August 9, 2022

Justice Thomas joins liberal SCOTUS majority in deportation case

The left is unhappy with the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court is currently split 6-3 in favor of conservatives. However, a recent ruling proves that even the most right-wing justices fall on the side of the law rather than their own political leanings.

Conservative Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas, Neil Gorsuch, Amy Coney Barrett sided with the more liberal justices to decide a technical issue on a federal immigration case, the Washington Examiner reported. The crux of the matter involved how the government sent deportation notices to an illegal immigrant.

According to The Hill, the decision was 6-3 with Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Samuel Alito dissenting. The case was brought on behalf of Guatemalan immigrant Agusto Niz-Chavez who was sent a deportation notice in 2013 when he’d been in the country for eight years.

The timeline is significant because had his deportation notice been deemed adequate, it would have “stopped the clock” and excluded him from taking advantage of a loophole that allows immigrants who have been in the country more than ten years extra leniency. Instead, the case hinged upon the government’s failure to provide a single comprehensive document that outlined everything required for his deportation hearing at the eight-year mark.

Moreover, the whole case actually came down to the article “a” in front of the language about the requirement for sending deportation notice. Because the information given to Niz-Chavez was spread over several documents was considered not adequate after the court’s decision, the man would be allowed to stay.

“At one level, today’s dispute may seem semantic, focused on a single word, a small one at that,” Gorsuch wrote in his opinion. “But words are how the law constrains power. In this case, the law’s terms ensure that, when the federal government seeks a procedural advantage against an individual, it will at least supply him with a single and reasonably comprehensive statement of the nature of the proceedings against him,” he added.

Kavanaugh said in the dissenting opinion that it improperly sided with Niz-Chavez, stating the decision meant “that, in order to stop the 10-year clock, the Government must provide written notice in one document, not two,” he wrote. “I find the Court’s conclusion rather perplexing as a matter of statutory interpretation and common sense.”

Legal matters are often decided based on one or two words, so it isn’t necessarily a valid criticism by Kavanaugh. However, one thing it does show is that these justices can decide cases based on the evidence without injecting their own political opinions — at least for conservative justices, that is.

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Merrie Lena (@guest_1233632)
1 year ago

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Lt. Rob Polans Spec & Intel Ops. Ret? Not PC. nor woke, so if I offend you, cancel my account! (@guest_1233751)
1 year ago

Double-speak. One word, two words, what’s the difference? He’s illegal. Why don’t you put Biden out of his misery and tell him no matter how hard he tries he ain’t gonna find separated kids from families? Want a tip-off? If they call for mommy and daddy they are fake. I was there, they should be calling for ‘mommy and papi.’ I think Justice Roberts knows that.

joe (@guest_1233877)

Rob could not agree more i guess being illegal mean’s nothing to this country and the court system .

Medd (@guest_1233940)
Reply to  joe
1 year ago

ILLEGAL ALIENS in this country means a lot. You get welfare, free health care and free education on the taxpayers dime. What do these brainless idiots think that ILLEGAL means? The law is being broken and action should be taken for all criminals including ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS.

linda (@guest_1234321)
Reply to  Medd
1 year ago

You got that right; but demented clown face doesn’t see it that way–He sees millions of illegal votes coming his way in the future and all their decendents too

Nathan (@guest_1234445)
Reply to  Medd
1 year ago

If we were breaking the law as Americans we would be put in prison so the illegal aliens need to be sent back to their own country where they came from they are not welcome here they need to get the [email protected]@#$k out of here

linda (@guest_1234317)
Reply to  joe
1 year ago

I hope this doesn’t set precedent so all illegals can’t be deported. What ever happened to APPLYING LEGALLY!!?? Too lazy? don’t speak english? just plain defiant? Rules don’t apply to you? want to stay under the radar for unknown reasons? if your not legal you don’t have to obey the rules? you can work anonymously and not have to pay American Taxes? Don’t have to commit to be a law abiding citizen–you have no obligations?? you get stimulus checks whether you are illegal or not? You get more ‘free stuff’ if you are illegal? If you remain anonymous and commit a scam or a crime, nobody will be able to find you? nobody is watching so you can disappear into society, unnoticed?. All of the above?

JoBoo (@guest_1233753)
1 year ago

I have absolutely no respect for the circus known as the SCOTUS

lee (@guest_1233771)
1 year ago

If Congress doesn;t understand simple English o the fault lies with them – not the Court!
But then there aren’t many in Congress who even have a clue what they are doing -except screwing the People every chance they get!!

Joanne Mortensen (@guest_1233816)
Reply to  lee
1 year ago

YUP !!!!

Chuck (@guest_1233784)
1 year ago

Want a cushy job without doing anything and get a fat pension? Run for Congress.

DONNA MARIE KELLEY (@guest_1233785)
1 year ago


linda (@guest_1234360)
1 year ago

they censor my comments too. Hes only looking at how many votes he can get out of them as they multiply and are compliant little communists he can control. Letting people in illegally Promotes DEPENDENCE on our Tax money to support them. If they had the ethics of our proud forefathers, who came LEGALLY, they wouldn’t be trying to sneak in and find the nearest welfare office. Send them back to apply legally if they really want to live in third world America

John Wood (@guest_1233827)
1 year ago

This once great nation has become a nation populated by fools and idiots including the members of all branches of the Central government. I no longer recognize the nation I was born in. Revelation 22:20.

linda (@guest_1234367)
Reply to  John Wood
1 year ago

It only took a few months to turn us into a third world communist country under idiotregime. our forefathers worked hard to create a great nation, only to let some fool that hates America and takes his orders from CCP, come in and trash our country.

Debbie (@guest_1233881)
1 year ago

I agree john they all need impeached ASAP n as long as fauci is in charge this craziness of permanent mask wearing is all bs…we have to be prepared for the next pandemic… what does he know…is he predicting something he’s probably involved with like this virus he created…so if we want to get back to normal fauci has to go ASAP

linda (@guest_1234381)
Reply to  Debbie
1 year ago

His next big agenda is Weather Warfare and biochemical warfare and poisoning our food. He is bound and determined to depopulate the world, by vaccines, sterilization and bacterial infections from wearing Preinfected masks. Total BS. They are promoting FEAR instead of Freedom. They want to TAKE our Freedom away. Sadly they have most people believing them, lining up for the “vaccine”

Debbie (@guest_1233889)
1 year ago

The supreme court is a joke…the conservative justices that were appointed to the bench are left leaning rhinos can’t anyone do their job objectively…not taking any cases regarding the rigged election of 2020 is appalling well now we know where they stand with their own beliefs n not the constitutional laws Americans rights nut yet they’re going to decide the weather we can keep n bare arms… that’s not their job deciding the inalienable rights given to us by God such a disgrace

ML (@guest_1233930)
1 year ago

ditto, John Wood.

Stephen Russel (@guest_1234002)
1 year ago

Wow Thomas goes Leftist by peer pressure, bribe, extortion other
SCOTUS by extortion, bribes, payback

Lorraine Smith (@guest_1234365)
Reply to  Stephen Russel
1 year ago

I “had” so much respect for that man, but not anymore.
Justice Thomas, I am immensely disappointed in you.
You should be ashamed.

MANDAGUEVOS (@guest_1234011)
1 year ago

there once was a man from nantucket who threw up his hands and said………….it

Billy (@guest_1234068)
1 year ago

I feel this is a slap in the face of all Americans. A illegal is a illegal and should be deported what are laws for if not enforced?

Don (@guest_1234085)
1 year ago

I feel sorry for our grandkids and great grand kids. The country will be so screwed up if there is still a country when they grow up.

Kathy Carter (@guest_1234183)
1 year ago

I just don’t understand how A sitting president can tell aliens to come here illegally.And pretty much say Americans that have lived here generation after generation will foot the bill The wall was paid for and it should have been finished.The money was allotted for the wall.Biden evident ally has no clue how to budget money.

Joanna (@guest_1238073)
Reply to  Kathy Carter
1 year ago

That’s what I’v been saying corrupt Biden is deliberately breaking our laws that are on the books> Telling all to come to America without any problems just walk right in and sit right down right demented sleazy Joe. All that come here illegally should go to nutty Joes house!!!!

Lori (@guest_1234198)
1 year ago

So much for the integrity of the scotus members. If this is true, another of my heroes has fallen.

Sharon (@guest_1234218)
1 year ago

Nothing will be done until we put Biden out of office, he’s demented, liar, cheats,
Criminal. Isn’t that enough?

Joanna (@guest_1238076)
Reply to  Sharon
1 year ago

Spot on !!! Good post!!!

BC (@guest_1234262)
1 year ago

OUR WHOLE government in DC has become the Super Swamp! It is corrupt and paybacks are the name of the game. There is no honor or respect for the great country we once had!! America is fading, will soon be past any return! Biden and his MOB is what we will have left. GOD help us and punish the ones that caused this

linda (@guest_1234345)
1 year ago

notice he doesn’t vaccinate them because he wants them to stay alive and multiply. He wants to get rid of Americans with the vaccine.If it doesn’t kill them or maim them in some way at least it will keep them from reproducing and eventually Americans will be replaced with Illegals.

BadAlt (@guest_1235141)
1 year ago

These comments are obviously straight out of St Petersburg and Putin’s pals – the UnAmerican Digest at its best.

James (@guest_1235817)
1 year ago

IF he was illegal alien he should have been removed or deported 8 years earlier …… no case to decide … follow the Laws.



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