May 19, 2022

Judge refuses to issue injunction against Bolton book, warns Bolton could still face legal consequences

A federal judge ruled on Saturday morning that former National Security Adviser John Bolton cannot be stopped from publishing his book, “The Room Where It Happened,” on June 23.

U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth ruled that “for reasons that hardly need to be stated, the Court will not order a nationwide seizure and destruction of a political memoir,” citing the fact that Bolton has already distributed copies across the nation ahead of the publication date.

Democrats are celebrating the “victory” for Trump’s disgruntled former aide, but Lamberth warned that Bolton is not safe from further legal action.

The Trump administration has been attempting to block the release of Bolton’s memoir for months, due to concerns that the information contained within the book could jeopardize national security.

“Defendant Bolton has gambled with the national security of the United States,” Lamberth wrote in the ruling. “He has exposed his country to harm and himself to civil (and potentially criminal) liability. But these facts do not control the motion before the Court. The government has failed to establish that an injunction will prevent irreparable harm.”

Bolton has refused to cooperate with the White House and violates his non-disclosure agreement by pushing forward with the release of the book. In response, the Trump administration has filed a civil suit against Bolton that is still working its way through the court.

Lamberth warned that though he cannot issue an injunction against Bolton at this time because “the horse is out of the barn,” Bolton is playing a dangerous game.

“This was Bolton’s bet: If he is right and the book does not contain classified information, he keeps the upside mentioned above,” said Lamberth. “But if he is wrong, he stands to lose his profits from the book deal, exposes himself to criminal liability, and imperils national security. Bolton was wrong.”

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lionel s ducote (@guest_1011180)
1 year ago

Bone Bolton! Why start anywhere else? So Transparent he is Exposed as the “Hack Swamp Creature” he is so it will have no effect. Then get kicked in the teeth by those he tried to empress as he is a failed assassin like all the others and will be thrown on the cold dead heap right on top of Stormy and her lawyer.

Rev. Betty Walling (@guest_1011182)
1 year ago

from excerpts known to public the judge has put forth a miscarry of justice. OUR PRESIDENT whomever it is must be free to carry out his duties without reprisal. If he is hindered from discussing with his administration knowing there is a BIG possibility there will be world wide knowledge thus OUR SECURITY is null and void.

Mark PATRIOT (@guest_1011240)
Reply to  Rev. Betty Walling
1 year ago

Bolton is a warmonger and a disgraceful person hope they prosecute him and jail him. Stop worrying about statues of the past this guy can put our nation’s security at risk that’s what we should be worried about. I wouldn’t read his book if it was free.

TealTiki (@guest_1011269)
Reply to  Rev. Betty Walling
1 year ago


Jack Branson (@guest_1011186)
1 year ago


John V Gallagher (@guest_1011208)
Reply to  Jack Branson
1 year ago

I say OK the book has been released already we can’t stop it but he illegally released it the publisher illegally released it it’s time to put them both through the legal system and run them through the court system and cost them all of the profits that they make from the sale of the book they violated the US government law that said they had to go through the Secret Service first no one is above the law so let’s prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law and let’s take back America well we’re at it let’s put an end to censorship through the media

lionel s ducote (@guest_1011214)
Reply to  Jack Branson
1 year ago

He will be thrown on that cold heap starting with the Hollywood tapes, Stormy Daniels and her lawyer and all the “I felt” witnesses” as Transparent as he is will have no effect and he will be given the thumbs down as the failed Assassin he is. Worthless! Done! Unless he goes to CNN

George Holt (@guest_1011219)
Reply to  Jack Branson
1 year ago

If he were to go to Gitmo, and a military tribunal were held his life would come to an end rather quick.

THOMAS ARENA (@guest_1011188)
1 year ago

If he in fact committed a crime, then arrest him.

Fe (@guest_1011196)
1 year ago

It is not all money, Bolton!!! You might loose everything you worked for PLUS if you published something that affects the security of the country, you needed to be cruzified and banded and your family a TRAITOR.

lionel s ducote (@guest_1011206)
1 year ago

No does not mean Yes! “Worst of the worst” is not the worst if the worst is the “Least” (I/e The least worse is as good a worst as one can get?) in your description of what worst is, worst is the worst example you can offer (I/e – worst worst about X would be Good for it as it wouldn’t be worse enough like a “Best worst” would execute) of what worst is! It’s the Best Worse which is the Worst! It is not the Worst worst – “Lonsense” at it’s best!

lionel s ducote (@guest_1011210)
Reply to  lionel s ducote
1 year ago

Wow, that’s your least worst yet! I mean your worst worst yet! Not enough “Worst for anybody to notice” Got to laugh at my own stuff? Well Okay! LOL

Kay (@guest_1011215)
1 year ago

Anytime a President can not rely on their staff to be trustworthy it puts him in to position of doing things behind closed doors excluding the very people who should be there to advise and assist them. It is the trust of the people who surrounds them that ensure they can do the best job for our nation. When you have Bolton’s it becomes clear that our nation is faced with a dilemma. When is it a crime to break an oath of silence and when is it not? It should always be a crime unless it pertains to treason. Bolton is not doing what he is because of the President committing treason so the treason must be his action due to his betrayal of not only the president but the nation who paid for him to do a job and observe his oath. He has made it so that future Presidents can not rely on their staff to be trusted to abide by their oaths. Morality has left DC.

Kay (@guest_1011221)
1 year ago

The man broke the law and the nations trust. He violated his oath along with leaving this President and future ones to wonder if they can trust their staff. Not only did he break his oath to the president but to our nation and its people. I hope no one buys his book and he ends up doing hard time.

Jim (@guest_1011232)
1 year ago

Like all traitors he will get his ! His momentary victory will cause his agony in the end ! We would already be involved in WWIII if it was up to Bolton !Crazy Hawk Bastard!

John Yeller (@guest_1011236)
1 year ago

This judge doesn’t make sense. The book is already out so I will let it go into major publication. ha’s like telling a murderer that he has already been caugh, bu if he escapes and murders again, he’s OK???

chief1937 (@guest_1011263)
Reply to  John Yeller
1 year ago

That was my thoughts. If the guy is wrong makes no difference if his book has been released or not. Jail his behind as it is reported all such correspondence must go through the intelligence bureau his did not. If he gets away with this then the lawyer client privilege is definitely in danger next. How about the non disclosure he signed does it not have consequences? Our legal system seems to be broke and in need of repair. We can never be sure whether the information in Bolton’s book is factual or simply vengeance for being fired. If it is bad you can bet the barn democrats will swear it is the gospel. Bolton is a criminal as he broke the law by skipping the intelligence bureau before printing regardless of what he says.

Donna Hahn (@guest_1011249)
1 year ago

Drag his back side through every law suit that you can. What does signing a nondisclosure good for when a Judge does not do his job.If it was a grandfather would of up held the law. These Judges that don’t follow the law need to be removed!

MidnightDStroyer (@guest_1011259)
1 year ago

How do you get evidence admitted into court, legally?
Let him commit the crime. That’s the reason to declassify info so that it may be entered into court record; the evidence may then be sealed against public view, jurors & court staff may be required to sign non-disclosure statements, but the evidence is still used for trial.
but to get traitors into court in the first place, they must be allowed to commit the crime. By the Due Process of Law, there is nothing in the Constitution that allows any excuse to preempt anyone’s Rights *before* a crime is committed…Essentially, this means that all Red Flag Laws & the like have been legislated & enacted in violation of the Constitution itself & enforcement of them constitutes a crime against the citizen.
This is what it means to comply with the Oath of Office & adhere to the Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land, the heaviest weight of Law second only, to the Common Law that form the basis of our Inalienable Rights. Our Common Law Rights have no exceptions. exclusions, waivers, or conditions that allow for our Rights to be violated by any government official or government action, but they do NOT include any use of our Rights in such a way that the Equal Rights of others is violated. We can choose not to exercise our Rights, but we still possess them as protections against government encroachment. Period.
Bolton was affirmed by the court to still possess the Right to Freedom of Speech, but should he use that Right in a way that constitutes a crime, that is a criminal abuse of the Rights of others & he can then be held accountable & brought to trial for it.

This is how the Law works “by the book.” Justice under the Law is a slow & deliberate method that works to protect the Rights of the accused but also determines whether or not guilt guilt is established. It’s said that “the Wheels of Justice grind slowly” but that’s to protect the innocent. But if if actual guilt is established the perpetrator remains caught in those Wheels all the way to the end of the Process…Which is when the Wheels grind the guilty into dust. This is how it works & how it’s *supposed* to work.

Martin Syvertson (@guest_1011552)
1 year ago

While I agree that an injunction at this point is pretty useless, I look forward to see Bolton with his butt sitting in a jail cell if what the administration is correct and his book contains sensitive material. On the other hand, even Bolton himself, has said in interviews that he quite willing to lie, so with that in mind, what he has to say with regard to the Trump administration we can take with a grain of salt. The Democrats will, I’m sure, will embrace it as gospel. All in all, it’s arrival in the market place should prove interesting, for no other reason than it should provide some entertainment for the glee in will generate in the Lefties.

Mary (@guest_1011682)
1 year ago

The Devil is in the pudding.

fjjsj (@guest_1011813)
1 year ago

It should be noted that I just read where a top leaker in the government just got 30 months in jail for leaking top secret information, yet some one who is in the armed forces would probably get 30 years in jail. Where is the justice???????



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