August 16, 2022

Justice Thomas slams liberal justices’ use of language regarding abortion

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas just exposed the hypocrisy of fellow justices who referred to minors who have committed murder as “children” yet call the same people “young women” in the context of discussing minors in abortions cases.

The statement took place Thursday in the ruling on Jones v. Mississippi. The court’s decision upheld a judge’s ability to give life without parole to juvenile offenders guilty of homicide.

Thomas noted “the Court’s language in this line of precedents is notable.”

“When addressing juvenile murderers, this Court has stated that ‘children are different’ and that courts must consider ‘a child’s lesser culpability,’” Thomas wrote.

“And yet, when assessing the Court-created right of an individual of the same age to seek an abortion, Members of this Court take pains to emphasize a ‘young woman’s’ right to choose,” he added.

Thomas has often noted pro-life concerns within the Supreme Court. In a 2019 case, Thomas argued, “The notion that anything in the Constitution prevents States from passing laws prohibiting the dismembering of a living child is implausible.”

Language remains a vital part of any court discussion. Thomas has noted the inconsistent use of language on the issue of abortion in the courts, a topic of relevance to multiple potential upcoming cases.

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POP SUGER (@guest_1223319)
1 year ago

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Pollty (@guest_1223394)
1 year ago

I respect this judge.So far he shows he has far superior to all the others God bless him We pray for him

J (@guest_1223611)
Reply to  Pollty
1 year ago


Dianne (@guest_1223818)
Reply to  Pollty
1 year ago

AMEN. God will bless Judge Thomas. I will be praying for him.

MIKE (@guest_1223981)
Reply to  Pollty
1 year ago

And that is the truth!! GO TRUMP 2024-2028-2032___________________________

Debbie (@guest_1224566)
Reply to  MIKE
1 year ago

Totally agree mike…keep it going with ALL his kids running after Trump completes his two terms… personally I think he should have four terms!!! I’m praying please Lord help him n USA!

Alice (@guest_1224970)
Reply to  Pollty
1 year ago


Howard Steinhardt (@guest_1223410)
1 year ago

I’ve tried to make two comments re Justice Thomas and the sentencing guidelines and either have been posted. Why?

James (@guest_1223419)
Reply to  Howard Steinhardt
1 year ago

I made a comment and it disappeared, they don’t want it posted because it must have hit a nerve.

Kathy (@guest_1223428)
Reply to  James
1 year ago

But…but… I thought this was OUR place to talk, listen and learn about what direction this country is going, who’s driving it there and what we can do about it!!!!! Come on don’t start censoring our patriotic, conservative thoughts, questions and ideas!!!!

Roy V Cook (@guest_1223412)
1 year ago

We need more like Justice Thomas!!! God bless this man!

Joi north (@guest_1224526)
Reply to  Roy V Cook
1 year ago

I totally agree

Alice (@guest_1224975)
Reply to  Roy V Cook
1 year ago

Absolutely need more like Clarence Thomas

teresa nazareth (@guest_1223420)
1 year ago

Bless you Justice Thomas. The World needs more Justices like you to prevent evil from prevailing over good by interpreting the law to suit the situation. America needs you as Chief Justice.

Barney (@guest_1223534)
Reply to  teresa nazareth
1 year ago

Roberts is a pure Rino

Alice (@guest_1224980)
Reply to  Barney
1 year ago


Melly. (@guest_1224048)
Reply to  teresa nazareth
1 year ago

Really well said, Teresa

Pàtricia l (@guest_1223455)
1 year ago

I agree with everyone totally and Teresa l think Justice Thomas would be a superb chief justice! Very disappointed with John roberts.. the actions of this supreme court are puzzling! God’s blessings on Justice Thomas and his loved ones. Has anyone tested the water in DC’s political arenas? Something is badly amiss there!

MIKE (@guest_1223986)
Reply to  Pàtricia l
1 year ago

When dealing that with you have to look at who appointed him.
GO TRUMP 2024- 2028- 2032————————–

sturgis (@guest_1223460)
1 year ago

When Thomas resigns, the American people will be screwed!

IlliniGuy (@guest_1223479)
1 year ago

Cooler heads, like Thomas’, need to be savored. The way Roberts tries to throw his weight around we have a narrow margin for what is Constitutional and fair.

quiltenlady (@guest_1223487)
1 year ago

John Roberts is part of the swamp. He did a child adoption illegally .So he has skeletons in his closets

Joseph C. Moore (USN Ret) (@guest_1223512)
1 year ago

John Roberts is also listed on the flight logs to Pedophile Island, along with Clinton and other big names.

Melly. (@guest_1224061)
Reply to  Joseph C. Moore (USN Ret)
1 year ago

Oh man, here we go… I was thinking today that it seems like at least 50% of Americans are controlled by demonic beliefs and activities and but maybe it’s higher. This is so sick and crazy, unreal.

LINDA (@guest_1224308)
1 year ago


Jim (@guest_1224588)
1 year ago

Justice Thomas is a rarity, in what’s left of America’s justice system. Doublespeak is so obvious to most sane people, but the left is, and has never been sane. These lunatics speak worm-tongue, spewing their ideology of inconsistency into the ears of Americans. SCOTUS is fast becoming ideology based, especially in the case of Justice Roberts. This man obviously cannot make sense of the law, he’s been speaking out both sides of his mouth now for years. Before long, we the people will no longer care about the law, especially when it’s one way for thee, and another for me.

Don (@guest_1224883)
1 year ago

Thomas should be Chief Justice.

James (@guest_1225442)
1 year ago

Supreme Court Justice Thomas is the only justice that is making any sense in his opinions that have been produced thus far.



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