July 3, 2022

Kamala Harris dismisses attacks on Biden as ‘just debates’

Failed presidential candidate Kamala Harris made headlines by viciously attacking then-opponent Joe Biden on the debate stage in 2019.

Now, as Biden’s newly-appointed running mate, Harris is struggling to avoid questions about how she went from implying Biden was a racist to happily joining his ticket. CBS Late Show host Stephen Colbert asked Harris in a recent interview how she made the switch — her answer tells you everything you need to know about a potential Harris presidency.

Harris’s cackling and repeating “it was a debate” multiple times while Colbert asks the question on every voter’s mind proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that Harris does not mean anything she says.

Harris received applause in 2019 from many on the left for fearlessly calling out Biden for his opposition to busing and his willingness to work closely with segregationalists during his time in the Senate.

She may have stopped short of calling Biden a racist at the time, but heavily implied that was at the very least implicit in propping up racists and racist policies. Now, as a contender for president, she still won’t explain how she suddenly is okay with Biden’s record.

We’ll let you in on a little secret: It’s because she can’t say it out loud, but Kamala Harris is simply willing to do or say whatever it takes to seize power.

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Marc (@guest_1037179)
1 year ago

It was debate. So what does that mean? Did she lie during the debate to score points or was she expressing her true thoughts. Neither one suits her well.

Jim Theriault (@guest_1037205)
Reply to  Marc
1 year ago


John (@guest_1037434)
Reply to  Marc
1 year ago

She acts like every other democratic politician, they never mean what they say and will say anything to get what they want. I hope people can see how phony she is

Charles A Hart (@guest_1037502)
Reply to  Marc
1 year ago

Accepting Cartel monies seems to suit her well…

Marilyn (@guest_1037189)
1 year ago

It all depends on which way the wind is blowing from! That’s the democrats way! No real deal, all depends on who they’re talking to and all for themselves. I don’t trust a one of them, they’ll stab you in the back first chance they get!

Jim Theriault (@guest_1037207)
Reply to  Marilyn
1 year ago


Claudia (@guest_1037404)
Reply to  Marilyn
1 year ago

The wind smells of rot, big time.

KS (@guest_1037191)
1 year ago

What a pathetic answer,she always lies, she will say anything if she thinks it might get her what she wants.

Obviously another very dishonest politician

Jeanne R (@guest_1037194)
1 year ago

It all depends on who she’s talking to. She changes her dialogue to suit the moment. Essentially, she’s a perpetual LIAR and cannot be trusted, as she has no loyalties to anyone but herself.

Cheryl (@guest_1037269)
Reply to  Jeanne R
1 year ago

Right on. ! Once a dishonest politician always a lying politician remember a leopard never changes its spots Trust me one of days Kampala Harris is gonna get caught up in one of her bigger lies

Claudia (@guest_1037405)
Reply to  Cheryl
1 year ago

Sooner then later. Watch the debate between her and Vice President Pence.

Ann McEwen (@guest_1037198)
1 year ago

She is self serving and says and does anything which benefits herself. She has repeatedly changed positions on many occaisions, confusing everyone. What does she really stand for? No one truly knows including Kamala. She does whatever furthers her career including lying.

Bobi (@guest_1037380)
Reply to  Ann McEwen
1 year ago

Bravo! Well stated and so TRUE!!!. . . .but doesn’t this actually describe every democrat?
Self serving users!

check swain (@guest_1037203)
1 year ago

Her saying it was a debate means: “Don`t take me or what I say seriously. What comes out of my mouth means nothing. So having said this to us, can we trust her?

Jeanette Bennett (@guest_1037230)
1 year ago

I wish people would quit calling her black….She is not black.Her parents were not black.

Cory (@guest_1037368)
Reply to  Jeanette Bennett
1 year ago


Daniel R Smith Sr (@guest_1037241)
1 year ago


Samuel Yoon (@guest_1037247)
1 year ago

Kamala is a pathological liar! How many people could have been by her pathological lie?
If she think she has to do anything to get what she wants, it is like a communist thinking.
She is leftist and radical already. What we do not know is maybe that she is a communist.
Freedom and Justice, we do not need a communist in any government seat.

Sue Rich (@guest_1037256)
1 year ago

Didn’t you know? It’s politics as usual in Washington.
What a crock. All Democrats lie.

Barry (@guest_1037270)
1 year ago

Start shooting these f______ communists that are destroying our cities and they will stop. If they don’t,shoot em all and leave em there for the buzzards to eat.

Dr. David McCoy (@guest_1037281)
1 year ago

Kamala must recall her original methods of achieving Political Success. Her INTELLECT is TOTALLY LACKING; Her POLITICAL SAVVY a MINUS TRILLION; Her COMMON SENSE likely she NEVER HAD but her DESIRE FOR ATTENTION was NEVER-ENDING. It would seem that all Kamala has left is “the Best Teacher of All: HER HISTORY OF HER ORIGINAL POLITICAL SUCCESSES in San Francisco. She may want to Motorize her Old Roll-Around – Run-Around Bed that now can fit in the trunk of her car? Her recall of an Eric Clapton Song back about that time may also be good advice recall:
Eric Clapton’s: “Lay Down Sally, There’s nothing that is wrong In wanting you to stay here with me, I know you’ve got somewhere to go But won’t you make yourself at home and stay with me?” Of course?

Russell (@guest_1037288)
1 year ago

A lier only knows one way to deal with questions, lie, Lie Lie! To their thinking it’s a truth. Just keep doing what comes naturally.

Sharon (@guest_1037309)
1 year ago

Get her off the stage!!!! She is an idiot and a habitual liar!!! Is that what America wants…someone you cannot even trust??? President Trump is so transparent…we can trust him with what he does and says…let’s keep him in. Don’t even consider Biden/Harris ticket…You have to be a moron to vote for someone like them. They are power hungary and satan-driven. People better wake up…this time is more important than any time before. We must pray for President Trump and VP Pence to stay in control…they are God-ordained. May God Bless America and Pres. Trump/VP Pence!!!!

Robert W (@guest_1037313)
Reply to  Sharon
1 year ago

Amen to that Sharon, great reply.

Jan (@guest_1037312)
1 year ago

So, what she’s saying now, “it was a debate”, which means she lied during the debate. I call that being two faced and speaking with a forked tongue. Of course, all Democrats seem to have a forked tongue. What’s new.

GW (@guest_1037324)
1 year ago

Harris is as two faced as is Biden, and Pelosi, and some want that trio to lead this country

Patty (@guest_1037325)
1 year ago

The demonrats will say ANYTHING to further their agenda! Look at all the lies Obama told! And still tells every chance he gets! And Biden probably didn’t choose her, Obama did. Biden is a pawn to steal the election, he is expendable! Obama wants back in the whitehouse, and he will do what ever is necessary to reach that goal! Don’t be fooled by the demonrat rhetoric, they intend to destroy our country from the inside. Biden and Harris are the demonrats Trojan horse. Their philosophy is” tell a LIE long enough, people will believe it”. That was also Hitler’s mantra, look what he did to Germany! Are we going to let that happen here? If anyone thinks the demonrats care about our country, think again! It is all about power and control! We must preserve our freedom, our constitutional rights, our country. We must vote all of them out, keep our country free! The ONLY way to do that is vote Republican !KAG!!!!

Carol (@guest_1037351)
1 year ago

HARRIS IS CONNECTED TO BLM AND ANTIFA. Yet her family lots of slaves black and white. But u do not hear that.

mike (@guest_1037355)
1 year ago

people are saying harris is two faced but i don’t believe it because if she had two of them she wouldn’t be wearing the one she’s got on right now

Gary (@guest_1037375)
1 year ago

This is typical behavior of the left. They will tell you what you want to hear and then they will do what they want to do after you are stupid enough to elect them. You either mean what you say or you don’t. Two faced politicians are the most dangerous kind. The left is a great example of what two-faced liars look like.

Hank Hodgkins (@guest_1037403)
1 year ago

She and Joe 30330 are both opportunists and check the direction of the wind before taking a position, however tenuous, on any issue. Biteme has spent four decades in the swamp, eight of them as the second most powerful politician in the swamp; now he wants we the people to give him four more years to “fix” what he has created/ignored over forty years. The meteoric rise through Californicate politics by Camel Hair-is is explained in detail by her former “friend” (wink, wink). Evidently they both have a history of corrupt behavior, maybe that is their common thread. Call it what it is CORRUPT, whether it is nepotism or sleeping your way to the boardroom.

John F Grychak (@guest_1037501)
1 year ago


thomas (@guest_1037505)
1 year ago

well what did you expect from willie brown old flame

63 Marine (@guest_1037519)
1 year ago

That witch is as much a wack job as sleepy “stink Finger” Joe. Neither one would be good for America…
Semper Fi

larry ossler (@guest_1037554)
1 year ago

Harris is no more phony than any other democrat ref: NY Mayor DE Blasio/Gov. Cuomo BLM in the street tells you where they are at: COMMUNISTS!!!

Zepher Zipping (@guest_1037579)
1 year ago

Democrates are incapable of telling the truth .

Vickie (@guest_1037851)
1 year ago

I thank everyone on here you all have said everything I feel and wanted to say about sore loser Democrats. They are nothing but a bunch of bottom crumb feeders from the left over crumbs of Republicans .vote RED TRUMP 2020 NOV

Kenny (@guest_1045781)
1 year ago

Does anyone remember when it was said that her family was slave holders?
I forget who said it



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