October 5, 2022

Jury awards Roy Moore $8.2 million from Democrat PAC

A jury in Alabama has ruled that a Democrat Super PAC defamed former Republican Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore, awarding him $8.2 million in damages.

The defamation was based on an ad run against Moore during the state’s 2017 special election.

“The lawsuit centered on one television commercial that recounted accusations against Moore in various news article,” Breitbart News reported.

“Moore’s attorneys argued the ad, through the juxtaposition of statements, falsely claimed he solicited sex from young girls at a shopping mall, including another 14-year-old who was working as a Santa’s helper, and that resulted in him being banned from the mall,” it added.

The attorney representing the Super PAC plans to appeal the verdict, but the decision is a major victory for conservatives.

The decision may also lead to more careful commercials ahead of November’s midterms as political groups seek an advantage in the final weeks ahead of voting.


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