September 30, 2022

Judge rules that Ohio’s punitive lockdown order is illegal

Democrats are reeling from a new court decision that eviscerates Ohio’s overbearing lockdown orders.

Lake County Common Pleas Judge Eugene Lucci ruled that Amy Acton, director of the Ohio Department of Health, cannot enforce lockdown orders on “non-essential businesses in the state.”

Luci said in his decision that Acton “acted in an impermissibly arbitrary, unreasonable, and oppressive manner,” in ordering so-called non-essential businesses to stay closed longer than the legally permissible initial 14 days.

The ruling came down after a group of 35 gyms filed a lawsuit after being told to shut down indefinitely under the state’s “Stay Safe Ohio” order.

Acton, a Democrat, has been praised as the state’s leading policymaker during the coronavirus crisis, but it seems that her power trip may have come to an abrupt end.

Acton claimed the authority to extend the state’s lockdown based on a statute that she said gave her the “ultimate authority in matters of quarantine and isolation.”

However, Lucci’s ruling concluded that Acton only had the authority to isolate the sick and quarantine those exposed to the illness for 14 days — the average incubation period for the virus — under the cited statute.

The director has quarantined the entire people of the state of Ohio, for much more than 14 days,” Lucci declared. “The director has no statutory authority to close all businesses — which she deems non-essential for a period of two months.”

This is not the first court ruling that has shredded Democrat-led government overreach disguised as protecting public health, and it surely won’t be the last.


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