July 4, 2022

‘Justice for J6’ leader charges Pelosi with unjustly ruining protest

Justice for J6 rally co-host Cara Castronuova said on Saturday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi owes her and other Americans an apology for discouraging peaceful protesting.

“The protest went today as best as I would have liked it to go. I didn’t even think a single person was going to show up today because the news and the government terrified people from coming,” Castronuova said, according to Breitbart News.

“There was so much interest in this rally, so many people wanted to come, but then with the news saying that there was going to be terrorist threats, that it was going to be a second insurrection, that it was going to be a psyop, a federal setup,” she continued. “People were terrified to come.”

Only one arrest was reported that involved police accidentally arresting an undercover law enforcement officer.

According to many reports, there were more members of the media at the event than protesters. In addition, numerous law enforcement personnel in full riot gear and National Guard members were in attendance.

The event certainly did not take place as initially reported, but the focus may give some concern about future peaceful protests and how they could be handled.

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