January 19, 2022

Kamala Harris continues to remain silent about how she plans to tackle border and immigration issues

Fox News discovered on Sunday that Vice President Kamala Harris (D-CA) has been completely missing in action — in terms of news conferences and any other type of meaningful leadership — since the White House confirmed she would take a primary role in handling the growing immigration crisis.

Harris has gone 18 days without speaking to the public about her foremost task — negotiating with South American nations to address the explosion of migrants at our southern border.

Though the White House has downplayed her role in the issue, she is conspicuously avoiding the topic altogether, despite bipartisan agreement on Capitol Hill that the problem can no longer be ignored.

Both Harris and White House Spokeswoman Jen Psaki have also refused to answer repeated questions about when Harris — or President Biden for that matter — will visit the embattled border region.

Most recently, Psaki said on Wednesday that she’s “sure it will be soon” — cementing the Biden administration’s commitment to keeping the American people in the dark.

Harris’s role as immigration lead is becoming even more critical now that Biden’s border coordinator Roberta Jacobson will be stepping down from her position at the end of the month — yet Harris still won’t answer the most basic questions about how she plans to pick up Jacobson’s slack.

Fox News’ Chris Wallace speculated on Friday that Harris may be remaining mum on the issue because she doesn’t want her “fingerprints” on the growing disaster.

Wallace remarked:

When the President first said that he was putting Kamala Harris, his vice president, in charge of the border, the sense was that he was putting her in charge of the border, the whole issue. And then a day or so later, the clarification came, well, no, she is not in charge of the border, she is in charge of diplomacy with Mexico and with the northern triangle countries to try to stem the flow to the border. She has had a couple of phone calls with top officials in those countries, but she hasn’t gone to the border, and she hasn’t gone to the northern triangle, and she hasn’t gone to Mexico, which kind of makes you wonder whether she knows this is a mess and doesn’t want her fingerprints on it.

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Fed up (@guest_1206819)
9 months ago

This woman isn’t capable of managing Cosco let alone be VP of our country,what we’re the Demonrats thinking when they put her up for this position

Bob Marks (@guest_1206936)
Reply to  Fed up
9 months ago

Gender and race!!! Great qualifications!!!

Lauren Hillquist (@guest_1207177)
Reply to  Fed up
9 months ago

Managing Costco? She could not even manage a bathroom there as she does not recognize genders.

Wayne (@guest_1207280)
Reply to  Fed up
9 months ago

She could not keep a one car parade in line. Maybe she would be good in a clown car. NAH! She’s not funny except when she laughs to avoid answering questions. Not a good leader !!!

David (@guest_1207359)
Reply to  Fed up
9 months ago


Debra Beasley (@guest_1208904)
Reply to  Fed up
9 months ago

She’s an extremely dirty Democrat—fits their needs. Hate her

rick (@guest_1206881)
9 months ago

She is a complete Idiot who doesn’t have a clue and the what ever she is, is next in line for the POTUS, yeah RIGHT are you F**king kidding me

Debra Beasley (@guest_1208907)
Reply to  rick
9 months ago


Robert Moyer (@guest_1206949)
9 months ago

BobMoyer said: Harris bedroomed her way into politices

Terry Bell (@guest_1206972)
Reply to  Robert Moyer
9 months ago


Pauline (@guest_1206955)
9 months ago

Shouldn’t she be impeached for
President Trump had it right –
“You’re Fired!”

Trump 2024 – God Bless him!

Wayne (@guest_1207285)
Reply to  Pauline
9 months ago

First, Remember November 8th, 2022. Then cap it off with a Great November 7th 2023

Stephen Russell (@guest_1206971)
9 months ago

Cant manage anything All show & No Go
All talk no action
Puff piece
No plan , no action
Play dumb
& take cartel funds 2

James Robbins (@guest_1206973)
9 months ago

FIRE Kamala Harris, She’s USELESS!!!

Marsha Giorgianni (@guest_1206983)
9 months ago

why dont the democrates ever say anything here …..because they dont want anyone know they belong to a commie party or ashamed to lrt you know …i want just one demo..to say they they are wrong and would change thier vote if they could …all of you get out of the basement with obiden cause he is EVIL>>DEMENTED<<LOST <<WRONG FOR OUR COUNTRY<<AND HARRIS WITH HIM KICK THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sick&Tired (@guest_1206992)
9 months ago

When is the DAY…..Going to Come ….. To Get Rid of Biden and His Shoe-In V.P. – Harris. Black and Dumb are
the Qualifications for being a Wannabe Vice President. Both of these two Clowns are on the Totally Worthless List of America. They do NOTHING for the People of this Country……How Pathetic.!!! I can’t even imagine the Waste of Money each Day…..That Just These Two Jokers and Clowns are using Up…..Let Alone All the Other Democratic Cronies.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Government is a MESS……Country is a MESS……Thanks to ALL the Dumb Democrats….Biden and Harris and Croney Idiots..!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Tom Brown (@guest_1206995)
9 months ago

Pretty sure the only thing harris is capable of tackling is someone else’s husband……never the border….

Ray (@guest_1206997)
9 months ago

The Above Comments pretty well covers it all. Good comments ALL &Thanks!

Virginia Bailey (@guest_1207002)
9 months ago

There is so much more going on!! This administration is a lesson in civics- subject- How to lose the most unique country in the world- How Americans could vote for this ticket shows our education system is failing us. The folks in this nation need to think before they ever cast a vote again- forget Party affiliation- think future generations having what we all have had to enjoy,.

James (@guest_1207102)
9 months ago

Camel face is a total loser and is hurting the country.

Ruth Hastings (@guest_1207170)
9 months ago

If people would keep their heads out of the sand…next time it comes to voting…maybe just maybe they would smarten up and know who and what they are voting for. Don’t care who votes for who however…when dummies vote for someone just because they didn’t like the former president…the rest of us have to suffer along…higher gas prices higher taxes. Border being a mess. God help us til 2024. Not even sure that will work since the democrats stole the last election who’s to say they won’t steal all the rest.

Richard Manfredi (@guest_1214356)
9 months ago

Pres Biden and VP kamala Harris have not yet learned the lesson , ” Do not fix things that are not broken.”

Javiernop (@guest_1235121)
8 months ago

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Richard Manfredi (@guest_1237968)
8 months ago

Best keep your mouth shut when you don’t have a clue. If you open it, you will confirm the fact that you are a hollow suit.

Javiernop (@guest_1253529)
8 months ago

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