July 27, 2021

Judge strikes down Biden’s 100-day deportation moratorium

Joe Biden’s agenda has been set in motion seemingly without any meaningful opposition thanks to a slew of uncontested executive orders right out of the gate.

However, Biden was just dealt a devastating blow by a U.S. district judge in response to a Texas lawsuit against Biden’s executive order issuing a 100-day moratorium on deportations.

U.S. District Judge Drew Tipton indefinitely banned enforcement of a January 20th memorandum ordering a 100-day halt of deportations. , sending the Biden administration back to the drawing board.

Tipton’s ruling is an extension of an earlier two-week ban on the enforcement of the order prompted by a lawsuit brought by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

The deportation moratorium order halted the deportations of any illegal aliens, though it did contain exclusions for those who were found to engage in “terrorism or espionage or who pose a danger to national security. It would also exclude those who were not present in the U.S. before Nov. 1, 2020, those who agreed to waive the right to remain, and those whom the ICE director individually determined need to be removed by law,” according to Fox News.

Texas argued that the order violated federal law, however, and that the Department of Homeland Security must negotiate with Texas before approving such an action. Tipton agreed at the time, issuing the initial stay.

“Our state defends the largest section of the southern border in the nation. Failure to properly enforce the law will directly and immediately endanger our citizens and law enforcement personnel,” Paxton said in a statement last month.

Former acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf noted last week that Biden appears to be creating a new border crisis out of “whole cloth” with a slew of executive orders and proposed legislation reversing the Trump administration’s tireless efforts to reduce the humanitarian disaster at the border.

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56 Responses

    1. Biden said we are no longer about an America first agenda. What President or leader of any country does this to its people.
      Biden is a Very I’ll man and his competency as a President is the biggest joke in American History. We know who truly won the election.

      1. And all the SWAMP RATS are sitting in DC now with fences built around them! Time to start drowning the rats!

        1. If not downing the Demonrats, start exterminating them with all measures needed to Clean the House. If American Government won’t deal with those Traitors, then We the People may have to do their jobs.

        2. A fence works two ways, to keep us out, or to keep the rats in. I vote to keep the rats in while, we flood the sewer.

      2. That is not the real Joe Biden. Doesn’t even look like him. How can Joe make gaffs during the election and now he is awake articulate and a completely different person. Think about it.

        1. I totally agree with you. I have been saying that since back in October. Just don’t think it’s him. It’s a look alike.

    1. I agree, but don’t think for one minute Joe is making these decisions! Everything he is doing are the policies of the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION! WHY DO YOU THINK OBAMA NOMINATED JOE TO RUN FOR THE PRESIDENCY? THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS NOTHING BUT LYING, CHEATING, ARROGANT, EGOTISTICAL, IGNORANT, SELFISH MORONS!!!!!!

      1. Glad they put a halt on immigration. Someone needs to take the ink pens away from Biden. He is an demented idiot. As for Harris she and Biden with thr est of the traitors to to be handcuffed. Put pad licks on those fences and liad the jail buses.

  1. Illegal still means Against the Law. Therefore, Illegal immigrants need to be deported as well as those politicians supporting illegal activity and those running illegal sanctuary cities and states.

    1. Well said Marlene however I do take exception to…”as well as those politicians”. Personally, I would rather deport the politicians and keep the illegals if I had to make a choice but then Biden hasn’t asked my opinion nor does he seem to want that of the majority of us ‘LEGAL’ Americans.

    2. Did you know that the huge HB that was recently drawn up will only give the illegals the $1400?
      Not the “We the people” , we the taxpayers will be paying for that forever, generations to come if there is anything left of us
      Mentioned, earlier that we the people will never see the daylight of the $1400.00 that was promised to the GA voter who deem Xiden as prez
      None of us will EVER see THAT PROMISE going into our pockets
      We were ripped off period!!!
      Xiden lied !!!
      We are just trash in his eyes and his opinion
      Really???? Kamaltoe was an anchor baby….crud!!!!

    3. And of course the republicans sit back and let them get away with doing whatever they want. If it were President Trump sighing all those EO’S the dems would be all over him. This is so disgusting. I can’t believe President Trump has let biden get anywhere near the whitehouse. If something is going on to take the dems down it better not take as long as the Durham fiasco!
      signed by: an old disgusted vietnam vet

  2. THIS ENTIRE ELECTION NEEDS A DO-OVER. with the amount of illegal–immoral–backdoor politics that was rampant in this election ,EVERYBODY WITH A WORKING BRAIN is in extreme distrust of the outcome..

      1. Most of America KNOWS exactly what happened. You’re right. But what’s going on with our SCOTUS??? Such a disappointment and disaster for our Country!

    1. Agreed! Open up all the coverups, investigate, and redo! A very special re-election! IN PERSON, with careful monitoring. Only real verified living US citizens voting, in person, one ballot per person! And redo it correctly! No voting hanky panky! Meaning no voter harvesting, no mail-ins, except overseas military. Oh! and none of those ‘vote changing’ machines. The TRUTH will then be known and our Nation can get back to putting America FIRST and abiding by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Will it happen? We the ‘silent majority’ have seen deeper into the SWAMP as they have been caught in their deceptions and lies to the American People. WE THE PEOPLE need to know the real TRUTH! And YES! We have some cleaning up to do to re-establish TRUST in all our elected officials!

    2. I disagree that the laws were changed, they were broken not changed. The only ones that can change the laws is the state legislatures. So these people that say they can change the laws lied, and they need to be put in jail. and the laws would go back to what they were before they were changed.

  3. Biden only agenda is to destroy this country. Letting illegals in when Americans are out of work. Printing money
    as fast as possible — watch the economy tank!! The President has serious cognitive deficits –obvious by his
    speech patterns and his difficulty in remembering important numbers, etc. What a shame!! America will be

  4. Everybody knows Biden and Harris are Illegimate frauds! Fake! No matter what lies and Bullsh*t the Communist Democraps try to feed America! We all know and we are NOT GOING TO FORGOT OR LET IT GO!! THEY WERE NOT LEGALLY ELECTED, PERIOD!!

  5. I agree with all the above comments, unfortunately, SCOTUS (John Roberts) shot down reviewing fraudulent votes electing BiteMe over Trump. The worst-case scenario is that BiteMe will be taken out via 25th Amendment and then dum dum Kamala Harris will become POTUS another idiot without a clue as to what’s happening in our country let alone the world!!!

    1. John Roberts will have his own hands full of all kinds of payback very soon. Check out the Lin Wood federal document that he just filed. Roberts is evil to the core. Like Jeffrey Epstein evil.

  6. As much as the general public is disgusted by all of the actions taken by the Biden Administration we should all come together and find a way to get rid of him. However, when you look around at the rest of the people Biden has chosen to be a part of his administration you have to come to the conclusion that we need to get rid of them all.

    While I don’t have any problem with that, and in fact I whole heartedly and unequivocally support their removal. I just don’t know how to accomplish it. But, I’m trying to find a way. Stay tuned.

  7. Their HATE for Trump will destroy this country and everything it stands for. I am not prejudice either-They need to come into this country the right way! And as someone said earlier–letting illegals in this country when Americans are out of work is the craziest thing I have ever heard. (Again — it’s all about their HATE for Trump)

  8. If Biden didn’t expect this setback of his “open borders” program, he’s not too smart. The Constitution requires that the President enforce current Federal law. If he wants to discontinue such enforcement, he must submit to the Congress to try to amend current law, something Democrats have declined to do, relying instead on friendly leftist judges to make law for them.

  9. The Democrats just want as many votes as possible … from illegal aliens. They want to give the illegal aliens health care, food, housing, and anything else to get their illegal votes. Let’s look at this properly. The U.S.A. is not a welfare state. If you can’t pull your weight and don’t want to pay taxes but get all the welfare benefits go back to where you came from.

  10. Thank God for President Trump … the original order called for input from the various boarder states before any Changes could be made and requires bat least 6 months notice be fore changes are made …….Go Trump still protecting our southern boarder from Florida … Good call Mr Trump …….Lmao at the mentally challenged JOE Obiden …. Don

  11. Absolutely!!!!! How much longer do we have to contend with her? Doesn’t she have to retire SOMETIME? Everyone in America seems to be asking the same question. Maybe I am slow, but I never expected for her to go AGAINST a free America, much less with COMMUNISM!!!.

  12. Donald Trump is GODS pick for America! Why else would the wicked leftist communists do so much to try to destroy him. Judgment is falling on the Democrats and fake republicans! They will run but not be able to hide from the Almighty!

  13. Glad they put a halt on immigration. Someone needs to take the ink pens away from Biden. He is an demented idiot. As for Harris she and Biden with the rest of the traitors to to be handcuffed. Put pad locks on those fences and load the jail buses.

  14. Aren’t there any AmericanDemocrats left? How do these judges sleep at night? We need President Trump back before there no more America.

  15. After 1 month of destroying our country while foreign leaders rejoice for this WEAK CLUELESS ILLEGITIMATE POTUS – maybe time Ole Joe to
    We the ppl r crying😢😢😢😢😢

  16. We need are real President Donld Trump get rid of all the congress who are against him he was the best thing that ever happened to the United States

  17. BIDEN never thought about how his “OPEN BORDER” policy can work while he still pushes the Wuhan Virus PANIC as they are counter to each other! The border states need to file objections to BIDEN”S Executive Actions, to prepare for court battles over ALL HIS EXECUTIVE ACTIONS THAT ARE COMING; GUN SEIZURES, REPARATIONS, AND SYSTEMS TO PROMOTE MILITARY MEMBERS TO “REPORT ON OTHER MEMBERS” (BRINGING USE OF “RACE CARDS” TO OUR MILITARY, DESTROYING THEIR TEAMWORK)! The major point that needs to be pointed out regarding immigration is there is no system to quarantine these people and simply releasing them into the general population of our country would be a deadly risk to all citizens, and would DEFINITELY VIOLATE THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS TO PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS, AS LOCKDOWNS WOULD OBVIOUSLY BE EXTENDED! AT THE VERY LEAST THESE ILLEGALS MUST BE QUARANTINED FOR 14 DAYS! CURRENTLY, THERE ARE NO FACILITIES TO SUPPORT THAT, SO IT MUST BE “FIRST COME. FIRST SERVED” UNTIL THE FACILITIES ARE FULL! MOST CRIMINALS WOULD BE DAUNTED BY THIS AND IT MAY STAUNCH THE FLOW!

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