April 18, 2021

Judge rules that Ohio’s punitive lockdown order is illegal

Democrats are reeling from a new court decision that eviscerates Ohio’s overbearing lockdown orders.

Lake County Common Pleas Judge Eugene Lucci ruled that Amy Acton, director of the Ohio Department of Health, cannot enforce lockdown orders on “non-essential businesses in the state.”

Luci said in his decision that Acton “acted in an impermissibly arbitrary, unreasonable, and oppressive manner,” in ordering so-called non-essential businesses to stay closed longer than the legally permissible initial 14 days.

The ruling came down after a group of 35 gyms filed a lawsuit after being told to shut down indefinitely under the state’s “Stay Safe Ohio” order.

Acton, a Democrat, has been praised as the state’s leading policymaker during the coronavirus crisis, but it seems that her power trip may have come to an abrupt end.

Acton claimed the authority to extend the state’s lockdown based on a statute that she said gave her the “ultimate authority in matters of quarantine and isolation.”

However, Lucci’s ruling concluded that Acton only had the authority to isolate the sick and quarantine those exposed to the illness for 14 days — the average incubation period for the virus — under the cited statute.

The director has quarantined the entire people of the state of Ohio, for much more than 14 days,” Lucci declared. “The director has no statutory authority to close all businesses — which she deems non-essential for a period of two months.”

This is not the first court ruling that has shredded Democrat-led government overreach disguised as protecting public health, and it surely won’t be the last.

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39 Responses


  2. FANTASTIC. Should have happened sooner. Controlling dems killing American businesses for their own profit and power.

    1. The dems should b in jail. We have the First A but then again people need to stand up against such ditictors. Every dem governor should not receive a pay check either—for what ?

  3. That’s great, now I wish the courts in Pennsylvania had the balls to do the same to “Wacko Wolf” , he’s another Dumbocrat governor over stepping his authority. He needs to slapped down NOW !!!

  4. The news is wonderful and everyone should open their businesses as soon as possible. Others should start visiting those businesses and everyone should be happy and pleasant to everyone. I wouldn’t want to look as petty and viscous as those trying to take our rights. President Trump is a great example of that with his kind demeanor and those cute slide shows.

  5. Acton is a big=big=big supporter of planed parenthood and kept them open and killing babies. I wonder why she is worried about a few people getting the virus and dying when she loves killing babies.

  6. Hey people wake up. All needs a reminder that the ugly stench is Socialism. Remember Socialism is the makeup of Democrates; and they are showing their lack of belief in the American people by treating us like children or being like dictators. The only way that we will rid ourselves of this failed non-belief in the American people is by declaring Marshall Law. The SDEMS-Socialist Democrates are acting like they have nothing to worry about; and won the election already. Biden is insulting everyone; women by saying they don’t need to vote for him and Pelosi supporting terroristic countries, like Iran, and verbally against a sitting president in support of terrorism.

  7. I feel that this covid19 is not over by a long shot. The opening up beaches, restaurants, gyms etc. with no masks, social distant is not the nature of practice. While it is true that people want to return to work, and familiar places of fun. Don’t let this thing get us again, be safe!

    1. Being overly cautious is not a good thing. Do not depend on others to take care of you … it just is not wise. Time to move forward into what the next few, or several, months we have now. People want to go back to work and to school.

  8. Like Levin said : take a wing of Leavenworth Prison and house all these Democratic Communists there for 50 Years.
    Submit names of Democrats you would like to see on this list.

    1. More judges should follow and open our country back up!!!!! This is only a he beginning of what the libs will be doing to remove our rights as we know them. Please vote the Dems out before they turn our country into comunists. No boarders, one world be aware they will take us over from within.

    2. Primarily Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Waters, Nadler….actually, throw them all in Leavenworth!!!

      1. Yes, these demon rats have pathetically failed the “true” American people. I would not be upset at all if they all could never say a word again. They all think they’re above the law, which is what they like to criticize the present administration for. It’s pathetic!

  9. Americans have the right to rebel when any one tries to take away their constitutional rights.

  10. I’m so happy I don’t live in a democratic/liberal state! I can actually breath!!! Good job Judge Lucci !!! People are ready to get back to work, we want our independence our freedom to live as normal a life as we can. Did not have the grief of losing family to this virus, and the lock down scared me as it did everyone but now that it seems to be letting up I pray all of us stay well while trying to get back on our feet. God bless everyone!

  11. I like the valuable information you provide in your articles.

  12. Dear God, when are you going to rescue us from the monsters here in California? They are totally drunk on Power!

  13. The liberal libtards don’t care about businesses or ma and pop stores . The radical democrats just WANT to keep scarring people , The democrats WANT the economy to stay shut down , the democrats WANT high unemployment , the democrats WANT alot of businesses to go out of business , the democrats WANT a second wave of the virus , all because of going into an election , so they can try and use it against Trump . This whole thing is not about the virus anymore , it’s all politics and it’s about the radical dems wanting POWER !!!!!! Trump has the RIGHT idea , be safe , but get the economy back open . The people better think about that and re-elect Trump and turn the HOUSE back to the Republicans and keep the Senate Republican . If creepy Biden and the radical dems take over , within 2 years , China will CONTROL us and we’ll all be speaking chinese !!!!!

  14. I don’t see where I am able to unsubscribe to all future emails & mailings of any kind so Please immediately remove my email address [email protected] from any and all future mailings!

  15. Newsome in CA must be totally stupid and only wants to affect our November elections. Our state needs to be opened. Thank God for President Trump on opening our churches. We need God more than we need Newsome. Yesterday people were so happy to be back in church.

  16. Just dont vote for these Un-American, Anti-American bloody morons who govern states and counties. Democrats a re a danger to free America, they have become Nazis and try to practice German Gestapo allure.

  17. Good one! Interesting article over here. It’s pretty worth enough for me.

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