May 26, 2022

Judge orders freedom convoy off of the Ambassador Bridge setting up major showdown

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing a challenge to his draconian COVID-19 mitigation measures. Now his next move might make things worse.

A Canadian judge has ordered the Freedom Convoy to depart from the Windsor Ambassador Bridge, the Washington Examiner reported. The bridge is a major trade conduit between Canada and the U.S. but has been blockaded as part of the ongoing demonstration. 

The legal remedy was brought to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on behalf of the city of Windsor and the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association. They argued they were losing 50 million Canadian dollars (about $39 million U.S.) since the blockade preventing trade began Monday.

Chief Justice Geoffrey Morawetz’s order went into effect at 7 p.m. on Friday and will allow police to get truckers out of the area, though it’s unclear if they will do so by force. Windsor Police Service warned truckers that continuing the demonstration could be arrested among and charged,

“Vehicles or other property related to an offense may be seized,” the department said. “Once a vehicle is seized, it may be detained and, following a conviction, possibly forfeited.”

Trudeau said he spoke with President Joe Biden on Friday about the international issue as the Windsor Ambassador Bridge is not the only border crossing the truckers are blockading. Trudeau also warned protesters in Ottawa, the nation’s capital, that there will be consequences if they don’t disband.

“We hope these people will decide to go home,” Trudeau said. “Otherwise, there will be increasingly robust police interventions,” he threatened. Though there have yet to be significant clashes between protesters and law enforcement, it could be on the horizon with this court order.

So far, nothing has stopped the Freedom Convoy on its mission to convince Canada to lift its restrictions. The pandemic is waning, but the petty tyrants were not giving an inch until the truckers rolled into the nation’s capital — and now Trudeau is upping the ante.

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