultural collapse as key drivers of the recent migrant surge, Harris worked to temper expectations of quick progress, saying, “But it’s not going to be solved overnight. It’s a complex issue. Listen, if this were easy, it would have been handled years ago.” She also cast blame on her predecessors, adding, “Part of the problem is that under the previous administration, they pulled out essentially a lot of what had been the continuum of work, and it essentially came to a standstill.”

With a new Washington Post/ABC News poll revealing that a majority of voters disapprove of the administration’s handling of the Central American migrant surge, it is becoming increasingly evident that Harris’ ability to sidestep, obfuscate, and avoid the task at hand is coming to an end as Americans in greater numbers start to demand real answers and concrete action.

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36 Responses

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  2. She won’t go because then she would have to admit that there is a dire crisis at the border and the Dems are doing nothing to stop it. Besides, the longer they put it off, the more immigrants get into our country illegally and then Biden can make it possible for them to vote in the next election and guess who they would vote for. Most immigrants that come in legally know something of the country that they want to become a part of. Illegal immigrants know nothing.

  3. Biden and her are both useless. you people who voted for this crazy old person must be very proud. STUPID PEOPLE you are and your getting what you voted for. The laughing stock of the world we are.

      1. All intentional, and done by the puppet master Barry. He’s the biggest piece of trash ever to hold the presidency, and is now serving his 3rd term.

        What he needs to serve is hard time at Gitmo.

  4. Global resources systems took over the American internet inside the pentagon.
    IS THIS CAUSE FOR WORRY? 170 million people are being monitored NOW!

  5. Biden and Harris have absolutely no desire to stop the huge flow of illegal immigrants coming in. That is what Harris wanted from the beginning and I don’t expect her to do a single thing to stop it. If she talks to the leaders of the countries down south, she will probably encourage them to keep sending their people. I don’t trust her for anything. Both Biden and Harris don’t want to see the mess on the border, because they don’t want to know how bad it is. Wake up Democrats! You goofed terribly!

  6. I doubt there is anything the US can do to make the refugees want to stay in their country. Kamala has no intentions of stopping the entries. Even if they could do something with the other countries, there will be at least a million new migrants here before they can make a change.

  7. Harris is a total idiot in so many way’s. Are we so bad that we deserve her. Can we impeach Her?

  8. Ray says Worthless Piece of Trash,is too kind! More like a WORTHLESS PIECE of Cow DUNG!!!! She’s USELESS too!

  9. I totally agree with all the comments about Biden and Harris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They really need to clean house and start at the White House so we can get our
    Real President Trump back in the white house. Then start on the speaker of the house and old Chuckie out of the senate.

  10. Thought she was dismissed from a position she was never elected to. When you can’t improve on perfection, the next step is misdirection. Can saint ho be far behind?

  11. She know’s Joe Biden screwed up on the border and with most of his EO’ witch will be overturned in SCOTUS.

  12. She’s right, it can’t be fixed overnight. But Biden broke it in one night! Shame on him and the democrats.

  13. Its really not that hard to figure the root cause out it is that pos biden that did it and if you ignore it it certainly isn’t going to get any better close the gates and deport every one of them back where they came from dont give them money or housing either theyvare not welcome here and they need to figure it out on their own they wanted to come here illegally they are on their own we don’t cater to them

  14. Kamala thinks that by giving each one of the migrant children a backpack with her book in it, that is solving the problem. I wonder how much she is profiting off the distribution of her book via the US taxpayer.

  15. Not Going away overnight?
    It got here overnight! In fact within a few weeks of the communist elected liers that occupy our capital now!

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  17. Sorry , but my opinion is neither Sleepy Creepy Uncle Joe Or his sidekick Harris are capable of solve the border Crisis that they themselves have caused !!! They are both failure’s !!!

  18. If we can’t solve the overnight just show some interest that you care to solve the problem. Just have your Press Secretary Jen to turn on the TV News and see what the problem you and Joe Caused, An 8th grader could give both of you some pointers. The Vaccine issue has helped both of you the mask what you should be solving at the border. Don’t keep blaming your time is being spent on Coved. You are not doing anything regarding that to help that issue. You both are afraid to go to the border. Is there a basement in the White House you could go too?

  19. Harris and her boss need to be sitting in GITMO. Of course that wouldn’t hurt Biden because he never knows where he is.

  20. Stop the headlines of dismissal.. we were hopeful it was the ho being dismissed……..should have known better.

  21. If she was my employee I would have fired her along time ago for not obeying my ORDER. Noe sleepy Joe makes an excuse for her Saying She will work on the “Root of the Crisis” What is she wasting her time and our money researching the ROOT. Wait when they lose the 2021 Administration who will take the Blame?

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