May 24, 2022

Kamala Harris could cast deciding vote on first Black female SCOTUS justice

Vice President Kamala Harris could cast the tie-breaking vote to decide the next justice of the Supreme Court, according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday.

Psaki shared the information during her White House daily briefing with reporters on Tuesday.

“Last week, I know you said you’d look for an answer on whether the vice president could break a tie on the Supreme Court vote. Have you guys come to a determination on that?” a reporter asked.

“The vice president has been the tie-breaking vote for a number of judicial appointments or nominees in the past, but our intention is, of course, to get broad support for an eminently qualified nominee,” Psaki responded.

The news comes as Justice Stephen Breyer has announced his retirement at the end of the term.

President Joe Biden has stated that he will nominate a Black female nominee to serve on the nation’s highest court in his place.

Biden also said he plans to announce his first nominee by the end of February, as America celebrates Black history month.

The news may be controversial to some, but it is still uncertain whether Harris will need to cast a tie-breaking vote as the Senate considers who Biden will nominate.

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