August 14, 2022

Judge rules juror can seek ‘divine guidance’ during course of trial

A federal circuit court reversed a previous decision and ruled jurors may pray for “divine guidance” during jury deliberations.

The 7-4 ruling of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals allows for a new trial for former Rep. Corrine Brown, a Florida Democrat who was convicted and served prison time for a conspiracy and fraud scheme involving a bogus scholarship charity, according to the Washington Times.

“Jurors may pray for and believe they have received divine guidance as they determine another person’s innocence or guilt, a profound civic duty but a daunting task to say the least,” wrote Judge William Pryor Jr.

He added, the lower court judge “was wrong to conclude that Juror No. 13’s statements that he received guidance in response to prayers were categorically ‘a bridge too far.’”

The issue arose in the Brown trial when one juror told the district court judge that Juror 13 referred to “higher beings” during deliberations.

“I’ve been following and listening to what has been presented and making a determination from that, as to what I think and believe,”the juror told the judge.

The judge dismissed the juror and appointed an alternate in his place. The jury later ruled Brown guilty on 18 of 22 counts.

The new ruling will allow for a retrial by Brown. The case strongly affirms the ability of a juror to pray and seek divine guidance in making decisions.

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John Yeller (@guest_1254948)
Reply to  Sharon J. Castaneda
1 year ago

I get it. Yu get paid to make these phony posts all day long.

GeneC (@guest_1251814)
1 year ago

It sounds like the court got it right, I am sure if I were in the same position I would ask God to Guide my decision. There is nothing wrong for asking for devine guidance in a situation where you are going to affect someones life.

reward (@guest_1251863)
1 year ago

Whose god is acceptable for providing the divine guidance? I would be extremely distressed if I was convicted of a crime, based on what Allah supposedly told a juror, for example. Convictions are supposed to be based on the actual evidence presented. The next step occurs when the prosecuting attorney says he knows the person is guilty merely because of divine revelation, and all truly devout jurors must agree. It’s another downward slide.

Wilbert C. Jennings Jr (@guest_1251865)
1 year ago

Nothing wrong with speaking with GOD it has worked for America for decades, Real Americans speaking with a real GOD!!!!

Doc (@guest_1251900)
1 year ago

If a juror truly seeks guidance from the one and only true God upon who that juror bases his daily life…..that should be his right and not for the courts collective ears to hear……If America put their faith back in their daily lives; their would be no reason to have to explain a juror’s decision…..shame on the lower court judge’s sinful Godless decision….He obviously puts his self above the Almighty!!

Chuck (@guest_1251957)
1 year ago

There is only one Supreme Being who is Divine Judge and He will return. There may be a lot of secular judges cast into utter darkness where there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Stephen Russell (@guest_1252422)
1 year ago

Can this be applied to all juries ahead for all crimes? Nice idea

Yeah me (@guest_1253132)
1 year ago

Once again the judges completely overlooked the statement in the Constitution that does inalienable God-given rights and uses the Creator word also these judges have no business being on a bench that don’t even know that

Wally (@guest_1253382)
Reply to  Yeah me
1 year ago

Yes and I think there is a song that starts with the words “God bless America”.

Larry (@guest_1253591)
1 year ago

That judge has rocks for brains

Jeffery Hindsley (@guest_1253758)
1 year ago

So according to the appellate judge, verdicts no longer need to be drawn from the evidence, now if “God ” says the defendant is guilty, it’s ok to convict and reasonable doubt no longer matters. What a crock of fecal material.

Nicholas Burnett (@guest_1254023)
1 year ago

I believe in God The Father of All, Jesus Christ as My Savior, and The Holy Spirit which guides me. and if it’s God’s will to let America fall, so be it, how many babies did we abort?

Albert Longbow (@guest_1254228)
1 year ago

Just another leftist attempt at a new trial eliminating jurors with a brain in favor of Jurors that will vote a liberal party line and vote not guilty. Disgusting!

Clyde (@guest_1254452)
1 year ago

God it the ultimate judge! You will see one day. I will pray for your souls like the good book says. Eternity is a long time compared to the blink of an eye your lifetime is. If I were you I would do a little praying myself.

Stephanie Cordero (@guest_1255023)
1 year ago

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