July 31, 2021

Justice Breyer to release new book amid speculation about retirement plans

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has decided to release a new book, according to Harvard University Press — amid raging speculation about whether or not the aging judge will retire during the Biden administration to pave the way for a new liberal justice to take his place.  

The publisher shared a look at portions of Breyer’s upcoming book called “The Authority of the Court and the Peril of Politics.”

The book’s description notes, “If public trust is now in decline, the solution is to promote better understanding of how the judiciary actually works: overwhelmingly, judges adhere to their oath to avoid considerations of politics and popularity.”

It adds, “The peril facing the Supreme Court comes less from partisan judges than from citizens who, encouraged by politicians, equate impartial justice with agreeable judicial outcomes.

“Breyer warns that public trust would be eroded by political intervention, dashing the authority of the Court. Without the public’s trust, the Court would no longer be able to act as a check on the other branches of government and a guarantor of the rule of law, threatening the foundations of our constitutional system.”

Speculation regarding the octogenarian’s soon retirement has been noted in various outlets since Biden has taken office.

Rep. Mondaire Jones wrote May 3 according to NPR, “If Justice Breyer is to be committed to his judicial ideology, he is going to want to be replaced on the bench by someone who is going to vote to uphold the fundamental right to vote in this country and to protect the rights of the most marginalized members of our society.”

Politico reported in April Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said he would “never presume to tell a Supreme Court justice to retire,” but that Breyer himself “is very familiar with the potential risks of a Republican president appointing his successor.”

Breyer has yet to comment regarding when he will end his time of service in the court.

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13 Responses

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  4. The Democrats are salivating, to get another good old Communist on the Supreme Court! May they fail miserably!

  5. The ‘quicksand’ which is killing the American ‘trust’ in our Justice system has NOTHING to do with Judges who observe the “LAW”. The problem is the “bad actors” who MAKE law from the bench. If you want a PRIME example of this ‘process in action’, you need go no further than the auspicious Row vs Wade decision which went “all out” to find an EXCUSE to make a new law. Even our Supreme Court bows to the Legislative Branch !!

  6. I Really Hope that he has enough Sense NOT To allow an Imbasile like this one to replace him !!! He might pic Hunter under E/O .. God Help Us !

  7. Dear Lord, Please give this man the courage to continue doing what he feels is the right thing to do for this great country. Amen. Heaven help us, I believe Bidder would nominate Obama.

  8. IF ROCKETS started incoming in the usa from outside would we the usa … have the right to defend ourselves ? nuff said !

  9. Overwhelmingly, judges do not adhere to their oath to avoid considerations of politics and popularity.

    There should never be left right balance in any court. The only bias allowed by a court is toward the constitution and the law. A display of bias toward other than the constitution and law is hard and fast grounds for impeachment and removal from the bench. A politician who might attempt balancing a court should be removed from office and banned from any position where he might effect balance.

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