August 7, 2022

Kamala Harris at ‘unparalleled low point’ according to NY Magazine

Vice President Kamala Harris has a popularity rating too low to rise to power as president, according to a New York Magazine report on Monday.

The article cited both the concerning issues facing the nation’s economy as well as her “own struggles,” leading to the growing concern just 18 months into her time in office.

“Eighteen months in, thanks to a combination of Biden’s age and unpopularity, the lingering pandemic and punishing inflation, a relentless opposition, and — most visibly — her own struggles to communicate a satisfactory role for herself, Harris has reached an unparalleled low point,” the article stated.

The report also detailed high turnover in her office that included her “chief of staff, deputy chief of staff, communications director, spokeswoman, national security adviser, and speechwriter (twice), and her longest-serving senior aide, domestic-policy adviser.”

The new report was not surprising, except for its source. Conservatives have long spoken out on the failures of Harris, and now mainstream outlets are joining.

The vice president’s ability to someday fulfill the role of president is being questioned by nearly everyone, Republican and Democrat, as Harris struggled to find her way in the White House.

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