August 10, 2022

Judge rules in favor of mother attempting to gender transition son against father’s wishes

A Texas judge has ruled that a boy whose mother wants to raise him as a girl will be given custody, despite the father’s opposition, who will only receive limited visitation rights.

Jeffrey Younger, the father, launched the battle in 2019 when his son’s mother, pediatrician Dr. Anne Georgulas, said the boy wanted to be a girl named Luna.

The father’s “Save James” Facebook page included an update from Younger’s view, asking people to pray following the court ruling.

The Texan reported, “The prior orders that Ms. Georgulas must notify Mr. Younger of doctor’s, counseling, or mental health appointments, or extracurricular activities for the children are lifted. In an effort to ensure the emotional well-being and physical safety of the children, the court orders that all of Mr. Younger’s possession periods shall be continuously supervised by Forensic Counseling Services … at Mr. Younger’s sole cost and expense.”

The case has received widespread media attention, both due to the topic as well as the mother being a medical doctor and siding in support of raising her child according to transgender ideology.

Younger’s attorney David Hanschen said according to The Daily Wire, “To downplay that this is but for the gender issue is absolutely misleading and wrong. This is all about the gender issue in this case. And it’s about the parents’ ability to cope with and deal with this situation.”

The case may be decided, but the issue continues to fuel strong feelings as Americans wrestle with the new controversies surrounding transgender issues in the nation.

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Hard to tell which is the dumbest..the mother or the judge!

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