September 30, 2022

Judge strikes down vaccine mandate for health workers in Missouri

A federal judge offered a temporary injunction against a health care worker COVID-19 vaccine mandate in 10 states on Monday.

U.S. District Judge Matthew Schelp ruled in favor of the temporary injunction for medical providers in North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Alaska, and Arkansas.

Prior to the injunction, workers were required to be fully vaccinated by Jan. 4, 2022, or face termination.

“Congress did not clearly authorize CMS to enact the this politically and economically vast, federalism-altering, and boundary-pushing mandate, which Supreme Court precedent requires,” Schelp wrote.

“Plaintiffs’ evidence shows that facilities—rural facilities in particular—likely would face crisis standards of care or will have no choice but to close to new patients or close altogether, both of which would cause significant, and irreparable, harm to Plaintiffs’ citizens,” the ruling’s summary added.

“We are winning our fight against the vaccine mandate from Biden. I will keep fighting to protect our rights,” Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford tweeted following the announcement.

The legal battle will continue, but those who oppose vaccine mandates are celebrating the current victory.




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