August 19, 2022

Kamala Harris blames border crisis on inadequate ‘climate adaption’

Vice President Kamala Harris has been under the microscope due to her handling — or lack thereof — of her role in managing the ongoing migrant crisis. She compounded the criticism in a virtual event by declaring that she wants to work with Central American nations to battle climate change in order to slow the migrant crisis.

Harris noted climate change as a root cause of what she called the “migrant crisis” during the Washington Conference on the Americas, referring to climate adaptation throughout the region.

The vice president claimed most people in the Northern Triangle nations of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras “do not want to leave their homes,” she said.

“They do not want to leave the communities they have known their entire lives,” she added.

Harris argued climate issues, including recent hurricanes in Central America, are driving factors in the influx of illegal immigrants across the nation’s southern border.

However, the abrupt change in illegal immigrants has taken place since President Joe Biden took office in January. His rollback of Trump immigration policies are clearly the driving factor behind the growing immigration crisis.

In March, more than 171,000 illegal immigrants crossed the nation’s southern border. In addition, the return of the Obama era catch and release policy has emboldened immigrants who have little fear of being deported.

“The strength of the United States of America depends on the strength of all of the Western hemisphere,” Harris said. “In so many ways our fates are intertwined. That is especially true with Latin America.”

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Gloria Rose (@guest_1241138)
1 year ago

If there was any history left, people would see that this is Stalinism at work on the hill. AKA as bedfellows to Russia before the world wars and after.

Frank (@guest_1241217)
1 year ago


Kay (@guest_1241306)
Reply to  Frank
1 year ago

She is braindead. Instead of going to the border to see first hand what is going on as instructed, she sends her books. Does she really think that when you are leaving Mexico, what you really need is a book. Wonder how many of them can even read it unless she has it in their language.

Bebe (@guest_1242039)
1 year ago

She is an idot and should never have been put in this position, Obama is the creep who is to blame for this, God only knows what she did to him to be in government, just like Willie Brown, this election needs to be overturned if we want to save our country

she is an idot



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