June 15, 2021

Kamala Harris charged with violating her own ethics pledge

In yet another example of the “do as we say, not as we do” attitude so prevalent among powerful Democrats, Fox News reports that Vice President Kamala Harris has been exposed for keeping valuable assets concealed in a family trust that receives tax-advantaged status, contrary to a promise she made with President Joe Biden during the 2020 campaign.

Financial disclosure documents for the vice president were released on Monday, and they reveal that Harris has been a named trustee of a family trust dating back to 2017, with assets contained therein classified as “not reportable,” and thus blocked from public view and scrutiny.

According to figures gleaned through public property records, however, the real estate assets included in the trust have an estimated value of $7.2 million and include residences in Washington, D.C. and California.

As Fox News notes, trusts of the sort maintained by Harris and her husband Douglas Emhoff yield significant tax benefits by facilitating maximum federal estate tax exemptions and are know to be an effective asset protection strategy.

Critics charge that the continued existence of the trust is incompatible with a major campaign promise made by Biden and Harris in which the pair vowed to engage with Congress and “eliminate the trust loophole in existing financial disclosure law.”

Biden himself went even further, having declared his intention to “require that any member of his Administration who is a beneficiary of a discretionary trust disclose all of its holdings,” as the Daily Mail reported.

In response to the revelation that Harris continued to conceal assets in contravention of the Biden-Harris campaign pledge to prohibit the practice by administration officials, conservative strategist John Feehery remarked, “If the Democrats didn’t believe in hypocrisy, they wouldn’t believe in anything at all,” the Daily Mail noted.

Tax return documents released earlier in the week by Harris included some other details of interest, including the fact that while she and her husband reported adjusted gross income in the amount of $1,695,225, they made charitable donations amounting to just 1.6% of their earnings, a degree of giving that Fox News added was below average for taxpayers of their income level.

Though the vice president’s office was asked to comment on the apparent discrepancy between words and deeds, no response was received, according to Fox News, leaving most Americans with little choice but to add this to the list of “rules for thee, but not for me” dichotomies for which the left is shamefully notorious.

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24 Responses

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  3. Ethics ? what Ethics ? ! Should be charged with sedition & treason along with ALL other liberals !

  4. Right ON Stevo !!!
    Seems like “OUR POTUS and V-POTUS operate under the “Double Standard Rule” !!!

  5. Kamala fits in very well in the crooked Biden family. Do we have any honest people in the leadership of the dumocratic party.

  6. The Democrat’s do as they please but try to control the rest of us. Time for a change and not social/communist left handling of the nation. I feel blood will run if they keep up the crap. The medis covers for them have you seen any reports against the Administration of Joe Biden.

  7. The left is nothing but predictable. Satan has 3 ambitions,to rob to lie and to destroy that all also happens to be the same as the Biden administration.

  8. Sounds like getting down on all fours and laying on her back with her legs spread has paid off very well for her. She is just trying to protect what she sucked so hard for to get.

  9. Why report these “errors” and “indiscretions” etc, nothing ever gets done! You know it andf they know it!
    Tha’s why they do not care. Only an unmanipulated election can chnge this this. That’s why the dums are concentrating efforts to impede investigations.

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  11. Here’s a headline I’d like to see..
    “Federal Judge charges Joe Biden with violation
    of the stolen valor act for impersonating
    the President of the United states.”

  12. Of much bigger concern is the fact that she is not doing her job. The border gets worse by the day and she has done nothing.

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