July 4, 2022

Kamala Harris prioritizes climate change over real policy solutions as California burns

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), who joined Democrat nominee Joe Biden’s campaign a month ago, was just called out for “dereliction of duty” when it comes to the wildfires devastating her home state of California.

Harris traveled to California last week for a photo op with Governor Gavin Newsom at one of the large fires in the Sierra Nevada foothills, but Breitbart pointed out that Harris has declined to effect meaningful legislative change in the state.

Instead, Harris has used California’s tragic and devastating fires as an excuse to push the leftist climate change agenda, leaving her actual constituents in the dust.

Harris stated after her visit: “Sadly, these wildfires and the devastation they cause are utterly predictable,” Harris said. “This is not a partisan issue. This is just a fact. We have to do better as a country.”

Breitbart’s Hannah Bleau observed that Harris’s idea of “doing better” doesn’t do anything to address the real problem her constituents face:

However, a brief look at Harris’s recent history as a lawmaker shows that she has done very little to address wildfire season in her state in an impactful way.

Most recently, Harris sponsored the Climate Equity Act alongside radical Green New Deal champion Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). According to a press release, the legislation is meant to “ensure that the United States government centers communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis in policy related to climate and the environment” … It specifically requires future legislation to “receive an equity score that is both quantitative and qualitative to estimate the impact on frontline communities” and would also:

  • Establish an independent Office of Climate and Environmental Justice Accountability with a Board of Advisors made up of members and allies of frontline communities to represent the views of frontline communities in rulemaking at the beginning of the rulemaking process.
  • Establish a new position of Director for Climate and Environmental Justice at all relevant agencies to ensure compliance and coordination.
  • Require that representatives of frontline communities are at the table during the drafting and review of relevant rules and regulations, providing insights and comments on how to minimize negative impacts and maximize benefits to frontline communities and ensure those insights and comments are addressed.

Nothing in the legislation addresses issues directly related to forest management — a key factor in addressing wildfires in the modern era, some experts say.

Kamala Harris’s record of prioritizing leftist wish lists instead of voters’ needs is well established — and she wants Americans to vote for the Biden/Harris ticket so she can continue this pattern.

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Ida Helton (@guest_1051964)
1 year ago

Typical politician… Care only about herself and her money. Her pocketbook is much more valuable than the lives and livelihood of her constituents.

russell remmert (@guest_1051985)
Reply to  Ida Helton
1 year ago


Bion Wilcox (@guest_1051992)
Reply to  Ida Helton
1 year ago

What do you expect from a whore?

William Lockridge (@guest_1051998)
Reply to  Bion Wilcox
1 year ago

You know Bion, it’s exactly comments/language like that that hurts us more than it help’s us. All it does is to show your own ignorance while dragging the rest of us down with you. If you have solid proof that she is in fact a “Whore” then maybe you ought to post it, otherwise to keep it to yourself because it’s nitwits like you that could cost us an election.

Kay (@guest_1052009)
Reply to  William Lockridge
1 year ago

When you sleep your way to where she is today what would you call it? Kamala is dishonest, hid evidence that would of freed men and women from prison in order to further her own nest and she slept her way up the ladder. It isn’t a secret but well known fact. If she didn’t benefit from screwing her way up the ladder then she wouldn’t be a whore but a whore gets paid to screw some one and she got paid by a step up until now.

William Lockridge (@guest_1052033)
Reply to  Kay
1 year ago

We’re you there? If you weren’t then your comments are based on hearsay, not facts. Look no one dislikes the Democrats, and the lies they tell, worse than me but, when we stoop to their level, we become no better than them.

Michael Staublein (@guest_1052427)
Reply to  William Lockridge
1 year ago

She is a ho

America-is-domed? (@guest_1052023)
Reply to  Bion Wilcox
1 year ago

Well, all politicians are essentially whores by trade. You must remove your brain, morals and conscience and leave them at the door when you enter politics. They don’t like to be called out on that though, especially women as it doesn’t suit their politically correct agenda (equal rights?).

James (@guest_1052060)
Reply to  America-is-domed?
1 year ago

I agree with you to the point a true Politician when they inter politics prostitute themselves to the highest bidder (lobbyist), unless they have a good moral and Godly conviction.

James (@guest_1052059)
Reply to  Bion Wilcox
1 year ago

More! She made it this far on her back.

Sgt. Preston (@guest_1052001)
Reply to  Ida Helton
1 year ago

Absolutely right, Ida. I believe that Harris is just like 98% of all politicians, concerned first, foremost and ONLY, for her own financial status and/or the power a particular position can bring to her.

SUZANNE St. John (@guest_1052012)
Reply to  Ida Helton
1 year ago

TAKE NOTICE; Harris is NOT eligible to be VP or POTUS as she is NOT a Natural Born Citizen, a requirement of our Constitution as defined in Vattel’s Law of Nations since both her parents were NOT US Citizens at the time of her birth as they were in the US on a students visa. GOODBYE TRAITOR

Jay L. Stern (@guest_1052037)
Reply to  SUZANNE St. John
1 year ago

Wishful thinking Suzanne. Harris was born IN the United States. She has US citizenship automatically.

SandyT (@guest_1052077)
Reply to  Jay L. Stern
1 year ago

Being born in the U.S., by itself, doesn’t make someone a natural born citizen. One must be a natural born citizen to be eligible for the presidency and vice presidency. Birth on U.S. soil + citizen father + citizen mother = natural born citizen. She was born in Oakland, CA but her parents were foreign nationals, not citizens. She is not constitutionally eligible for either office.

Ellydee (@guest_1051967)
1 year ago

Typical response from a liberal. Forest management is the biggest problem in California and none of the liberals want to address this problem. They just want to blame the wild fires on climate change, which is furthest from the truth.

Carla (@guest_1052076)
Reply to  Ellydee
1 year ago

She is creating more offices and positions but not one thing to actually clean the forrests, oceans, excetra !

Lila Outland (@guest_1052557)
Reply to  Carla
1 year ago

All they do is create more do nothing jobs for their friends and family. Cost millions of dollars and do not even bring a bucket of water!

Mary Jo Bankard (@guest_1051970)
1 year ago

That is always the answer. We will establish another office, another committee……and nothing is ever really done to address the problem…..

JRMag (@guest_1052008)
Reply to  Mary Jo Bankard
1 year ago

Committees just talk about things and don’t accomplish anything.

Roger H Hornaday (@guest_1051971)
1 year ago

The ignorant left has given Trump a lot of flack over his calling them out for poor forest management and spelling out the practice used in our national forests of using dozers with root rakes to keep the firebreaks clear of flammable material. Instead of keeping up that practice, California has chosen to spend the federal money appropriated to them for their own pet projects that have nothing to do with proper forest management.

Roger H Hornaday (@guest_1051977)
Reply to  Roger H Hornaday
1 year ago

As an addendum to my previous comment, I have watched firsthand the clearing and cleaning of the right-of-ways for high voltage power lines with helicopters with gang saws suspended from a tether below them. It is quite a sight. Anyone who hasn’t witnessed the procedures used for proper forest management should go to YouTube and watch the many videos that show how it is done, especially the one from Aspelund showing the helicopter clearing out the right-of-ways for high voltage power lines. They are quite fascinating. I personally have operated dozers with root rakes that are 32 feet wide to clear firebreaks.

Esther (@guest_1052022)
Reply to  Roger H Hornaday
1 year ago

They use that money for sanctuary cities and to give medical and legal aid to illegals. Good job newsom.

SilverRascal (@guest_1051972)
1 year ago

If Harris can be so lame in her statements about California’s Forest fires, how will she be in the office of the President. I mean vice-President. Or maybe it IS the Harris administration. What an idiot.
The right and only answer is forest management. They have a severe lack of forest management. But maybe after all of California has burned to ashes some one out there might figure that out. maybe

Karen Rohrer (@guest_1051973)
1 year ago

I have no respect for this women ever since the Kavanaugh hearings. As for caring for her state the only thing she cares for is Kamala

Patricia Roth Draheim (@guest_1051974)
1 year ago

She is useless as a politician… same as Nancy Pelosi, only thinking of how to line Her pockets and not the good of all Americans.

russell remmert (@guest_1051986)
Reply to  Patricia Roth Draheim
1 year ago

add newsom an cuomo to that list

Bessie Vest (@guest_1051975)
1 year ago

She has never done anything for her constituents and the way CALIFORNIA looks right now, she probably won’t ever do anything for them!! SHAME ON ALL THOSE DEMON(CRATS) THAT HAVE LET A ONCE BEAUTIFUL STATE TURN INTO A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY!!!

Demonangel (@guest_1051978)
1 year ago

Kammie is a joke, and a bad one at that. She doesn’t know climate change from the hole in her head. Our climate has been changing since the earth DEVELOPED a climate. Has man made a difference in the last 75 years or so? Of course. But, it’s not half as bad as the fear mongers have made it out to be. How many tlmes in the last 25 years were we supposed to see the end of the world? At least three that I can remember. And yet….. Can we do better? Yes, but we are not the country that needs the wake up call. So, kamala, Put Your money where your mouth is and HELP instead of hinder. If that word is even in your vocabulary. Just sayin’.

Ann (@guest_1052205)
Reply to  Demonangel
1 year ago

I agree with your statements. As powerful as politicians believe themselves to be , they don’t control the universe. People vacation and live in California because of the beautiful weather. Do they really want to get up each day to a ugly colored cloud hanging over where they can’t even see the sky. Life revolves around the sun, it is needed for plant life and animal life. I live where there is little sun, it is dreary, dark and gloomy, people have vitamin D deficiency, viruses thrive, people are depressed due to being locked up for months with nothing to do and alcoholism is rampid. California is beautiful and people should think before they try to disrupt nature.

Mailand KIng (@guest_1051979)
1 year ago

Anyone with a lick of sense knows that the forest management has beenlefy behind when they started the enviromental movement that stopped logging, thinning, cleanup and various other aspects of keeping the forest healthy. They seem to be still listening to the green people. This just goes to show how stupid they are. I have had folks I know burned out and if I could I would burn the climate change folks down instead!! Harris is one of the global rule people that want to rule the planet. And she will do ANYTHING to accomplish this!!!! Including killing you or burning you out or internment camps for those that will not comply.

Tim Toroian (@guest_1051980)
1 year ago

What would one call what she was to Willie Brown, gold Digger or…?

Bustinjeiber (@guest_1052002)
Reply to  Tim Toroian
1 year ago

Home wrecker? Or what Bion said?

Alan (@guest_1051984)
1 year ago

It’s not because climate change .California’s governor is not going to spend a dime on forestry management.he will spend government funding for his pet projects..as pelosi in san Francisco. Illegals and homeless all throughout her city..but quick to reflect blame with distractions..

Doug Litchfield (@guest_1051988)
1 year ago

Fires such as the ones in californicate need massive amounts of fuel to burn like they do. Watch the suits being filed on forest service or state land tract sales. It’s always some greenie group trying to shave a whale or some run of the mill barn owl. Don’t cut anything so there can be a scorched earth event later. Quit donating to these scam groups like Sierra club, Friends of the Clearwater, or any other grifters who claim to protect the environment. They are the biggest reason these fires blaze like they do.

HJill (@guest_1051994)
1 year ago

So tired of the ‘climate change’ rhetoric. The climate changes all of the time and has for eons of years. The sun is the only thing responsible for the weather conditions. Regarding the fires in California. They are out of control because the democrats stopped the programs the contained the fires. There was a massive fire in the Hollywood Hill 1961 (which burned down Aldous Huxleys home), and then about 6 months later 1961, the Bel Air fire caused much damage. The fire departments began controlled burning after that and for many years we didn’t have big fires. When the environmentalists complained about the burning so that forests could be saved, they unknowingly created more of a problem. Forests need to have fire that cleans out the underbrush and dead wood. In those locations, the younger trees are able to survive because there is not so much dead wood that wipes out the area. Climate change has nothing to do with forest health. And we the little people who are really just a type of animal that lives here, cannot stop fires (except from the illegals and arsonists). Lightening is the main natural starters of fires…..and some plants require fire to reproduce.

HJill (@guest_1051995)
1 year ago

So tired of the ‘climate change’ rhetoric. The climate changes all of the time and has for eons of years. The sun is the only thing responsible for the weather conditions. Regarding the fires in California. They are out of control because the democrats stopped the programs the contained the fires. There was a massive fire in the Hollywood Hill 1961 (which burned down Aldous Huxleys home), and then about 6 months later 1961, the Bel Air fire caused much damage. The fire departments began controlled burning after that and for many years we didn’t have big fires. When the environmentalists complained about the burning so that forests could be saved, they unknowingly created more of a problem. Forests need to have fire that cleans out the underbrush and dead wood. In those locations, the younger trees are able to survive because there is not so much dead wood that wipes out the area. Climate change has nothing to do with forest health. And we the little people who are really just a type of animal that lives here, cannot stop fires (except from the illegals and arsonists). Lightening is the main natural starters of fires…..and some plants require fire to reproduce.

Rob (@guest_1052006)
1 year ago

The fastest way to slow the dem run states down is stop all trucking in and out of there states…about 10 days all stores are empty, gas stations are empty in 6 days…..then let them figure it out. There is plenty other states to haul freight too.

Larry Gaines (@guest_1052013)
1 year ago

Harris only cares about herself and could care less about anybody else

Jon (@guest_1052015)
1 year ago

Vote Trump 2020 this is the only way to get rid of the Democratics forever

Romeo (@guest_1052052)
Reply to  Jon
1 year ago

Democrats are not to be trusted they are enemies of the constitution they sold their souls to the globalist / they turned into communism they want your vote so they can have power over you, controlling your way of life. We loose American freedom there is no other place in the world to go. Main stream media are to be blamed also for putting out false propaganda, if you know your history you know what im talking about. Wake up and start being a true American that cares in preserving the constitution this is the only country God given freedom left. America is the land of opportunity and you’re pissing away buy voting back Democrats traitors. God bless

David Kostos (@guest_1052016)
1 year ago

Kamala didn’t leave California in the dust….she us in the ashes!

Cecelia Henderson (@guest_1052019)
1 year ago

No Kanala, you need to “Do better”. There are established procedures for Forest Management and you and California were so busy supporting illegals that you couldn’t or didn’t spend the money to protect your State and your Citizens from forest fires. Remember what Smokey the Bear said, “Only you can prevent forest fires” but with all that information and expertise available, you failed to do the job that you were elected to do. So you take all the photo-ops you want to take, but it’s not going to change the fact that the elected officials of California have failed the people of your State and cost the people of other States millions to pay for your failure.

Kevin (@guest_1052020)
1 year ago

All democrats are as pathetic as she is. Vote them out

America-is-domed? (@guest_1052025)
1 year ago

Trump/Pence for 4 more years!

America-is-doomed? (@guest_1052026)
1 year ago

Vote with your head, vote red

America-is-doomed? (@guest_1052028)
1 year ago

🇺🇸🇺🇸 Trump 🇺🇸🇺🇸

William Lockridge (@guest_1052036)
Reply to  America-is-doomed?
1 year ago

America is NOT doomed. God has given us a choice, make the right decisions or I’ll make them for you.

Ebba Jane Holland (@guest_1052029)
1 year ago

I really appreciated all but one of the comments. The rest were absolutely right on.

We must vote for President Trump if we want to stay safe from all these lunatic Demo rats.

Papa Bear (@guest_1052032)
1 year ago

Hey Harris, How about stopping ANTIFA and BLM Bozos from lighting these fires in the first place?!

looie bamis (@guest_1052070)
1 year ago

She was picked by G. Sorre’s son. Not the DNC, nor the DNC Pres Candidate. His fast track for sitting in the Oval Office.

Zepher Zipping (@guest_1052071)
1 year ago

Biden says he’s a moderate ! Ha ! He positioned idiots like bozo beto to weapon master . And Cortez for the green new steal ! He’s seeking Hillary as an advisor of unimportance ! And the immoral unethical demon of them all Harris to destroy America along with burned out Burnie ! Biden hasn’t a clue , even , 47 years of failure ! These are the best democrates have to ensure the abomination of America , it’s obama’s hopes and dreams .

SandyT (@guest_1052075)
1 year ago

Engaged in censorship, American Digest? Kamala Harris is NOT a natural born citizen and is not constitutionally
eligible to be president or vice president.

FrankAboutIt (@guest_1052148)
1 year ago

Kamala, I pose the same question to you that someone posed to Gavin Newsome: The mistakenly labeled “Wildfires”, which most likely are the product of BLM & ANTIFA Arsonists, stretch from the Border of Canada on the North, to the Border of Mexico to the South; then almost Not At All East of the easternmost borders of California, Oregon and Washington States. Most certainly there are No “Wildfires” west of the U.S. Pacific Coast. So is it your contention that there is NO GLOBAL WARMING in Canada, Mexico, Other parts of the World, or other parts of the United States except California, Oregon and Washington State ?
What do you base your senseless determination of this on ? What expertise do you possess that gives you an ounce of credibility on your statements concerning this ? And, when did you ever come up for air while under Willie Brown to learn anything about this absurd claim ?

Winter Rose (@guest_1052180)
1 year ago


MB (@guest_1052270)
1 year ago

That is as far as she will go to this door stop that will not be easy for her to open
Time and karma will be answering soon
Payback is soon around the corner

Bill Senior (@guest_1052378)
1 year ago


IF YOU ARE YOUR A “”””REAL CALIFORNIAN””””” ……………………POS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Machete Eddie (@guest_1052595)
1 year ago

I won’t even say what I think it wouldn’t serve any purpose beside I’m NOT a democrat so NO matter how hard I try I just can’t find anything that would add / compliment the candidate or her wanna B boss.

I will suggest, that if you folks who live in CA. especially in forest areas etc. have any suggestions about how to manage the forests that will limit the annual damage that was at least in the past was caused by lightening it
may not be a bad Idea to share your ideas with the Dept of interior. Just because they get paid as an employee because they may have a degree in forestry doesn’t mean they have all the answers. In fact as one comment stated too many positions are filled politically by family and friends who don’t have a clue what the hell they are doing.

First think I’d do is make the penalties for ARSON of a forest a minimum of 5-10 yrs due to the cost of the destruction and possible attempted Murder of home owners , campers, and outdoor sportsman.

Just a thought
Semper Fi
an ancient retired US Marine

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Pianino Tapety (@guest_1125021)
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